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I’m all about a road trip – normally it’s a quick weekend trip, but this past summer I had the chance to road trip around Sweden with Volvo and I picked up SO many tips that need to be shared immediately! So let’s talk Road Trip Essentials.

Road Trip Essentials from (@whatsgabycookin)

Surprise, surprise… it revolves around food + riding around in style. #onbrand

Let’s get into the food first – because without food we get grumpy and NO ONE wants to witness that. It’s a full on meltdown when I’m hungry. Put that together with being tired and game over. So here’s how I solve that – snacks. I always travel with bags of snacks that I can mix and match for whatever happen. A few of my favorites include all the delicious eats pictured above….

  • Pretzels
  • m&m’s
  • popcorn
  • dried fruit
  • terra chips
  • dates
  • gum
  • almonds
  • caramel filled chocolate
  • Also be sure to stock up on water. It’s mandatory.

Here’s the second key to an epic road trip…. you need a comfy car. If you’re going to park your butt in a seat for a few hours a day, you want to be comfortable. Obviously. Volvo hooked us up with a V60 Cross Country for our West Sweden road trip and it was everything! Heated seats, moon/sunroof, all the gadgets, blind spot notification… the whole nine yards. I was so obsessed I convinced my parents to buy a Volvo once I got home. They didn’t take advantage of the overseas delivery program BUT they should have!! When you buy a Volvo with the overseas delivery program, you get 2 free airfare tickets to Gothenburg so you can pick up your new ride, and then you can take an epic road trip around Sweden before dropping the car back off in Gothenburg and flying home. Then a few weeks later, your car will be in your garage and ready for you to enjoy full time! And if and when you take advantage of that killer offer – you can use my guide to Gothenburg and my post on 5 things not to miss in West Sweden to get you around!! Since getting home from I got to drive the brand new XC90 Volvo and basically my whole life has changed. I’m hooked.

Gaby / Volvo

So happy road tripping – may you be well fed and comfortable wherever your travels take you!


  1. I love road trips!! Such great ideas and THAT CAR!! I would loooove to ride in that all day for any road trip 🙂 especially one in Sweden!

    1. Hey Connie, so sad to see you go! Definitely not an ad, I wasn’t compensated to do the trip or write this post – if you follow me on snapchat you’d know that I’m literally just obsessed with the cars I had this summer.

  2. This is adorable and I love that you have a road trip essentials guide. I’m right there with you — no one wants to see me go hangry. Anyway, my favorite road trip snacks are definitely dates, packets of nut butter, and somethings crunchy like pretzels or cereal. Also kind of obsessed with freeze dried strawberries lately. xo!

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