Quinoa Risotto with Pan Roasted Mushrooms

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Ever since coming home from South America I’ve been obsessed with quinoa risotto.

Quinoa Risotto with Pan Roasted MushroomsWe first had it while we were in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile, and it took every ounce of will power not to order it for every meal after that. I mean sometimes you have to try other things, right?

Now that I’m home, and I’m on my own time and eating schedule, I can eat as much quinoa risotto as humanly possible. Quinoa Risotto with Pan Roasted Mushrooms has become a regular in our house ever since. The mushrooms lend themselves to this perfectly and you feel 100% satisfied when you’re done. It’s the perfect and easy weeknight meal and I know you’re going to love it!

Hop on over to The Mushroom Channel for the recipe!


  1. Hey where can I find the quinoa risotto recipe? 🙂 I click on the mushroom link and it keeps saying link not available. Thanks

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