St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t love really good butter and cheese. It seriously makes all the difference in the world. I got hooked on Kerrygold butter about a year ago when I first started pastry school. We had homework assignments all the time and I started buying obscene amounts of butter and by far the butter yielding the best results was Kerrygold. It’s super thick and creamy and it makes some amazing cookies! And we all know how I feel about cheese. I could eat it by the block – no questions asked! Not to mention all the cows used to make the cheeses and butter are freely roaming around their pastures and are never given and growth hormones – both things which are super important to me! And you can bet that I’ll be using it come next week when I cook a St. Pattys day inspired feast for my clients!

So in honor of St. Patty’s day and eating all the delicious food from Ireland and drinking some Green Beer or Irish Car Bombs (oh the good old days of college) … Kerrygold has generously provided this awesome giveaway including:

A gift basket of delicious Kerrygold Butter and cheeses and the James Beard best cookbook of the year for 2010, The Country Cooking of Ireland by Colman Andrews;  estimated value of the prize package is $350.

All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment here telling me what your absolute favorite Irish inspired dish/drink is? Is it Irish Nachos, Irish Coffee, Guinness… just let me know and you’re entered to win this prize package!  For an extra entry, head on over to the What’s Gaby Cooking facebook page and become a fan. If you’re already a fan – just leave another comment to let me know! I’ll randomly pick the winner on Wednesday morning so you’ll have a nice St. Patty’s day treat coming your way!

Disclosure: Giveaway is sponsored by Kerrygold and I was compensated for my participation in the Kerrygold contest at Food Blog Camp. My opinions are my own.

**UPDATE** – This contest is closed and the winner was Averie from

Congrats Averie!! Enjoy all your cheeses :)

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  1. I think the closest thing I’ve ever had to true Irish food would be the corned beef and cabbage my mom makes every year. love it!!

  2. Favorite–let’s start with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish Coffee, and finish with some vanilla ice cream with Bailey’s poured over it! Mmmmmmm….! CJ

  3. I am a bit Irish and so growing up we used to eat corned beef and cabbage every year for St. Patrick’s day and that is my all time favorite Irish meal. Can’t go wrong with a corned beef with a little mustard.

  4. Amazing giveaway! I am really excited to make Nigella Lawson’s Guinness Chocolate Cake next week – with the frosting it looks entirely like a pint of the good stuff :)

  5. After an amazing trip to Ireland in 2008, staying in bed and breakfasts as well small castles dotted around the countryside, my most favorite thing was Irish breakfast, complete with conversation with all the locals. I regularly make Irish soda bread now. Raisins, butter and jam. Delish!

  6. Definitely Shepard’s Pie! I love that it’s a hearty meal that can generally be put together with things you normally have in your fridge or freezer – and my whole family loves it!

  7. I hate to admit it, but every once in a while I really love a pot of overboiled cabbage, potatoes, carrots and turnips, with yellow mustard on top.

  8. Gosh this is hard, but I agree with monika above who said a good, country Irish breakfast. When we went to Ireland it was all b&b’s and there is nothing like a gorgeous Irish breakfast tucked away before exploring all that gorgeous green countryside.

  9. Colcannon…so good! Especially since I Americanize it and add cheddar cheese because, well, cheese makes everything better! Plus, with the added protein, I can have it as a meal.

  10. I love these little Irish Bangers my friend gets from a UK imports store outside of Houston. She’s served them with Heinz Beans on Toast and split and added to an egg salad sandwich. It’s one of the first meats my boys tried as toddlers. As far as beverage, nothing beats a fine hand-crafted red ale – I’ve had a few tasty ones from Goose Island during my Windy City days…

    I am planning on trying those Irish Nachos soon, Gabby. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Corned beef and cabbage…definitely brings me back to days with my Irish Grandmother, watching her cook in the kitchen.

  12. I have a love affair with Guinness. Right now, though, I’m getting ready to make colcannon and an all-Kerrygold macaroni and cheese. Yum.

  13. The Irish Nachos look great! My birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and I love all things Irish! My mom even gave me an Irish name

  14. i am making those amazing looking nachos tonight — i could eat the beautiful potatoes right now– hey mara is there try her at 520 977 6898

  15. A corned beef sandwich on rye……with sliced cabbage, swiss cheese and bread and butter pickles. The best…..

  16. mom used to make me irish soda bread without the rasins – and always served it warm with kerrygold irish butter.

  17. My favorite’s gotta be the amazing Grammercy Tavern stout gingerbread made with Guiness, of course. Pour on a stout caramel sauce and some whipped cream and you’re in heaven.

  18. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I was planning on researching recipes today to come up with a great meal for St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t like corned beef or cabbage. So, I am delighted to say that the Irish Nachos will be our choice for this year! He will eat those up in a quick minute!! Thanks for the recipe!

  19. I must admit those Irish nachos look sooooo good.
    I do love potatoes, in any version.
    and the Kerrygold products are excellent. I will always spend the extra money to have their butter in our refrigerator. fabulous on any type of bread. BEWARE !! It spoils you BIG TIME !!

  20. Well, speaking as someone who is 1/8 Irish and has the fair freckly red headed complexion to show for it… I would say…


    I dont know. But I am going to say Irish Coffee! :)

  21. Irish beer cheddar soup! Always homemade and with two of my favorite things, lager and cheeese, how can you go wrong?!?

  22. My favorite would be corned beef and cabbage, but my husband once had this awesome guiness ice cream, handmade at a local ice cream shop.

  23. I love braised cabbage and warm irish soda bread slathered in Kerrygold pure Irish butter- all chased with a few beers of course

  24. I’m a fan on Facebook – now, can I have my pint of Guinness and a side of KerryGold cheese?!

  25. Hot cup of Irish Breakfast tea, so smoky and cozy, and a scone to dunk. It just slows down my day and starts it off happy

  26. I have two: Potato Leek Soup (I could eat it every day) and Corned Beef (but mostly so I can have a Reuben Sandwich the next day!).

  27. The Hubbs and I visited Ireland this last October and I think the thing we ate the most of were goat cheese tarts on leaves (Wild Greens to Americans) and the cheese was so good and fresh tasting we couldn’t get enough of them.

  28. I love Irish soda bread, and this is the time of year when you see it in bakeries.
    I just bought some Kerrygold Reserve cheddar cheese this morning!

  29. Love this giveaway!! Kerrygold is awesome. Great quality always comes first in my book. Sign me up to win. I’ll take your Irish Nachos for St. Patties day.

  30. I love Kerrygold cheese & butter….always have some in the house! As for Irish food…love a nice guiness beef stew. I make a lovely guiness bread. And, my husband & I fell in love at Matt Murphy’s in Brookline……incredible shepherd’s pie!

  31. I have to agree with Bailey’s Irish Cream being my favorite, however, colcannon runs a close second for me. %-)

  32. My favorite Irish inspired food is definitely Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes! They’re Guinness-chocolate cakes with a dollop of dark chocolate-whiskey ganache, topped with Bailey’s buttercream frosting. They’re to die for!

  33. My husband came up with a twist on Irish Coffee a few years ago. Expresso, Jameson Whiskey, whip cream and a small scoop of expresso gelato. He unfortunately passed away last year, but I will continue to drink this and remember my “Irishman” each year

  34. Ooo…I have been wanting to try that butter…and cheese is an added bonus! I’m a vegetarian so when I went to Ireland it was tough finding food I could eat, but I certainly didn’t have a problem putting down a LOT of Smithwick’s beer. At St Patty’s parties here in the states I typically chow down on lots of Irish Soda bread. YUM!

  35. I absolutely love Colcannon! Also, Irish brown bread. I was in Ireland in September. So beautiful & great food!

  36. At the moment, it’s that Blarney Castle cheese! I’m trying to see how long I can subsist off of cheese and wine at the moment…

  37. Well, being half Irish, this is a tough one!! I would have to say my favorite Irish dish is boxty – with a good drawn Guinness (sadly, it just isn’t the same here as it is in Ireland!).

    Definitely a fan Miss Gaby!!

  38. I’ve never been exposed to Irish food :( But I love seeing the posts from all the food bloggers of their favorite St. Patty’s Day-inspired foods. Perhaps I should add Irish Soda Bread or Corned Beef & Cabbage to my menu next week.

  39. I’m usually not a big fan of meat in general, but nothing beats corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day! It’s one of those things that I would have no idea how to prepare (w/o a little research, that is) so I always make a point to go out and get some while it’s available.

  40. I love Irish coffee. Not sure how authentic it is but boozy coffee is always good. When I visited Ireland I loved the big breakfasts minus the black blood sausage stuff that is.

  41. I love the addition of Guinness in chocolate cake. I just fell in love with Kerrygold when I baked with it last week. One bite of the leftover spread on bread took me right back to my grandma’s kitchen.

  42. Thank heaven for St. Patrick’s Day….it’s the one day a year that I indulge in some corned beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread. If there’s any left over, I get the added bonus of a day or two of Reuben sandwiches. Oh, yum!

    (Kerrygold cheese and butter are the *best*, btw! I especially love their Dubliner cheese!)

  43. I just bought some Kerrygold butter on my lunch hour to make colcannon, as well as some Irish sausages. Bangers and Mash!

  44. It would have to be me Irish Coffee lass (in my meager attempt at Irish accent, we Mexicans say our “r”s a little different).

  45. My favorite irish dish is going to have to be your irish nachos recipe! I made it and I absolutely love it and can’t get enough. I also can never say no to soda bread…it is delicious!

  46. I’m gonna have to say the Irish breakfast is my favorite! I always like to start my day off with a big meal full of bacon egg and sausage!!

  47. I love , love….
    corned beef and cabbage…
    but the best is the has I can make from leftovers the next dY… YUM!

  48. This lot looks absolutely heavenly! I bet this butter would go quite well with Irish Soda Bread! My favorite Irish meal is Lamb Stew with Guinness. My name is Irish in origin (for darling) and my dad used to make it for me and call it Cara Stew!

  49. Irish Soda bread (especially with some of this butter, from the looks of it and your description!) and lamb stew with Guinness!

  50. Irish soda Bread; Corn Beef and Cabbage; love also cooking with the Dubliner from Kerry Gold!

  51. Impossible to pick one favorite Irish dish/drink; tops are Guinness Beef Stew, Irish soda bread and Guinness chocolate cake! I’m making them all on Thursday – can’t wait!

  52. I love Bailey’s Irish Cream and I recently used it in a fudgy flourless cake I make . It really brought the taste to a totally different level!

  53. Potato and Leek Soup

    2 pounds boiling potatos -peeled and sliced
    1 pound leeks – washed and sliced
    1 onion – chopped
    1 celery stalk – sliced
    5 cups chicken stock or broth
    2 1/2 cups of milk
    4 tablespoons butter
    1 bay leaf
    2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
    Salt and pepper
    1/2 cup of soured creamed
    1/4 cup chopped fresh chives

    Melt the butter over medium heat in a large saucepan.
    Add the vegetables, cover, and cook for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring. Add the stock or broth, 1/2 cup of milk, the bay leaf, parsley, salt and pepper.

    Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until the vegetables are tender- around 25 to 30 minutes. Throw out the bay leaf, and let the soup cool for 10 – 15 minutes.

    Blend in Blender. Pour into a saucepan and warm over medium heat. Stir in the remaining 2 cups of milk.

    Serve the soup in bowls and swirl in 1 tablespoon sour cream into each serving. Sprinkle with the chives.

  54. Guinness Stout Gingerbread Cake . . . but now that I’ve seen a version with chocolate . . . I may have a new favorite? First I have to bake it!

  55. Bailey’s Irish Cream brownies are good, but we have a tradition of Green Jello shots on St. Patrick’s Day. My husband and I met over a Jello shot in Savannah, GA on St. Patrick’s Day in a bar and this year we will celebrate our 10th anniversary!

  56. Brown bread, hand’s down. Half the reason I love it so much is that it requires a hefty slathering of great Irish butter!

  57. Oh I hate to my typical but I love corned beef and cabbage. I am not sure if it is really irish or it is something we americans eat. But, I love it.

  58. I am torn between Irish cream, a good old Irish coffee and Kerrygold’s Dubliner Cheese. Maybe a little snack of the three!

  59. We made homemade Bailey’s at Christmas and it was divine! That must be it, though I love a good corned beef sandwich.

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