Help and Hope for Haiti

What happened in Haiti this past Tuesday is devestating. Watching the news every night is heart wrenching as I see pictures of children without their families and all the destruction that has taken place in this country.

After seeing what Ree and Alice did on their blogs, I was inspired to do something too. Because I am only 23, and have very little extra income my parents are helping me out on this one and we will be donating together! (they are amazing… I don’t know what I would do without them and all their support in everything I do) For every comment that is left on this post, we will donate 50 cents to Doctors without Borders. This charity is one of my favorites and I love what they do. (at one point in time… before I became obsessed with the kitchen… I was pre-med in college and always dreamed of working with Doctors without Borders in different countries)

So leave your warm wishes and prayers in the comments and then next Friday, my family and I will make a donation on behalf of everyone that commented and showed their support.

Haiti is going to need continuous support for a very long time. Once the news stops running these segments and the papers start to write about other happenings in the world, donations will still need to be made, so if you can’t afford to make a donation now maybe you will be able to help in the near future. Even the smallest amount could help in saving a life by getting clean water, bandages or basic food neccesities.

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  1. Great idea Gaby… keep the survivors, their families and all volunteers in your hearts and prayers.

  2. It is so cool that you are doing this. Hope all is well. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone in Haiti and beyond. This has inspired me to do more!

  3. So kind of you and your parents! It is tragic what happened over there and I hope they can rebuild and wind up stronger than ever before.

  4. Well done Gaby – picked up your link from Michelle @ thursday night smackdown. Have added you to my favs

  5. Such a great idea Gaby, this is absolutely amazing. I’m telling everyone to come here and comment:)

  6. That’s wonderful! I’m adding you to my links right now. Visit me if you can because my donor is giving $10 for every comment left on my blog (govt organization that can afford it).

  7. Thank you for doing this. And just as a reminder to everyone (not because you haven’t heard it, but maybe you haven’t done it yet) you can donate $10 to the Red Cross via cell phone by texting the word HAITI to 90999.

    Every cell phone carrier (in the US) is waiving the fees if you choose to do so.

    Additionally, if you text the word YELE to 501501 to the organization Yele Haiti (started by musician Wyclef Jean) to donate $5.

  8. What a fantastic joint effort this is…. peace be with all of you and foremost, the people in Haiti..

  9. Hi Gaby…
    Great idea! A chef on the East Coast is having a fund raiser ….HUGE….let’s think of something that our chef friends can do together, also.

  10. I love Doctors without Borders. I already donated $20 to them and another $10 to red cross. The people of Haiti are going to need all the help they can get. Thanks for doing this.

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