Hot Air Ballooning: Napa, CA

Last weekend, as I mentioned before, I had an incredible weekend up in Napa.


One of the things that made it so special was the early morning Hot Air Balloon Ride with Balloons over the Valley. It was a magical experience and I loved every last second of it. Well, except for the first 10 seconds after take off… it’s a bit of an odd feeling, but once you were soaring over Napa Valley, it was really a sight to behold!

We were up early. Like super early… and headed over to the site to meet our ballooning team.

We loaded into our respective balloons and away we went!

We flew for about 60 minutes and floated over various wineries, beautiful homes and heard great stories from our pilot. It’s pretty clear that Napa is a small close knit community as our pilot seemed to know many of the owners whose homes we soared over.

It was truly beautiful. Something I would high recommend for anyone visiting Napa for a fun getaway. The balloons were bright and colorful and the views were breath taking.


It’s the perfect way to start a saturday or sunday morning and then follow it up with a day of wine tasting!!


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  1. I wanted to honeymoon in Napa, but the fiance wanted somewhere with a beach!! I should show him this blog post for realsies. 🙂

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