All American Guacamole

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A few weeks back I partnered up with California Avocado Commission to make some All American Guacamole. It’s something that we both do quite well, and this guacamole is no exception!

With my guacamole grilled cheese on Monday, it makes sense that we just keep on trend and keep going. Plus, I’m cooking up a storm today with these amazing women in Ethiopia and we’re making all kinds of guacamole. Avocados are like 20 cents here in Ethiopia, and while they aren’t as amazing as California Avocados, I’m pumped to be sharing my love for guac with these women here!

I’ve loaded this guac up with charred corn, bright red cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic. Say whaaaaat? Roasted garlic in your guacamole…. it’s pretty awesome. Totally untraditional, but so delicious. Roasted garlic is one of my weaknesses. I make it over the weekends all the time, just so my house smells awesome, and then eat it smeared on some bread. It’s really classy, and it makes my skin radiate garlic, but I’m totally into that and I don’t care if people judge me. Judge away 🙂

All American Guacamole

Hop on over to California Avocado for the full recipe  for All American Guacamole.

All American Guacamole | What's Gaby Cooking


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