Let’s Talk School Lunches

Today’s quite an exciting day!

One of my dear dear friends, Catherine, you might know her from Weelicious, is coming out with her 2nd cookbook Weelicious Lunches! And I think we should celebrate by giving some away don’t you think?

Weelicious Cookbook Giveaway on What's Gaby Cooking!

Weelicious Lunches is PACKED with recipes that will literally make your kids lunches the envy of everyone around. These are simple, delicious and healthy recipes that please not only kids… but adults too! I’ve already put in my order with Catherine so I can start picking up my lunches every morning. It’s happening. I’ll even bring my own lunch box.

Let’s take a peek inside shall we?

These grilled cheese croutons are a MUST!

Weelicious Cookbook Giveaway on What's Gaby Cooking!

Or how about this world’s greatest pb&j!! heck yes – any kid would love this! And you could sub out any of your fav nut butters if needed.

Weelicious Cookbook Giveaway on What's Gaby Cooking!

I mean, pizza balls!! Is there anything we can even say about these? They are freaking awesome.

Weelicious Cookbook Giveaway on What's Gaby Cooking!

banana dog bites for the win!

Weelicious Cookbook Giveaway on What's Gaby Cooking!

and then there’s the homemade chocolate hazelnut spread. I’m literally drooling.

Weelicious Cookbook Giveaway on What's Gaby Cooking!

Bottom line. We all need this book, regardless if we have kids or not! I mean, I’m seriously going to start sending Thomas to work with some of these ideas from Catherine.

So, in honor of such an exciting day, I voted and and the results are in. I guess there really aren’t any other opposing votes to count since it’s just me, but whatever… details shmeetails. Let’s give away some books!

Leave a comment on this post letting me know what you used to eat for your school lunches and you’re automatically entered! I’ll pick 3 winners and we’ll send you you book ASAP. Contest goes through Friday September 6th just before midnight!

Ready, set, go!

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  1. Carly Helliesen

    I remember eating PBJ Sandwiches and mini salads for lunch. Nothing too special, but Mommy made it, so it was special enough for me! πŸ˜›

  2. Alina

    I remember eating ham and cheese with wheat bread at least four days of the week at school. And the exciting part……one oreo as a treat.

  3. Sean C

    Still to this day, I’m grossed out by spam! My mom would give me a slice of spam on a daily basis with green peas.

  4. Ilana

    I used to bring tuna sandwiches. But I didn’t like mayo so I just put the plain, dry tuna on bread. When I picked up my sandwich, the tuna would fall out! Ah, school lunch memories.

  5. Susan Barnes

    PB&J sandwiches on whole wheat bread. All my friends had white bread. I wanted that :).

  6. Stephenie V.

    We ate what was being offered in the cafeteria. Mystery meat πŸ™‚ I found a paperclip in my burger once; hmm. I am sure there’s a healthier way to pack my kids lunches and fingers crossed I am a chosen one.

  7. Bernadette Shu

    My mom used to pack me ginger pork stir fry over white rice which I traded with my Italian friend for her Coppa sandwiches.

  8. Em

    I was a “hot lunch line” kid myself. I have one school age lunch taker, and she often rotates between cheese and crackers or beans and rice or parmesan pasta with a fruit, a veg, sometimes yogurt or trail mix.

  9. Molly

    Random sandwich, fritos and a can of Hi-C wrapped in reynolds wrap to keep it cold. Ond day I unwrapped my Hi-C to find Budweiser!! Needless to say i was the “cool kid” that day! We all had a drink and thought we were drunk…… I was 12!!! My mom will never live that down πŸ™‚

  10. Kat S

    I recently admitted to my daughter that most of my lunches during high school consisted of French fries and a chocolate shake.

  11. Ann R

    I soooo could use this book right now! My child just started school this week and I have NO IDEA what to pack. It just always sneaks up on me and I just through in a bunch of carbs from the pantry. πŸ™ Help!

  12. Maria Malaveci

    All I remember about school lunches is that I was incredibly picky, I think my mom needed this cookbook back the. I ate a lot of PB and J


  13. Koko @ Koko Likes

    PB & J sandwiches with goldfish as a snack! All I wanted was a lunchable though because everyone else had them!

  14. Helen Kennedy

    I forgot to mention above, just occasionally at my first school we were allowed to go to the fish and chip shop across the road from the school and bring some back to eat in the dining room. I still love fish and chips, the big golden UK fries and the fish deep fried in crispy batter.

  15. Sarah Mullins

    Everday the same.. peanut butter sandwitch, a butterfly apple and chips. Would love variety for my kindergartener this fall!