Knock You Naked Brownies

You guys. I have just come to terms with the fact that I am obsessed with brownies. I mean first there were the slutty brownies, and then there were the cousins to slutty brownies, and now, today, on this very special day, I made you Knock you Naked Brownies.

You see, today we are celebrating a very special persons 2nd cookbook, Food from my Frontier. She’s pretty awesome. Totally amazing. And you may know her. (and if you don’t, clearly you’ve been living under a rock) Her name is Ree, aka The Pioneer Woman. And she totally rocks. (and so do these brownies – just ask my yoga pants – even those are a little tighter than usual)

Ree is one of the most kind and funny people I’ve met to date in this fun food blogging world of ours. She’s down to earth and just wonderful. Not to mention her recipes are always crowd pleasers. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve made her recipes for dinner parties, clients, and everyone else and they are always impressed! So when I received her latest cookbook a few weeks ago, after drooling over every single recipe, I decided that the knock you naked brownies needed to be shared. They will rock your socks off. [and maybe even your clothes according to the title :) ]

And here is what happened. I made these about 2 weeks ago with every intention of photographing them a few hours after they came out of the oven. Well, that didn’t work. I took a little spoon and had a small nibble. And that small nibble turned into me eating pretty much half of the brownie pan and then hiding the entire thing from my fiance so I didn’t look like a total fatty when he came home. I mean I’m supposed to be getting in shape for my wedding here people. So I hid the brownie pan so no one could see my evidence. Then I made another batch a few days later so I could snap a quick pic…. but friends came over for dinner and devoured them before I got a chance to have my moment with these little beautiful brownies. So finally, 3 days ago, I made a batch late one night and stuck them immediately in the fridge and went to bed. Then, first thing in the morning I grabbed my camera and went to town. And as a reward…well I had one for breakfast and then immediately sent the rest to work with Thomas so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat my THIRD pan in 2 weeks.

A few of my favorite bloggers and I got together to share some of our favorite recipes from Ree’s new book to celebrate her today! She’s just wonderful. And you should totally get the book. It’s amazing.

To hold you over till you can hustle out to Barnes and Noble, or click on over to Amazon, here’s the recipe for her Knock you Naked Brownies. Do me a favor. Make these. Immediately. They will totes rock your world.

And….as a special treat to you, The Pioneer Woman is offering THREE lucky readers a personalized copy of her book!  She will autograph and send it to your door.  She is the best!! Totally ah-mazing :)  Just leave a comment on this post and you are automatically entered! Contest endes Sunday March 18th at Midnight PST! 

Contest is now closed. And the winners are…..

Missy Moultrie
Alexis Garofalo
Amy’s blah, blah, blogging

To claim your awesome signed book, just email me at and I’ll get ya all set up!

Be sure to check out all these fabulous posts from my awesome food bloggin’ friends and you’ll actually have 7 more chances to win!!! yipeeee

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*This giveaway is sponsored by Ree. Yup. She is ah-mazing.*

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2,774 thoughts on “Knock You Naked Brownies

  1. So excited to see Ree’s new book out! I don’t get to see her cooking show due to Sat. AM commitments. I’d just love to win the new cookbook!!! I do not have her first, but I have read it! :)

  2. I think I really need to make these brownies. LIke every other recipe of hers I’m sure it will knock my socks off!

  3. I cannot wait to try the knock you naked brownies. I have the first book, I bought it on a special trip in to Oregon with my husband, I would love, love, love to have the second book.

  4. So glad to see you got the page going! I knew you could do it! Anyway, I have Ree’s first book, and bought three more as gifts – I’m so looking forward to her new book, and would love to win an autographed copy! Her blog and cookbook have made a big, positive difference in our kitchen. I enjoy her writing and her attitude enormously.

  5. my son stood on a long line in atlanta to get me an autographed copy several years ago. i would love to add her new one to my collection.

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  7. whoa, i almost messed up my email address. Is that why I haven’t won at any of the other gazillion sites offering her books? I really reallyl really want to win!

  8. I love Ree’s recipes!!! I have her first cookbook and even though DD has a dairy allergy, most of Ree’s recipes are easy for me to accommodate for her.

  9. I call these Killer Brownies. They kill your figure!!! They are soooo good! Definitely a brownie to share. The cookbook looks great.

  10. I love Ree and her super fancy KitchenAid that is all over Pinterest :) How I would cherish an autographed copy of her cookbook! What a kind lady she is!

  11. I hinted for months to my Fiance that I wanted Ree’s first cookbook for Christmas!! No love though. I just had to get it for myself. I can’t wait to see what is in Food from my Frontier!! Thanks for the chance, Gaby! (P.S. I love your recipes on Tasty Kitchen. I have tons in my recipe box to try, and I made the cheddar chive biscuits. Yum!)

  12. So, those 8 lbs I haven’t been able to drop (seriously!) since Thanksgiving? This recipe has just doomed them to stick around a little longer! Just looking at the pix made me crave them…. Ree’s recipes are amazing, but so down to earth, so where we live! Can’t wait to get my copy of this new cookbook!

  13. Your brownie recipe is amazing!! My familia is going to be in L-O-V-E when I make these! Who doesn’t love the Pioneer Woman? Every recipe I’ve made from PW rocks!! Each day is a new adventure getting recipes and reading the PW bog……love it!

  14. I absolutly love her 1st cookbook… My boyfriend can’t get enough of the food I cook out of it, can’t wait to try this new one!!!

  15. Love the Pioneer Woman! I’m reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels currently! Can’t wait to have her cookbook too!

  16. Would love a copy of her second cookbook. I have purchased at least 10 copies of her first cookbook to give as gifts.

  17. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a wonderful and entertaining source! I will definitely be repinning this on Pinterest and checking to see if Chapters/Indigo can send me her cookbooks.

  18. I am so excited she has a new cookbook. I follow Ree everyday and every one of her recipes I love.She is now my favorite show!!!

  19. I just made brownies like this a couple weeks ago but didn’t use the nuts or powdered sugar on top. Those are two PERFECT ingredients to add- thank you!! Can’t wait to make them again along with all these other delicious recipes.

  20. I love Ree and her Pioneer Woman – would love to have one of her cookbooks! I will someday make these brownies and probably die from a diabetic coma…but it would be somewhat worth it! Thank you!

  21. I think Ree is wonderful. I love her website and her story. I’ve been following her for years. I read about her in a story in Los Angeles Times about six years ago and have been a fan of hers ever since.

  22. I have heard many great things about the Pioneer Woman cookbook! It would be fun to try some new recipes. I have 4 boys so I am always looking to try new things. Those brownies are to die for!

  23. Can’t wait to try this recipe out!!!! It looks amazing I have already bought the ingredients and will be baking away tonight. Congrats to you Ree, for giving us such great recipe ideas :)

  24. I have to try something called Knock You Naked Brownies. I just have to! I will be making these. I’d looove her recipe book too BTW!

  25. I just made your Slutty brownies last week – oh, yum! Looks like I’ll have to try these soon too. Would love to have PW’s new cookbook to read with a cup of coffee and those brownies!

  26. Seriously, this is the most AMAZING pan of brownies EVER! Wishing I had my teenage daughter’s metabolism right about now.

  27. I am also a sucker for a pan of yummy brownies and these look rather tempting. I would love to win the cookbook.

  28. I love brownies…almost as much as I love cupcakes…and PW’s blog…heck, I just love food :-) I hope I win this great cookbook! ~

  29. Man, those sound and look delish. However, if I consumed too many, I’d have to hope they wouldn’t knock me naked, know what I mean?

  30. I absolutely am hooked on The Pioneer Woman show on Food Network Saturday mornings. I watch them AND tape them so I can see her cook the “good stuff” again–I’m a visual learner! She is so fun and I love getting a peek at her life. My husband is a huge fan of choclate and brownies, so these will be a hit with him!!!

  31. alove the nicknames she gives her family and herself….so funny. She is the friend we would all love to have. Pictures and recipes are soooo awsome!

  32. If these brownies can make me get naked, my husband will BUY me a cookbook! However, I’d love to get one from Ree!

  33. I don’t have Ree’s first cookbook, but have loved using recipes from her blog. Winning a cookbook would be so fun!

  34. Just saw this book in a store in Ft. Worth… looked very yummy. Who can resist brownies that look like this? AND knock you naked? Right up my alley..

  35. I have been wantting to try this recipe ever since I saw it on Ree’s blog. It’s supposed to be a stormy weekend in San Diego so I think now is the perfect time. Thanks for the reminder!

  36. I <3 the Pioneer Woman! Ree… you are my hero! Wife, mom, blogger, teacher, cook, baker, country girl! Love ya!!!

  37. OMG… so would love to win a cookbook…. reading High Heels to Tractor Wheels right now.. feel like I know Ree !!!


  38. I love Ree’s blog! Her recipes are amazing and easy to whip up for the family on a weeknight. Wish she was coming to NC for a book signing!

  39. What a great title. And your pictures – A-MAZING! I wlil be making these for my boyfriend and his buddies at work this weekend – or I will be eating the entire pan too! Thanks for sharing!

  40. I LOVE the P.W. and all her home cooking, it is all so comforting and makes you want to cook for your family! I would be super excited to get her new cookbook!!!

  41. Love to watch the show and check out the recipes on Seen the show with your husbands college friends over when you made the knock me naked brownies. Rich and chewy, great with milk.

  42. I am just learning to cook on my own. lived at home and my mom loves to cook and I was into sports and didn’t want to help. Now I am on my own and love to experiment. Love to watch your show.

  43. Have Ree’s first cookbook, enjoyed the pictures and the recipes.
    We are loving the new show, the DVR is set to record.
    Would love to win one of the signed cookbooks.

  44. Love Rees recipes and website. Her warmth and genuineness comes through in every post. I have her first cookbook and hope to have all of them someday.

  45. I love Ree! I would totally love to have a copy of her autographed cookbook. It would make my mother and aunt green with envy! LOL

  46. These look delicious! Not like I’m surprised… all of her recipes look great. Didn’t know she had a cookbook!! So excited!

  47. I have my DVR set to record all of the PW shows just in case I can’t catch them when they come on. And by recording I can go back and watch the show over and over.

  48. I have enjoyed all of the books that Ree has released. I love her show as well. I would love to add her new cookbook to my collection.

  49. Just recently started watching Ree and LOVE her! I live on a ranch myself (S. Texas) and occasionallly cook for our hunters here. She is “normal” & I love how easy and delicious her recipies are! Plus, I have a “Malboro Man” of my own. :) Have a great day!

  50. Boy, I want to win this cookbook! I have Ree’s first cookbook and I’ve read it cover to cover like a real book. I also (of course) cook from it!

  51. Hi! I love your website. Awesome recipes! Those brownies look delicious, I can’t wait to make them myself. Please don’t enter me in the contest though…..I just met Ree at a book signing this week in Boston and I got my copies…..and you are right. She IS fabulous!

  52. OMG! I want it! But, I have a little problem… I live in Hungary, so I can’t buy here most of the ingredients, e.g. German Chocolate Cake Mix, evaporated milk. Could you tell me, what to use instead of them? Another type of cake/brownie mix?

    • hey Erika! I bet you could try a regular chocolate cake mix! Not sure what to use in substitute of evaporated milk. Sorry :)

      • Thanks. I think we have something like evaporated milk, but it’s not the same. I think I’ll try that. Hopefully it will be good. :)

  53. I’m new to your blog and love it! These brownies have been around for a looooong time. I’ve been making them for about 15 years, but I know they were around before that. I’d like to make a less “processed food” version some day, but haven’t put much effort into that, as of yet….so we eat them about once a year and they don’t last long.

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  55. I would like to know if can i use dulce de leche (from the can, similar to condensed milk( instead of caramels

    • Hi Andrea, to be honest, I haven’t ever tried it with dulce de leche, but here’s what I’m thinking… it would be excellent! If you try it, please let me know how it goes! Thanks :)

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  57. I’ve been making these for years, I call them turtle brownies.
    My twin and her husband are hiking the PCT (pacific crest trail)
    and I send these to them along the trail, hence my name “trail magic”
    This is a great way for them to get plenty of calories along their journey!

  58. Gaby YOU are awesome. I am sooooo glad to have logged onto your web site and can’t wait for more good things to come. The parmesan potatoes are out of this world. Bill thinks so too!! Luv YOU, Betsy Hansen

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