How to cut and peel an Avocado

Happy Sunday guys!

We’re right smack in the middle of avocado season this summer! It’s basically my favorite time of the year πŸ™‚

I thought I’d share a super quick and fun video I did with California Avocado a few weeks ago to make all of our lives simple and less dangerous. It’s basically a how to of how to cut and peel an Avocado! Cutting an avocado open can be a bit scary if you haven’t cut open like 23940 billion avocados like me. So here’s a little video that will serious make your life so much easier!

Let’s all enjoy Sunday and make some cheesy guacamole with our new found knife skills!

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  1. Skip

    Thanks so much. Just another tool (technique) to put in the tool box.

  2. Mya

    Great video! I make guacamole all the time and I never knew you could just peel the avocado from its skin; I’ve always used a knife to peel it off! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Catherine McCord

    Love this video! You make it all look so easy. Gorge nails too!

  4. Kristi

    I’m loving avocado season. This is really the first season, that I have avocadoes a few times a week.

  5. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    Love it! I eat avocados all the time..all year round πŸ™‚

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