Costa Rica Packing List

If you’ve been following along on snapchat (username – whatsgabycookin) for the past few weeks, you’ll know I just got back from an epic Costa Rican adventure! It was incredible to say the least! I’m getting ready for a little Costa Rica blog takeover and I’m kicking it off with a packing list.

Costa Rica Hanging Bridges

Costa Rica Packing List Pepto Numbered copy

You can get a little bit of every climate in Costa Rica. There’s the rainforest, the beach and the dry city areas – so basically you’ve got to be prepped for everything. On our trip, we were allowed a 30 pound limit on luggage because we were taking so many flights around the country on tiny planes (omg more on that on a later date) so skillful packing was mandatory. Seeing as how I grew up with parents who refused to let us check baggage because it cut into our exploring time, I took the weight limit in stride and really got down to business. Ready for this… here we go!

1 – laptop. I mean, I never leave home without it.
2 – external phone charger – because if you snapchat like me you’ll burn through battery like whoa!
3 – cell phone – again, never leave home without it!
4 – DSLR camera for all the food and wildlife you’re about to experience
5 – a zoom lens – because those monkeys don’t just walk right in front of you.
6 – hiking boots for the rainforest walks
7 – my favorite yoga pants – no capri’s, we’re talking long pants to protect from mosquitos
8 – a travel notebook for anything you need to write down
9 – Pepto!!! Just in case
10 – water bottle for all your hiking and staying hydrated
11 – t-shirts because, duh,
12 – long sleeve pull overs – it never really gets cold but if it rains you might want another layer.
13 – swimsuits for oceans and pools
14 – long sleeve shirts – no bug bites please!
15 – flip flops for the beach
16 – headphones for your flights
17 – your favorite sunnies
18 – a big hat to protect your face from all the sun!

Costa Rica Typical Lunch

And there you have it! Everything you could need, AND under 30 lbs!! Stay tuned in a few hours for a full photo journey of my time in Costa Rica. There are sloths, and monkeys, and snakes and ALL THE GUACAMOLE you’re heart your ever desire.

Costa Rica Watermelon Juice

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  1. Hi there! May I ask what brand/style of hiking shoes/boots that you had on your post and would you recommend them? I’m in the market for some!

      1. What lens and hood do you have on the camera in the photo above? I”m just getting into food photography and have been following Matt on SNAP! but am always interested to see what you use! Thanks 🙂

        1. I use a Canon 5D Mark III camera – and that lens is the Canon 100-400 🙂 I dont use it for food – but my husband does all the travel / nature photography so he uses it for that!

    1. omg no!! I brought 3 pairs of lululemons and a pair of water resistant pants that I washed every few days 🙂

      1. Oh! I get it now. I was pretty overtired when I read that. Lol! I swear, I’m not normally that ditzy!

  2. Great tips! I can’t wait to read all about your Costa Rica trip- it was fun following you on Snap!

  3. I love your travel and packing tips! So excited to see you in a couple months at Indulge! !

  4. Love this list, and it is awesome that all of this comes to under 30 lbs even with the camera, lens, & laptop! 🙂 And I agree- an external charger for your cell phone is always a travel must.

  5. Love this post, great trip Gaby! I have similar hiking boots 🙂 Never been to Costa Rica, but it’s on my bucket list. (ps. we went to Africa and Paul and I each had 26 lbs. each carry on! we did it!!) 🙂

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