Culinary School – Week Six – Fish

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This week at Culinary school it was all about FISH!! I tried a few types that I have never tried before and for the first time ever I tried raw fish!!! It was a big step for me… now maybe if I am really brave I can try raw sushi.

I also filleted and de-boned 2 fish… one of which stabbed me with the fins. Not cool.

These handmade wontons were delicious with Salmon tar tar with an Asian marinade.

Marinated Salmon with Avocado and Sweet Onions. This ceviche went perfectly with the buttery avocados. We ate the crostini’s topped with a little bit of the acid cooked salmon, avocado and the sweet onion and basil to top it of!

Gratin of Salmon – this was really good! It was topped with button mushrooms, tomatoes, basil and chives – some of my favorite flavors!

Trout Meuniere… so delicious! I have made this before with Sole and it is simple yet so tasty. We added a few capers and lemon slices to make it fabulous!

Grilled Halibut with a Saffron Buerre Blanc and Blood Orange and Ginger Buerre Blanc. The Blood Orange sauce was amazing and also had ginger saki and cilantro flavors. yummmmm

Grilled Salmon with Provencal Sauce. This chunky vinaigrette was one of my favorite things of the night. It consisted of tomatoes, shallots, tons of garlic, basil, chives, sherry wine vinegar and olive oil. It was amazing!

Salmon and John Dorie trellis with a Saffron Buerre Blanc. So maybe it was just me but I had never heard of John Dorie before. Well… it was fabulous… didn’t even taste like fish… just pure goodness. It was a super ugly fish though and the one I filleted happened to be pregnant!

Poached John Dorie with a Salmon mousse and Saffron Buerre Blanc. How gorgeous does that look?

Dessert time!!! This apple tart tatin was made with 24 apples that cooked in butter and sugar to caramelize the apples. Served with a scoop of ice cream… delicious!
I have a lot of practicing to do this week… and next week is soups and sauces… yummy!

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