6 Tools To Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I think we’ve done a pretty great job the last 3 weeks here on WGC when it comes to keeping it mostly healthy and making it easy to stay on track with those New Year’s Resolutions! I’ve been loading up on salads, all sorts of fruits and vegetables and juicing up a storm.  Because of that, and because I love you guys a LOT, and because it’s the weekend (yaaaas)… I thought we should do a big giant giveaway today! I’m teaming up with eBay to bring you $500 worth of goodies to add to your kitchen tools and keep your healthy resolutions going strong!

6 Tools To Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track!

But before we get to that… here are my 6 picks for things to keep you on track from eBay’s New Chef + Eating Healthy Starter Kits, to continue to inspire you to pursue your passions in the New Year:

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Kitchen Skillet – there’s nothing better for pan-searing a protein than a cast iron skillet! Don’t you love that crispy skin on salmon or chicken? It’s the best! If you already use a cast iron skillet than you should make this chicken ASAP and if you don’t cook with one, START! It will change your life and your cooking.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer – ugh. My spiralizer is EVERYTHING. I can’t get enough of the zucchini or sweet potato noodles. If you don’t have one in your life, you haven’t lived! Some of my favorite recipes include this and this.

Omega VRT350 Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer I’ve been obsessed with juicing for the last 3 years and it’s the BEST way to cram all sorts of nutrients into your body! I mean, if you haven’t seen my juice cleanse post yet… here ya go

Vitamix 5300 – I mean who doesn’t want to whip up a beautiful smoothie every morning? It’s my favorite way to start the day! 

Global 2 Piece Chef’s Starter Knife Set – I can’t STRESS the importance of good knives. I get my Globals sharpened every few months and it makes cooking and prepping food so much easier! Gotta have good knives for all those salads 

PL8 Professional Mandoline – want to make those fantastic fruit and veggie ribbons in this salad then you need a mandoline in your life immediately!

6 Tools To Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track!

You can find these tools and WAY MORE over on eBay’s Starter Kits! They are basically curated assortments of must-haves essential for all of us foodies trying to keep it mostly healthy after the holidays! eBay is a great place to find the best value on a wide selection of kitchen essentials to make your resolutions for the New Year a reality.

eBay Eating Health Starter Kit 

eBay New Chef Starter Kit

Or you can pursue other passions here! Apparently there are other things in life other than eating and cooking, although I have yet to discover them! (wink, wink!)


AND HERE’S THE BEST PART. Whoever wins the giveaway gets to mix and match what they want from the eBay kits for a $500 total giveaway:

So some options could be….

  2. A Juicer AND a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet AND new Global Knives
  3. A Juicer AND a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet AND a Mandoline AND a Spiral Vegetable Slicer
  4. Mix and match till your hearts content!


Comment below on which item or items you HAVE to have!

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giveaway closed on January 23rd at midnight! Open to US residents only!

UPDATE – Giveaway is closed! Jenny T (the winner) has been notified. If they don’t claim their prize within 48 hours, I’ll pick another!! And don’t fret… more giveaways to come! xx


  1. Hi Gaby – I love you and your blog, insta, travel, and snapisodes! You are my favorite! 🙂 I would definitely love the Omega Juicer or the Vitamix!!

  2. Hi Gaby! Thanks for reminding us on SC to enter in this contest! I think I’d probably take the juicer and the spiral vegetable slicer.

  3. Hey Gaby! Big fan of your work, and my husband is too because I recreate your recipes all the time! I am pretty sure I absolutely need a Spiral Vegetable Slicer… or the Vitamix!!!! Either one would help me in my journey to the ultimate beach bod 🙂

  4. Hi Gaby,

    I love watching you on snap! I think I would HAVE to have the juicer and the lodge cast iron skillet!!!


  5. You’re my blogging role model, Gaby! Seriously obsessed with your food, energy and your weekly Snapisodes and updates. They seriously brighten my day! I’ve been really wanting a cast iron skillet these days. I’m on a mission to make the perfect steak and I think it would be the perfect tool to have!


  6. I would looooove the knives, spiral slicer and the vitamix. My fiancé and I could use these to assist in our healthy eating plan and wedding diet!

  7. I wanted to borrow my a Vitamix today from our restaurant so I could make your Tomatillo Salsa, but one of our employees broke the canister, and I was so sad! So, I guess I’d say the Vitamix! haha

  8. Hi Gaby my daughter and i are so glad we found you on snapchat you have showed us soo many great recipes that have changed us..my kid loves asking me everyday whats gaby cookin today..lol..we would love a skillet and juices combo :)))

  9. I cannot count the ways a vitamix would change my life! Sauces, chimichurri, salsas, nut milks, soups… The possibilities are endless!!

  10. Hi Gaby,
    I LOVE watching your snapisodes! Our whole family loves your recipes so much! We make the basil vinaigrette all the time. I would absolutely love the vitamin big honestly, all of your obsessions are on my wish list. Thanks for always brightening up my day with your enthusiasm and positivity!

  11. Ok sorry for 2 comments in a row..my kid has changed her beautiful little mind and says she cant live without the Spiral vegetable slicer…a must have she says! Ha wish me luck

  12. Hi Gaby! Thank you for giving us this opportunity, with that being said I would absolutely LOVE the VITAMIX! Want to incorporate smoothies in my diet

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