Spicy Roasted Broccolini Quinoa Salad

We’ve got big things going on over here today. Let’s start with a healthy recipe shall we? I mean I hope I’m not the only one who over indulged yesterday…


chicken wings

spinach dip


slutty brownies

and other fabulous nibbles that go hand in hand with the Super Bowl. Well, not to worry. I’ve got you covered.

I recently made this awesome Spicy Roasted Broccolini Quinoa Salad for Design Sponge. First off, let me just jump up and down for a hot second. Omg, so excited that I was Design Sponge. Seriously one of my favorite sites ever. I could spend hours looking at all the fabulous tips and tricks and before and after photos. Love.

So… this Spicy Roasted Broccolini Quinoa Salad will rock your world. It’s nutty because of the quinoa and tangy with the addition of goat cheese and then you’ve got the all time best vegetable in the whole world on top.  Basically it’s the perfect lunch. And you should make it for a big group of friends and pair it with a little sparking wine. Or regular wine. Whatever floats your boat. So hop on over to Design Sponge for the recipe

And because it’s Monday. And there are some very exciting things going on this week, and because my mama officially opened her Etsy store last week, we are giving away a gorgeous handmade ceramic from her latest collection just in time for Valentine’s Day 🙂

We’ve got one set of 6 left of these super cute pinch bowls – pink and white – so clearly they are perfect for Valentine’s day! All you’ve got to do to enter is just leave a little comment below and let me know what you ate for Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday at 10:00pm PST and then ship off the pinch bowls first thing Thursday morning so they will for sure arrive in time for Valentines 🙂

And be sure to check out Fifty One and a Half on Etsy!!

Good luck!!

Contest now closed! The winner was Virtually Homemade – Liz #41

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  1. The best thing I ate during the game was a chicken salad wrap with cranberries, shredded lettuce and some slices tomatoes! YUM Wonderful giveaway! I will be visiting Mom’s Etsy shop!

  2. Homemade veggie chili in the slow cooker, Parmesan garlic knots, and snickerdoodle cookies! All of which I have leftovers of in my lunch today–YUM!!

  3. Homemade pizza, veggies and dip, cookies & popcorn….we had planned for more snacks, but we were too full!

  4. Fried pickles and green tomatoes with a roasted poblano aioli, and a chorizo queso with homemade chorizo!!!

  5. What didn’t I eat yesterday is the better question haha. I had pizza dip, guacamole, chili cheese dip, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, hot wings and a sausage and cheese plate.

  6. I made salted caramel brownies! So good, and so rich. I think I’m going to have to make this quinoa broccolini salad tonight to feel a bit healthier 🙂

  7. We had chili and cornbread for dinner. For snacks we had guacamole and buffalo chicken bites! It was all very good!

  8. What didn’t I have? LOL. I made your Bacon Cheddar Wings which were a BIG hit! I added caramelized onions and cooked them about 10 minutes longer because my family likes their wings on the crispier side. I also made Orzo Salad and a pesto dip to go with the wings. Let’s see. . .we (by we I mean I – LOL) also had chips galore, guacamole, salsa, chocolate frosted cake, pumpkin pie and for nutritional value. . .crudite with feta dip! Congrats to your Mom on her new endeavor. I heart Etsy. Will def check her site out. 🙂

  9. Smoked chicken pizza, chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreo’s and the oreo’s leftover from making the cookies!

  10. lets see, pulled pork sliders, mini taco bites, crescent dogs and pizza dip to name a few. Food overload but o so good!

  11. Our Super Bowl menu included Turkey Chili, homemade bread, roasted artichokes, spicy roasted peanuts, fresh veggies with dip and a lovely chocolate cake for dessert.

  12. I believe the better question is what DIDN’T I eat! Hummus, buffalo chicken dip, pulled pork, brownies…

  13. It was a horrible time for me to be sick so I ate chicken noodle soup. It was some bangin chicken noodle though so I was pretty happy 🙂

  14. jumbo shrimp w/ spicy cocktail sauce, Turkey chili w/ black beans & butternut squash, guacamole, baked corn tortillas all homemade! Delicious!

  15. We had cheesy jalapeno bread, homemade tortilla chips, homemade pico de gallo and guac and street tacos with shredded chicken and bbq’d tri tip (oh yeah and pomegranate margaritas). My 15 year old son had friends over and they also had a bowl of caramel corn, potato chips, a box of oreo cokkies, crush orange soda and root beer :))
    PS Love broccolini

  16. Our spread included jalapeno hummus, rosemary sweet potato pizza, choc avo mouse with strawberries and butternut squash oatmeal raisin cookies. YUM!

  17. I made ELR’s Green Chile Cheddar Cornbread, smeared with this cream cheese/jalapeno/green chile/parmesan dip. And about 156 Sweet Chile Doritos.

  18. we had hot wings, pizza,stuffed jalapenos, chips, dips, cookies, brownies……I know there was more but I am pretending I didn’t eat anything else. 🙂 Can’t wait to try this!

  19. The superbowl was yesterday??? Yeah, I didn’t do anything special. Just had leftovers to accompany my tv watching (Downton Abbey instead of the ‘Bowl).

    Can’t wait to try your broccolini-quinoa salad!

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