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The earlier part of this summer was spent flying around the country, literally, eating ridiculous amounts of food in places like Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico, and consuming a few margaritas here and there. It’s safe to say that when I landed back in L.A. after my last flight, I was a little bit swollen with excessive amounts of salt and food in general. My pants were a little bit tighter than I would have liked, so I opted for a little cleanse. I’m no stranger to juice cleanses. I’ve done them before and I love them! Diets never really work for me, I make a small exception here and another one there and before you know it, I’m eating cookie dough by myself on the couch. (don’t judge!) But juice cleanses are kinda my favorite thing to do. It’s a little weird, and people might think I’m nuts, but I really like them. Especially Ritual Cleanse. Why you ask? Well it’s pretty easy….

First off, the juice tastes like heaven. It’s easy for me to drink these juices all day because the juice is actually good. I don’t have to plug my nose when trying to get the green juice down. And I try to stretch out the other juices as long as I possibly can because I just don’t want them to be empty. Especially the cashew juice which you drink at the end of the day. It’s like nectar of fabulousness that you just want to sip on constantly.

Second, the amount of energy I have during my juice cleanse is crazy! The first day I get a little loopy… but the second, third and fourth day, I am a bundle of energy and everything just seems super clear. I wake up feeling refreshed, never really have sugar or random cravings, and actually get a lot of work done because I’m not worried about what my next meal is going to be. All I have to do is go to the fridge and grab bottle number whatever and call it a day!

Third, once the cleanse is over, and you feel ah-mazing, you don’t even want to go back to your old eating habits. (read: eating cookie dough on the couch, by myself, watching Real Housewives of New Jersey) Instead you want to load up your body with clean and natural foods. Since finishing my Ritual Cleanse I’ve also almost lost my cravings for sugar. Sometimes I’ll break down and pop a few pieces of chocolate – but for the most part, my sweet tooth cravings are gone. Which is kinda awesome since I’m working out like crazy these days and sugar isn’t really a big part of my diet.

After this past cleanse, I dropped a few pounds, but honestly it’s not the reason I do them. It’s because you just feel clean. Your clothes fit better. And it’s a great way to jump start a healthy eating plan. I’d recommend Ritual to just about anyone who asked, in fact I quite often do! And after my insane travel schedule in September, I’m planning on doing another – and this time for 5 days!

Want to give it a go!? Ritual was super kind enough to offer What’s Gaby Cooking readers a 10% off discount for their order now through September 30th! Just enter “WGCreaders” upon checkout!

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5 thoughts on “Ritual Juice Cleanse

  1. I’ve done Ritual Cleanse and LOVED IT! I lost my carb cravings when I did it. I bet I could survive on juices and avocados for weeks.

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