2012 Food Blogger Bake Sale

OMG you guys!! It’s that time of the year again.

Mark your calendars for April 28th 2012! We’re gearing up for the Third Annual National Food Blogger Bake Sale

Food Blogger Bake Sale 2012. Bring it on!

This year we are setting big goals and let’s just say its going to be crazy exciting.

Last year we raised $25,000 through 26 bake sales.
This year, we have set a challenge: to raise $50,000!

We’ve teamed up with Share Our Strength once again and every single penny we raise will be going right to SOS to help hungry kids all over America.

I’m going to be heading things up on a national level along with the amazing Maggy from BWOBHere’s a list of bake sales that are already taking place. If you’re interested in participating in a bake sale, please reach out to the host. If there isn’t a bake sale taking place in your area, maybe you’d like to host one…


The first step in hosting a bake sale is registering at www.GreatAmericanBakeSale.org/signup. Registering will get you access to online fundraising tools and they’ll send you a poster and informational booklet. Additional tools and resources can be found in The Bake Sale Resources Center. They’ve got top 10 tips for your bake sale, flyers, stickers, pricing tips and much more!

Once you’ve done that, e-mail me (whatsgabycooking@gmail.com) with the following information:

Preferred Email address

So hop to it! So excited for this year and can’t wait to see all the fabulous that ensues!

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  1. Hi Gaby, I’m sorry I won’t be hosting a bake sale this year…I’m living abroad now and won’t be able to do the bake sale this year but will pass along the information to other bloggers in California. My sister will be participating in Colorado.

  2. Hi Gaby,
    I participated in the SD Bake Sale and it was so fun. An amazing group of people! I’ve been really curious to know if you hit the $50,000 goal.
    Looking forward to next year’s sale already!

    1. Hi Liz! SOS will email everyone as soon as all the bake sale leaders get the $$$ turned it!! Thanks 🙂

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