French Fries with Alexia Foods

Hey guys!!! I’ve got some exciting news to share!! I working on some serious recipe development in my kitchen this month and it’s all in the name of french fries! Yup, french fries. It’s a tough job, I know, but someones gotta do it! So why not me :)

I’m working with Alexia Foods to help create a new flavor profile for french fries and who knows – if they like it, and the rest of America likes it too – then maybe you’ll see it on the shelves of a grocery store near you in 2012!! Pretty exciting right? And here is the best part – Alexia Foods is an all natural company! Which means that the products that go into your food are awesome and delicious. Something that is very important to me!

So let’s talk French Fries shall we? I’ll be experimenting all month long – starting tomorrow after I visit the Santa Monica farmers market and search for some inspiration! I’ll be using different kinds of potatoes, spices, seasonings and other creative toppings to put on the fries before baking them off and then TASTE TESTING!! But I want to hear what you guys think! What are your favorite fries? Sweet potato fries? Wedge cut fries? Crinkle fries? Parmesan coated fries? What do you think!

I can’t wait to see what you guys think and share my french fry creations with you!

What’s Gaby Cooking disclosure: I was invited and compensated for my time to create a new French fry recipe for Alexia Foods.  The opinions expressed on through What’s Gaby Cooking are my own.

24 thoughts on “French Fries with Alexia Foods

  1. Hi Gaby- I discovered your blog several weeks ago and wanted to tell you that it is gorgeous! Your photos, recipes…I love everything about it! Congratulations on your opportunity to work with Alexia…I LOVE their potato products! Alexia waffle fries are the best on the market, in my opinion. I can’t wait to see what new flavors you develop! :-)

  2. We LOVE Alexia fries! Our fave are the spicy (cajun?) sweet potato fries. Loving the parm suggestion above. Would it be wrong to suggest a maple/bacon sweet potato combo? LOL. Some sort of curry fry (either irish or sweet potato) — or a thai flavor profile? :) I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!!

  3. Ok you may think this sounds strange but my grand kids love them with honey!! I only buy Alexia sweet potato’s and then wanted fires last time they were here so I backed up a batch…they were a bit unsure of them until the oldest who is 5 took hers and dip them in the that was on the table for the rolls..she loved them!! They eat them almost everyday for the next week.

  4. SWEET POTATO FRIES!! I will go out of my way to find some kind of dinner sandwich to make for my family so I have an excuse to serve sweet potato fries on the side. :)

  5. Hmm…what about trying seasonings like za’atar? Chinese five-spice? Curry fries? I’m trying to think of things I’ve never seen before…I think I’ll be doing a little experimentation myself…

  6. 2 words, my friend: Blue. Cheese. Oh yeah…blue cheese and potatoes are a match made in HEAVEN! Hell, add some avocado to it and it’s almost a cobb salad fry dish!

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