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Welp, we made it! We’re prepped and ready for Thanksgiving. Holiday shopping is in full effect. And we’re sitting pretty to get into the baking spirit in the next few days. 2020 is looking up if you ask me!! 

Wanted to leave you guys with some hot tips before we all head out this afternoon for Thanksgiving break (side note – remember the good old days of Thanksgiving break when you’d get a few days off of school – those were legit!). Capital One has been working around the clock this year to bring you an epic rewards program so you can put your rewards to work for you and enjoy the holidays even more this year! 

As a Capital One cardholder and partner (have been for the last 4ish years) let me tell you these are amazing!! And I wouldn’t be surprised if  there are even more exciting perks coming down the pipeline. For now, let’s stick to the shopping rewards! 

Three major things to start: 

1: PayPal Pay  with Rewards 

2: Amazon Shop with Points

3: Cashing in on some gift cards with your rewards 

Aka – Capital One has taken some of our favorite ways to shop and  made checking out / cashing in on rewards even easier! Let’s dig in a little deeper:

1: PayPal Pay with Rewards 

Eligible cardholders, including Venture, Quicksilver and Savor, as well as Spark business credit cards, can now use rewards on eligible purchases at millions of online stores when checking out with PayPal, including Target, Apple and The Home Depot! To take advantage of this new rewards redemption option, customers just need to link an eligible credit card to their PayPal wallet and enroll! Customers who already have an eligible Capital One credit card saved in their PayPal wallet will be enrolled in PayPal Pay with Rewards automatically, and customers who are adding an eligible Capital One credit card for the first time to a PayPal wallet can do so easily to use PayPal Pay with Rewards! With this new benefit, Capital One customers have even more ways to redeem their rewards as we get closer to the holiday shopping season.

2: Amazon Shop with Points

Amazon Shop with Points provides customers with a seamless option to redeem their rewards for millions of items. Customers can use as many or as few points and use their card for any remaining charge of their purchase. Eligible cardholders, including Venture, Quicksilver and Savor, as well as Spark business credit cards, are able to use rewards on eligible purchases. To take advantage of this new redemption option customers don’t need to do anything! If customers have an eligible Capital One card in their Amazon account, Amazon will enroll them! 

3: And lastly – GIFT CARDS! 

Customers can use their rewards to redeem for gift cards from over 100 retailers including Apple, The Home Depot, Walmart and Whole Foods. HELLO YES PLEASE! 

Just wanted to drop some knowledge for you before we go full steam ahead with the holidays!! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!! Love you guys! xx 

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