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If you follow along on my IG, you know I’ve been obsessed with Butcher Box recently! It’s been a game changer ever since we signed up about 8 months ago. High quality meats delivered right to your front door at roughly $6 a serving… sign me up. 

Let’s get into the nitty gritty for those of you who have asked my honest opinion about the delivery service. And let me also just say – I would NEVER, NOT IN 1 MILLION YEARS, stand behind a product that I didn’t absolutely love. No amount of money is ever worth your trust so when I tell you I love something…. It’s true! Okay – back to the meat! 

Good meat is expensive. And I lost my favorite butcher shop here in LA a few years back. Now we aren’t HUGE meat eaters – but Thomas def wants a steak or some kind of meat at least once or twice a week. I always look at prices of beef / pork when I’m at my fav markets and it’s like $30 a lb +…. Ummmmm hard pass on that. Gotta save up for le bebe who is coming next year! Enter: Butcher Box. A meat delivery service (everything comes frozen) that gets shipped right to your front door. The meats are all humanely raised, high-quality grass fed, contain no antibiotics and are freaking delish. The first time I ever made Thomas a filet from BB, he basically proposed to me all over again. 

And their free range organic chicken is bananas amazing, they have wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon that’s pre-portioned so it thaws so quickly, and heritage breed pork (I’m a mega fan of their pork butt for carnitas). They have me 100% covered when it comes to feeding my little fam and recipe development! 

Here’s how it works – as a ButcherBox member, you can either pick a curated box from the ButcherBox team, or design your own box and choose from 20+ different cuts of meat. Once you’ve placed your order, it gets delivered to your doorstep with free shipping EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also… you choose how often you get your box and can pause, cancel, or move your next shipment whenever you want!!

Right now, new members will get 2 NY Strip Steaks (10 oz each) and 4 top sirloin steaks (6 oz each) free in their first order.  Plus, like I said above…shipping is always free. So there ya have it. Just dropping a little knowledge to make your lives even easier!!  And if you want some of my fav recipes to go alongside your first order… here are a few:





** This post is brought to you by Butcher Box. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for What’s Gaby Cooking**

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