Cowboy Caviar Quinoa

Happy Friday everyone! I’m writing from Portland today as I’m here eating and drinking my way through Oregon with a fantastic group of food bloggers compliments of Travel Oregon! Trips like this are jam packed with amazing food and delicious wine and lots of different indulgences. One of the ways I can get away with having a super decadent food week, such as this, is by eating pretty healthy the rest of the time! For example this cowboy caviar quinoa salad. It’s totally my jam and I’ve been eating it for lunch for the past week pre-oregon! Quinoa is super healthy and I’m currently obsessed with throwing it into loaded salads and topping it off with some avocado or guacamole!

Head on over to the Food Network Dish blog to see my guest post and check out the recipe….

11 thoughts on “Cowboy Caviar Quinoa

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  3. This is so good! Just made this as a last-minute lunch for today, and eating it right now! I didn’t have any red bell peppers, so I added tomatoes instead, and used frozen corn and canned black beans. I’m sure it’d taste even better fresh, but this is great for a quick meal! Thanks for sharing.

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