Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Things have been pretty insane these last few days… lots of stuff going on, family visiting and a ton of holiday baking… I just haven’t quite found time to put it all into words for my blog!

IMG_0316Photo styled by Miriam L. and photographed by yours truly!

But… I couldn’t just leave you all before the holidays without saying HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I am so thankful for so many things in my life…

  • my wonderful parents, sister and family who are always there for me!
  • my friends from back home in Tucson and my friends in the Bay Area and my new-found friends in L.A
  • my amazing boyfriend who happens to be an awesome recipe taster too!
  • all the wonderful friends I have made in the past year through this website – I love all of you guys!
  • the great opportunities that have come my way in the past year
  • the most fabulous family ever in Malibu… you know who you are!

I want to know what you guys are all thankful for too?!?

I hope each and everyone of you has an amazing Thanksgiving with your friends and family and you get to eat lots of delicious food and celebrate all the great things that you have in your life.

This is what I will be making this year:

And then of course a Turkey, with a billion gallons of gravy, my fav mashed potatoes and stuffing (from a box… don’t judge me)


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  1. Maria

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for YOU and your fabulous blog/recipes. I am so glad we have become great friends! Love you bunches!
    I am also thankful for my hubs who puts up with me, my family/friends, our house, jobs, my blog, good food, etc. etc. etc.

  2. Monika

    I am thankful for all the new experiences that have come my way in this past year. I am thankful I still have the good fortune to share the in lives of both of my parents and and in-laws. I am so fortunate to have two most wonderful daughters who make being their mother a real joy.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  3. Emily

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful to have my best friend so close and always thankful to be able to test all the great recipes from your fabulous kitchen!

  4. Lynn

    Hi Gaby – Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am a friend of Maria’s in SLC and now have your blog in my bookmarks. I have a recipe question about the Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake . . . was going to make it for Thanksgiving but will hold off til I hear from you so it is just right.

    The recipe calls for 1 C pumpkin puree which seems to be put in the food processor with the cream cheese . . . but later in the directions you say to pour remaining pumpkin mixture into the prepared pan and then add the chocolate mixture into the pumpkin mixture . . . I’m confused . . . HELP. If you use the entire cup earlier . . . you don’t have any remaining.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. Lynn

    Hi Gaby – Happy Thanksgiving again . . . you can delete my question, I just read the recipe for the 10th time and figured it out!


  6. Megan

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gaby! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Your menu sounds fabulous! I’m thankful for so much this year.. great friends, family, my amazing boyfriend, new blog friends… and more!

  7. Gail

    Happy Thanksgiving Gaby! I’m thankful for my incredible family, they’re the best! My health, my wealth, and I’m not talkin money, and I’m very thankful for all of the friends I met through culinary school. Have a fabulous Holiday! Love you and I’ll see you for dinner next Thursday!!!


  8. Miri of Laura|Carmen

    Oh! My turkey looks lovely on your site! Thanks for taking such a beautiful photo and for sharing it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.