Sweet Potato Ranch Fries

It’s week three of recipe testing for the Alexia French Fry Challenge and things are getting pretty darn tasty in my kitchen! After creating my own homemade ranch seasoning last week, I decided it paired best with sweet potato spears. And to kick things up a bit, I added a touch of spice with some red pepper flakes. The result: one kick ass french fry that I couldn’t stop eating! I’m still making some tweaks to the final recipe that will be up against many others so I’ll be sure to share soon!

In the meantime though, I’m sharing this picture of the french fries with you because well, don’t they look good?!? I ate them all myself. And the batch I had made right before.


15 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Ranch Fries

  1. Mmm, these are making my tummy growl!

    Gaby (or anybody who can help!), your fries look so picture-perfect–how do you keep them from losing their shape/crispness in the oven? I tried sweet potato fries for the first time last weekend, and they came out mushy. Still delicious, but a little disappointing. Is it because I’m not frying them? Or is there a way to maintain a little bit of crisp, even when baking?

  2. YUM!!! I love that your fries look crisp! I tried sweet potatoes last week and they were very soggy….tasted good, but soggy. These look and sound great

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