Naked Birthday Cake

Guess what today is??!? It’s my birthday! And I’m celebrating with a Naked Birthday Cake! Layers of cake, lemon curd, crushed meringues, swiss buttercream and sparklers. Boom. What more could you ask for? I’ve been dying to make a naked birthday cake forever – basically one that’s barely frosted on the outside so you can […]

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Backyard Entertaining Tips

With Memorial Day parties coming up this weekend we should probably talk about some key Backyard Entertaining Tips! Given the option, I always opt for an outdoor party! There’s something magical about being outside rather than inside – especially when there’s an outdoor pizza oven involved!! Here are a few Backyard Entertaining tips and tricks […]

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Red Velvet Slutty Brownies

I never EVER thought I’d come across a dessert mash up that I loved more than slutty brownies. But the last few weeks I’ve been testing a Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Slutty Brownie recipe that seriously knocks it out of the park. Have you guys had the new Red Velvet Oreos? I was skeptical at […]

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Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate is date night in GOLD! Here’s the deal. I’m all about a majorly decadent dessert. If it’s just semi-decadent, I don’t need it. It has to be all about the big splurge and this Death By Chocolate recipe is exactly that. Layers of homemade brownies doused in Kahlua layered with freshly whipped cream […]

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Molten Chocolate Truffle Cakes

From Truffled Chocolate Chip Cookies to Molten Chocolate Truffle Cakes – I have you 100% covered for holiday baking! I’m not messing around when it comes to dessert. In my opinion, it’s not worth eating unless it’s super decadent. Go big or go home, right? Which is exactly why these Molten Chocolate Truffle Cakes are […]

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DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract

I’m all about gift giving this time of year and this DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract is the perfect homemade gift! But if you end up keeping it for yourself, I promise not to judge 🙂 Perhaps the easiest homemade gift of all times is homemade vanilla extract. It literally only needs 2 ingredients and then […]

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Stone Fruit and Burrata Salad

There are a few things that I am 100% certain of… 1. Things taste better with salt 2. Having a bit of a tan makes me happy 3. My dad makes the worlds most amazing cookies 4. Yoga pants are the best thing ever invented 5. Burrata should be its own food group You agree right? I […]

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Last Updated: June 18, 2018 This Privacy Policy describes how What’s Gaby Cooking, LLC, a Washington limited liability company, and our brands and subsidiaries (“Gaby” or “us”) collect, use, protect, and share information about you. This policy applies to information we collect when you use our websites, shop in our online stores or […]

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Brigadeiro, essentially a Brazilian chocolate bonbon, has been on my mind since returning from Brazil! While there, I sampled it in it’s true form, in ice cream form, and in a variety of other dessert applications. And I’ve been obsessed ever since. It’s really one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever posted as it’s just […]

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Peppermint Cookie Brownies

  Peppermint Cookie Brownies – rich, dark and decadent. Sign me up! Alright folks… let’s keep the brownie kick alive for a little virtual bake day today with Gold Medal Flour. My holiday baking streak is going strong and there’s no turning back now. Today I made peppermint cookie brownies. They are insane to say the least. […]

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Salted Caramel Swirl Brownies

Salted Caramel Swirl Brownies! So good, you’ll need to practice some serious self control when it comes to these 🙂 I’m officially declaring this week the week of baked goods. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time covered in butter, salt, sugar and flour from head to toe. I blame it on the upcoming holidays… […]

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Chocolate Chip S’mookies

Chocolate Chip S’mookies are totally hot right now. I actually made that up. But they should be. We should all be whipping up these Chocolate Chip S’mookies for Labor Day this weekend and savoring the last few days of summer. Which, by the way, is totally crazy. How is summer almost over? Thank goodness I live […]

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Peppermint Slutty Brownies

I mean did you really think I would let Christmas come and go and NOT make some kind of slutty brownie to celebrate. I don’t think so!! So I did something awesome. I made Peppermint Slutty Brownies. Decadent and delicious and super sweet Peppermint Slutty Brownies. Hell yes. These are amazing. You need to make them immediately. […]

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Christmas Cookie Party Menu

Christmas is in less than 1 week. BRING ON THE COOKIES. And all the other sugary sweets that we can handle. And the PRESENTS!!! (Mom I really want that Tim Riggins Friday Night Lights shirt in my stocking! kthanks love you) I rounded up my all time favorite holiday themed treats I’ve made over the […]

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Bacon Beef Burgers

Have we talked about the bacon burgers yet? Are you ready for your head to explode? Like literally. This might change your life. 50% beef. 50% bacon. Ground up into a sexy pile of meat and then turned into the most life altering burgers you will ever stuff in your face. These are exactly what […]

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