How to throw the best kids birthday party ever!

Part of being a personal chef is throwing parties. I know, I know. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. I throw dinner parties, holiday parties, “just for fun” parties, engagement parties and my absolute favorite – the Birthday party. If you know me “in real life” I am a birthday party fanatic. Birthdays are the most important days of the year and I celebrate mine for the ENTIRE month of June!!

Just a few weeks ago my favorite 10 year old in the whole entire world turned 10! I’m lucky to have such fabulous clients to be a personal chef for, plus they have the best kids ever! It was a really big deal because she is amazing and I love her! And we threw her a kick ass party!!!! I’m counting down the 10 must have things for a killer birthday party!!

#1 – Always have a fabulous cake!

#2 – Birthday Bubbles are key!

#3 – Make sure everyone knows where the party is!!

#4 – Make it unique – personalized napkins are always a hit!

#5 – There has to be something fun – like a sparkly tattoo artist!!

#6 – Have a beautifully set table with lots of snacks

#7 – Prep as much as you can before! I did a make it yourself pizza party – so everything was ready by the time the kids arrived!

#8 – Keep it interactive and let the kids go wild! Don’t worry about the mess – there’s time to deal with it later!

#9 – Two words: Cotton Candy!!

#10 – last but certainly not least – make sure the Birthday Girl is always happy!!!

And there you have it!! The best 10th Birthday Party to date!

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44 thoughts on “How to throw the best kids birthday party ever!

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  2. Now that is a DREAMY b’day party!! Wish I could hire you to throw this kinda gig for me. Looks like the girls had a wonderful day! xo Love all the sparkles :)

  3. Gaby – awesome job – the make your own pizza party idea is awesome – the kids look like they had a great time! Love the sparkles and the cake!

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  5. Gaby, that looks like a WONDERFUL party! I’m sure she was totally in love with everything you did … she certainly LOOKED happy! I have three boys ages 8, 6 and almost-3. So I throw a LOT of birthday parties! I can use your ideas as a wonderful checklist. :)

  6. I’m turning 10 on july 6 and i’m throwing a birthday party at a park. I love how you made that cake!!!!! it looks SO cool!!!!! I’m haveing a berry cake with white frosting with a berry filling ( or ice cream filling) and berrys on the top. hope she had a truly fun birthday! :)
    Amanda Britt Rippee

  7. we are having a chocolate cake intead just to say it’s in 6 days tomarrow!I can’t wait!!!!!! I GO PHYCO WHEN I”M THIS HAPPY SOMETIMES MOO! YOU HEESE COW MOO PERSON!!!!!. ………………………………………………………………………………………………..moo

  8. im turning 10 in 2 months thanks for putting this on the internet u r my hero ive been surfing the net for ages until i found this thanks

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  10. I have to say Thank you so much, I have been stressing over my fiance’s daughters birthday party, She is turning 10 also so very important birthday, I am trying to make it special, I have 3 boys and its so fun when she is her for the summer “Girl Time” but she only gets to do fun things when she is with us, so I really want her to know we are proud of her,an awesome grades this year in school and this is a big deal, double digits:). She is the sweetest girl ever also, the only wish i have is a checklist on everything so i could just go down it n make sure i do not forget anything. or had a special person to help me make this right, I am disabled, lots pain n surgeries etc but i can do this, our kids are me world. Thank you again you are amazing!

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