Cookbook Gift Guide // 2015

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My cookbook collection is basically my pride and joy. It’s color coordinated and it sits right next to my desk so I always have something gorgeous to look at! Seeing as how the holidays are right around the corner – it’s time for our 3rd annual Cookbook Gift Guide!!

Cookbook Gift Guide 2015 from (@whatsgabycookin)

We’ll start from top to bottom – cool?

Obviously, Absolutely Avocados is on the list. You’ll get a little bit of yours truly in your kitchen and what’s not to love about that.

The Big Flavor Grill is the perfect book for anyone who loves grilling. I use it time and time again and I never get bored.

The Year of Cozy written by one of my fav food blogger Adrianna Adarme is loaded with delicious recipes, fun crafts and just general things to make your life way more cozy!

Flour + Water – the best pasta cookbook out there! End of story.

The New Sugar + Spice – loaded with tons of recipes that are perfect for baking season.

Dinnertime by Ree Drummond – I’ve loved each and every book Ree has ever published and this is no exception! It’s packed with everything you could need for dinner – and you’ll never be bored!

The Pizza Bible – duh. Have you met me? I’m a pizza freak and my guess is you are too. This one is gorgeous!

Mexico – can we just discuss this coffee table cookbook. It’s perfection and it’s bright pink so it’s a total show stopped. But more than that – it has so many recipes in it, stemming from Mexico obviously, you’ll want to pack up your bags and move south of the border so you can have all these delicious eats on the daily.

Plenty – I’ve talked about Yotams books before and it just wouldn’t be right to do a cookbook round-up without including his. He’s a culinary genius in my opinion and his recipes are top notch.

Hartwood – I’ve been dying to get myself to Tulum specifically to eat at Hartwood – but in the meantime, I’ll settle for this cookbook. Hartwood (the restaurant) is located right smack in Tulum and is churning out some majorly epic meals so I hear. The cocktails, the fresh seafood, the local veggies… ugh. You can’t go wrong!

Seasons by Donna Hay. It’s a beauty. All her books are perfection and this one is no exception. It’s organized by season (as you could have probably guessed) and each recipe makes you want to dive into the page and go live on a compound with Donna Hay and be her new bff.

A New Napa Cuisine – while it’s not a cookbook that most of us would cook from on a regular basis – it embodies this fancy chic California girl vibe that I’m all about. It’s the perfect coffee table book and just looking at the photos makes you want to get a little more creative in the kitchen!


  1. Hi – that Mexico book is gorgeous isn’t it! I have it on my desk in the test kitchen 🙂 Also anything Donna Hay is a winner in my book! love the list xx

  2. Ahhhh…cookbooks make the best gifts! These are some of my favorites too…I NEED your Absolutely Avocados book! Happy holidays!

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