Spanish Paella

Ever wonder what the heck you should make the day before Thanksgiving? I do! I usually get so into the actual Thanksgiving meal itself, I forget that I have a bunch of hungry mouths to feed the day before Thanksgiving too!

Here’s what I’m thinking. I vote for a 1 pot dish. Something that involves almost NO clean up that can feed a crowd and will make everyones tummys happy. So basically in my mind, that means Paella. Paella stuffed to the brim with lots of seafood and spices! It’s a totally different flavor profile than Thanksgiving dinner so it’s kind of the perfect solution to your Wednesday night meal next week.

Am I right? Who doesn’t love paella.

Mine is a Spanish Paella so I used some fab spanish chorizo that I picked up from Whole Foods. The chorizo really just adds such a depth of flavor to this dish! The chorizo shines through and compliments the additional spices that I add in when cooking the rest of the dish! It also has some paprika and oregano dusted chicken, along with mussels, clams and shrimp! What’s not to love?

I mean if you were feeling extra special and decadent you could add some lobster to this too. It’s the holidays after all. We’re supposed to indulge a little at this time of year right? I mean why else did they invent stretchy yoga pants and juice cleanses. Hello!! :)

This is another mouth watering recipe I did for Spice Islands! So hop on over to their blog for the recipe!

9 thoughts on “Spanish Paella

  1. I love paella, I grew up eating it. What a great idea for turkey day guests! I usually make it for the week of Christmas, same idea, a little indulgence before a leg of lamb, or roasts. Now I am craving it, and have no time to make it, so it is going on my list to make for December!

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