Main Bedroom Closet Makeover

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If you thought the home reno was done… THINK AGAIN! Things are looking up in our main bedroom these days guys! We just got a closet makeover and Thomas and I are both in heaven! 

Okay so when we moved into the house, there wasn’t an incredible closet in the main bedroom. It wasn’t a big deal for either of us off the bat because we don’t have a ton of clothes… but as we lived in our space we realized the existing closet just wasn’t working for us… mostly because of Thomas’ insane shoe collection. The original space just had so much wasted space… so OBVI with all of the home-improvement projects that were in the works, we just said, what the hell, and added the closet to the to-do list! Enter: The Container Store Custom Closets. LIFE SAVER! 

Laren is The Container Store’s exclusive built-in luxury closet line and features 1’ thick construction, a variety of exclusive finishes and options like glass-front doors, islands and LED lighting. We didn’t have space or electrical for either of those features but you can bet that if/when we ever move, that’s happening. Glass doors in the closet – CHIC! Designing the space was so easy with free expert in-store, in-home and virtual design services, and their professional installation included demolition of our original system, patching and painting the walls. We went with the Laren line in Aspen (that’s the color). We worked with the designers both online and in store and they took the measurements of our closet and created a blueprint with the new layout. We ditched all the un-used space and really maximized everything for all the clothing we have that needs to be hung up! (We have a dresser coming for the actual bedroom to house a few things that didn’t fit into the closet! Note to self – next house must have a slightly bigger closet footprint to work with!) 

Anyways – part of the design process includes counting ALL your clothes, shoes, hats, handbags etc. It was therapeutic for me as it was a chance to clean out a bunch of stuff I didn’t want to keep around and really narrow things down to what I love. 

A perk to working with their design team was the suggestion that the first thing you see when you walk into our closet matters, especially since we leave our closet door open all the time. Our designer suggested a display of my dresses and shoes right at the entrance because let’s be real… those are the prettiest part of any closet! It’s AMAZING and so colorful and clean right when you walk in! 

And FYI – while this post is not sponsored, it is a collab with The Container Store who gifted us this incredible closet A huge huge thank you to their team. They are having a can’t miss sale as we speak.… up to 25% off closet essentials through May 31. So hop to it for the next few weeks if you’ve been toying with the idea of a new closet! 

The Container Store has everything you need to maximize space in your closet no matter your style or budget. And if you have a partner that has an excessive shoe collection, just show them a pic of Thomas’ shoe collection and tell them that’s what you need. It’s truly a vast improvement from what we had before!  


  1. It’s great inspiration for me, Gaby! I think I must renov my closet, cause I think it almost fully. And I inspired from your post. I love your blog! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome idea and inspiration, Gaby! 🙂

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