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Guess what happens exactly 3 months from today.

Our wedding!!!

omg. Time certainly does fly. It seems like just yesterday that we got engaged. But here we are, 3 months till the wedding, and we are totes jazzed. We’ve been planning up a storm for the past few months and keeping things pretty low key and stress free. We’re a laid back couple and we want our wedding to be fun and playful and memorable for all of our guests.

And while I can’t give away all the details, because what fun would that be, I am going to share some of my latest wedding related obsessions that we are going to incorporate in our big day.

#1 My caterers. Whoa Nelly. These girls are amazing. Let’s just say this… I will absolutely be eating on my wedding day. I don’t understand all these people who keep telling me I won’t eat at my own wedding. ummm hello! Have you met me? I basically think about food 99% of my life. And the other 1% of the time I’m thinking about shoes. I searched high and low for my wedding caterers and I’m thrilled to be working with the Whoa Nelly girls!

#2 Minted.com – basically the best invention ever!! They did our save the dates and wedding invites AND thank you notes and I’m in love with all of them. Would it be weird to frame our save the dates? They are just so bright and cheerful.

#3 Homemade wedding favors. Okay so what do you guys think?!? What would you want to get as a cute gift upon leaving a wedding? I just think something homemade is more special. But let’s hear it… thoughts?

#4 Flowers. So sometimes I wish I was getting married like tomorrow, during the spring, so I could have peonies galore at my wedding because I basically want to live in a field of peonies. But, that’s clearly not happening. The wedding is in August and peonies would probably cost me a small fortune and my mom would not be pleased, so instead I’m obsessing over all sorts of different short arrangements in a color scheme.

#5 Dessert Buffets. Okay are you guys ready for this. I’m totally anti-wedding cakes. I know. It’s a little weird. But I’d much rather get an assortment of cookies, brownies, blondies and other fun creations that are inspired from the farmers market. And let’s just say this… our dessert buffet is going to be insane. I can’t even wait. People are going to freak out.

#6 My wedding planner. She’s a gem. And a life saver. And I’ll be totally honest, I thought I could plan my wedding myself because umm hello, I’m 100% crazy organized, but let me just tell you guys something. Wedding planners make your life so much easier. Peace of mind. Experience. Omg I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing they are. And mine in particular is fab!

#7 Ban.do headpieces. I think I’m going to have to start wearing cool ban.do head pieces weeks before the actual wedding to wear all the ones I’m loving. There are just so many fun ones to choose.

#8 These adorable champagne flutes. Too bad they sold out!

#9  Jars. I’m obsessed. Flowers will absolutely be in mason jars. And jam jars. I’m collection them like whoa… and my house will soon be run over with jars 🙂

#10 Lighting. Who would have ever thought that one would think about lighting?! Clearly not me. But I’m totally in love with these lights. Romantic. Simple. Perfect.

And there you have it!! My latest wedding obsessions 🙂 3 months to go!!


  1. So exciting! Everything looks amazing and wonderful! 🙂 I got married 6 months ago and the eating thing…it’s more like you will TRY to eat, but people won’t LET you eat! We had a dessert reception and friends told us to sit down and eat our cake or we wouldn’t get to — well, the second that we sat down, we had like 6 people who wanted a photo with us, wanted to talk to us, etc. and I’m looking at all of our cake (we got one slice of each flavor, haha!) and thinking, “But…but…I want to eat cake!”

    So you WILL eat, but be prepared to fight to eat 🙂 And maybe make sure you get some food wrapped up to-go that will make it to your hotel room!

  2. Gaby,

    I got married last August, and would have loved peonies, too. Instead, we used a combination of cabbage roses, hydrangeas (in season in August), Queen Anne’s lace, lavendar, and some other small blossoms. It created a lovely, bloomy, ruffly effect, much like peopnies would have done. I loved it! Other than the cabbage roses, the flowers were all local, and I saved a lot of money that way.


  3. Gabby, loved this post! We have such similar taste! I die over peonies but my wedding is in October so sadly they won’t be making an appearance. And I’m 100% with you on the anti-wedding cake. We have just a small one to cup into but then we are def doing a dessert buffet. ANNNND we are making our own jam for favors, inspired by that very same picture you posted above! My fiance’s grandmother is making half and we are making half to cut down on the time. So exciting for you that you’re 3 months away!

  4. Yay for weddings!!! In exactly 3 weeks I am getting married!! The time flies by! I agree with so much that you said. I loved your list. We are having cupcakes. I love cupcakes. But we also thought about a cookie bar too. For the favors I put bright yellow lemon drops in little 4oz mason jars and put a ribbon and tag around it. Sooo freaking cute! I am obsessed with jars and mason jars. I have them everywhere at the reception. People will be drinking out of them and they will hold all and any flowers. Our colors are white and yellow so the lemon drops will look perfect on the tables. Plus people can use the jars later. But I love the idea of homemade favors. Salsa is super easy to do. Jams would be good also or even make the dessert bar also double as the favor table? Take some cookies to go for the road type of thing?? I have seen that and super cute Idea. My wedding planner is my BFF right now. No joke! She is a life saver and has done soooo much and taken soooo much stress off of me. I am a planner by nature and also thought I could plan my wedding with no problem. Well I can but without her I think I would be a stress mess. She is honest and amazing and has such great ideas and loves my theme and isn’t suggesting stuff that is insane. I love her to death!!!!!!!!! We also have an amazing caterer! The tasting with them was soo super fun and yummy! I am like you! I sooo plan on eating at my wedding! I didn’t search high and low for a good caterer to not eat the food! 🙂 I’m so excited to hear about your wedding in August and see pics!!! Congrats!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Homemade Favors – Salted Caramel Sauce. You posted a brownies recipe topped with the salted caramel sauce. I made it and people were actually MAD at me because it was sooooo flipping good. That Salted Caramel Sauce is like crack! I would be stoked to leave a wedding with a jar of that goodness – it’s the perfect MARRIAGE of sweet and salty; it’s definitely sexy; and MAN, would people be HAPPY EVER AFTER with a jar of that. Cheers!!!

    1. omg I was totally planning on doing salted caramel sauce… but then I bought some in Oregon a few weeks ago and tried to carry it on in my suitcase on the plane and they confiscated it! I was devastated to say the least. But it’s brilliant and maybe I can have that as an option and then do something not liquid for those guests who are flying and don’t check a bag!!?! xoxo

  6. Gaby! I’m loving your wedding inspiration! It looks much like my big day – we have very similar taste. I love the peonies and HAD to have them in my bouquet too. Can’t wait to see the actual pictures soon!

  7. It’s so exciting and everything is so you. Hope to hear some more on your wedding and the favor idea is wonderful.

  8. I agree, a homemade favor is what I wanted to do. For my wedding I made homemade Oreo truffles. I placed them into a small box and included the recipe. I think the title was something like “A little sweetness to share with you on your way home.” They were popular and we placed them on everyone’s place setting. Good luck!

  9. So happy that you and I are both in the throes of planning our weddings! Mine won’t be until spring of 2013, but I feel like I’m in this with you! It’s such a happy time 🙂 I love seeing what you’re planning for your wedding! More Wedding Edition posts, please!

    1. yes!!! more wedding posts for sure!! xoxoxo and congrats on your upcoming wedding too!

  10. It seems like everyone one I talk to lately is getting married this year and in the process of planning their wedding! I have to agree that it’s a lot of fun but can definitely get stressful at times! I was wondering, who is your wedding planner? I’m in LA and have been using friends, but if you have one you’d recommend, I’d love to hear! I am SO with you on the dessert!! We won’t be having a cake, but a dessert buffet, like you. We’re not getting married until October so we haven’t planned it all out yet, but I know there will be lots of chocolate in it!

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this…I love seeing what others are doing for their wedding!!

  11. We did a black and white dessert station (our colors) and it was so fun! We also had a gelato bar! We did have a small cake for tradition, but it wasn’t the focus! SO excited for you!

  12. Popcorn, granola, jelly, candy, and–HELLO–your cookies! would make amazing gift items. I am obsessed with your obsessions!

  13. I love this post, and your choices so far. I have to agree that something handmade for favors makes it so much more special. Caramel Sauce, or Chocolate Sauce, or Chipotle Grilling Sauce….especially with summer grilling and ice cream weather upon us…
    For your dessert buffet…and knowing how much you love avocados, I have a recipe for chocolate avocado cupcakes with avocado buttercream that are awesome. And Brown Butter Brown Sugar Cookies. …
    You didn’t mention the photographer…but all of us will be anxious to see how everything goes on the big day!

  14. We got married just shy of a year ago (6/25), we had homemade jam favors (huckleberry because we were married in MT, made by The Cyclist’s mom) which our guests loved! We also had mason jar’s incorporated into our centerpiece, the same string lighting as above and burlap table runners….we also seved pie instead of cake!! Loving your ideas (needless to say!). Have fun and enjoy!!!

  15. Gaby, I just spent 20 minutes drooling over the “recent menus” on the Whoa Nelly site! You HAVE to publish your complete wedding menu (including all the kinds of guacamole at the guac bar!) after the wedding! Congrats again to you and Thomas, I’m so excited and happy for you! love, Hannah

  16. I love those champagne flutes! Have you thought about just picking up a jar of glass etching cream from Michaels and doing it yourself with a sketch since they’re sold out? You could pick up champagne flutes from Crate and Barrel or somewhere like that for probably not too much either. Just a suggestion if you really wanted those 🙂

  17. Hi Gaby. I just love your site. So, how was the wedding? Have you posted pictures? I’m getting married in 2 months and I love getting new ideas. I hope your day was beautiful and special.

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