Culinary School – Week Fifteen – Appetizers

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I love bite sized snacks so this week at Culinary School I was in heaven! We explored all different kinds of appetizers and then I proceeded to eat everything! Everything was so delicious 🙂

These mini Mexican Quiches were stuffed with cheeses, chorizo and topped with a sliver of a Jalapeno.

This smoked salmon pate went perfectly with a little bite of cucumber… you could also put the pate on top of a bite sized piece of toast! (Please excuse this pixeled picture… I was having a camera malfunction and then proceeded to freak out and thought it was broken… but I fixed it… so now the world can go on)
Pot Stickers – we served these with a soy ginger sauce! The pineapple sweet and sour sauce also is delicious!

Some more Mexican Quiches… I made a little bit of my famous Guacamole (not pictured)

Spring Rolls with a pineapple sweet and sour sauce! so tasty!

Shrimp Toasts!

Mini Rueben Sandwiches

Look at all that meat!

More Spring rolls!

Shiu Mai… doesn’t that look fancy!

This could have been one of my favorite dished of the night, lemon curd! Oh man it was so delicious and packed full of flavor. Topped with a little raspberry, mint and drizzled with white and dark chocolate.
Seriously… how delicious does that look?

Two different types of Spanikopita – one with the normal spinach and feta stuffing, and the second with roasted red peppers as well as the normal stuffing.

Blini’s topped with creme fresh and caviar and a sprinkle of dill!

Next up is WINE TASTING!!! wooohooo


  1. I want EVERYTHING pictured here. I love mini foods! (If that's not clear by now… ha ha.)

    Wine tasting sounds so much fun! Can't wait to hear your faves.

  2. I have an addiction to mini foods and I want everything you posted hehehe 🙂

    I love making appetizers they are fun to make

  3. So amazing! I know these are appetizers but I would totally make a full meal of any and all of them!

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