National Food Bloggers Bake Sale Re-cap

WOW!!! What a weekend it has been! The first ever National Food Bloggers Bake Sale has come and gone and it was amazing. I am utterly blown away by what a difference we can make when we put our minds to something and get to work! The sheer amount of food that we made for these events was amazing. Everyone was so generous in donating their time and ingredients!! I can’t even describe what a tremendous feeling it was to be around all of these fabulous friends raising awareness and money for Share Our Strength.

Jen (Devour the World), Rachael (La Fuji Mama), Me,  Jenny (Picky Palate) Cathy (Show Food Chef), Carrie (Deliciously Organic) (Photo from Jenny of Picky Palate!)
Lucy Lean’s adorable son Remy eating a cooking at the Bake Sale (Photo by Lucy Lean –

There are SO many people to thank, I don’t even know where to begin…

A HUGE GIANT ENORMOUS THANK YOU goes out to all of the organizers across the country…

Alaska – Laura from What’s for Dinner Mom

Arizona – Janet from La Due Crew

San Francisco – Anita from Dessert First

Colorado – Kate from Treat

DC – Colleen from Foodie Tots

Florida – Natasha from That’s So Yummy and Renee from Flamingo Musings

Georgia – Tami from Running with Tweezers

Illinois – Maris from In Good Taste

Kentucky – Melissa from My McDonald Meal

Massachusetts – Kathyann from Mother May Have

Michigan – Megan from What’s Megan Making

New Jersey – Carmen from Baking is my Zen

New York – Jacquie from The JLH Life

North Carolina – Shari  from Tickled Red

North Dakota – Shasa from The Sweder Side of Life

Oklahoma – Ashley from Vanilla-Cinnamon

Oregon – Gina from Change Becomes Change

Pennsylvania – Jen from My Kitchen Addiction

Rhode Island – Jennifer from Savor the Thyme

Utah – Maria from Two Peas and their Pod

Virginia – Susan from She is Becoming Doughmesstic

Washington – Keren from Frantic Foodie

And another GIANT THANK YOU goes to all the amazing bloggers that baked for the Los Angeles Sale… who all helped to raise a total of $2,456.50 in Los Angeles. So many people came out to support the sale it was amazing!!!!

Marla (Family Fresh Cooking), Jenny (Picky Palate), Rachael (La Fuji Mama), Jen (Devour The World)

Check out some of the goodies we had here in LA…

Black and Tan Cookies from Daydreamer Desserts!!
Vegan Madeleines from Active Foodie
Cakes in a Jar from Girl with a Curl – easily some of the MOST popular treats of the day!!!
Lucy Lean and her two adorable kids Minty and Remy!
And Sherry Yard from Wolfgang Puck’s Spago came and brought the most delectable cookies ever!!! Thanks Sherry!!

AND… I know this is what you have all been waiting for… all in all… from Arizona to New York and all the states in between… with the help of hundreds of food bloggers across the country and all of the fantastic people who came to support the sales… we all helped to raise over….



in just one short day for Share Our Strength! I hope everyone who participated in this event had an amazing time and that we can make it an annual event!!! A HUGE shout out to all the great locations that let us host the sales…. bookstores, restaurants, festivals… you were all amazing!

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  1. Congratulations to you and everyone who worked to support this effort. I wish I could have visited every site to sample the goodies. Everything looks so beautiful!
    I know this will increase awareness for the goals of Share Our Strength.
    I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  2. Wow, that is amazing how much money was raised. I love all the pictures of fellow food bloggers, especially the ones with the cameras around their necks. I think that is a food bloggers permanent accessory! Gosh, I am pumped that you organized such a great event, great job!

  3. you should feel very, very, very proud. you organized, you reached your goal, you baked, and you conquered! can’t wait until next year!

  4. Gaby this is GREAT!!! This number has brought a tear to my eye to know how much is going to such an amazing cause. I can’t wait for next year !!! Thanks so much for organizing everything 🙂

  5. Congrats to you Gaby, everything was so well organized. (And, on an unrelated note, I just have to say that Remy has the best head of red hair I have ever seen. GORGEOUS.)

  6. Gaby congratulations and thank you for all your hard work! The Bake Sale was great! It was very fun and I looooooved the goodies. Demasiado bueno! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Gaby, for heading this up, and thanks to all of the state organizers as well. That was tons of work but well worth it! I baked in GA and can’t wait to do it next year.

  8. This is such an awesome number, Gaby! And I’m not even done, yet! I didn’t even count my online donations in the total I gave you, and I’m selling leftover biscotti in my office and collecting more donations, both online and in-person!

    Definitely count me and Miami in for next year – I’ve got the venue, I’ve got some bakers, I’ll even have the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!

  9. Gaby, you did an amazing job getting all of us together! I can’t wait to do it again next year. Great job everyone- See, we do more than *just* blog- We make an amazing difference for kids!! WOOT!

  10. Congratulations! Brilliant idea, and so well executed. I loved reading about the sale, and would love to participate next year.

  11. Gaby, you are AMAZING!!!! The total is incredible and I am so happy I was able to participate! Count me in for next year’s event… it will be even bigger!!!!


  12. Gaby,
    Great meeting your smiley face. What a wonderful cause and I am so grateful to have participated. Keep me posted about next year. It was fab!!

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