Grilled Burrata Pizza with Crispy Prosciutto

My motto for summer 2017 is going to be… when in doubt add burrata. It feels like the right thing to do. And it’s especially right on this Grilled Burrata Pizza with Crispy Prosciutto and Fried Basil. […]

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Pesto Caprese Pizza

We’re getting into Caprese season and I’m not mad at it!! Any excuse to eat basil, mozzarella and tomatoes is fine by me… hence this Pesto Caprese Pizza!

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Caramelized Wild Mushroom Pizza

It’s National Pi Day and I’m celebrating with my favorite kind of pie… a pizza pie! Caramelized Wild Mushroom Pizza for the win! […]

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Charred Tomato Pesto Pizza

Will we ever get sick of pizza recipes? Doubtful. There are just too many great combos and todays screams summer! Charred Tomato Pesto Pizza. It’s half flatbread / half pizza and it’s easy! […]

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Burrata Pepperoni Pizza

On my never ending quest to make the best pizzas in the world, we’re topping this one with really delish pepperoni that I snagged from a local Italian deli, fresh burrata cheese, thinly sliced jalapeños and a sprinkle of arugula […]

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Pizza Monkey Bread

Are you ready for Pizza Monkey Bread? It will change your life. Imagine a mini pull apart pizza with herbs and cheese and a warm pizza dipping sauce. Jackpot!! […]

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Tomato Basil Pizza Rolls

Any excuse to make a pizza and I’m in, which is why these Tomato Basil Pizza Rolls are happening today! A few months back one of my favorite people on the planet, Tracy from Shutterbean, made pizza rolls and I just about hopped on the first flight up to the Bay Area and knocked on her […]

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Wild Mushroom Roasted Squash Pizza

Can we just talk about the fact that I’m gutted that national pizza month is coming to a close? Can it just last forever and we can feast on Wild Mushroom Roasted Squash Pizza forever and ever? DEAL! I’ve literally have the best time teaming up with Delallo this month. Not only is their dough […]

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Smoked Mozzarella and Sausage Pizza

I’m having a moment with Fennel Sausage, particularly on a pizza that’s accompanied with mozzarella, fennel and red pepper flakes. It’s the picture of perfection and it’s all coming your way today. Smoked Mozzarella and Sausage Pizza – let’s get into it! I don’t know what happened but sometime in the last few years I’ve […]

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Arugula Fig Pizza

National Pizza Month is continuing this week with an Arugula Fig Pizza topped with a balsamic glaze. You guys, lets make a pact right this second to eat as many figs as humanly possible before they go away for the season. Ready? Game time. If you’re in, this Arugula Fig Pizza can be at the […]

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Breakfast Pizza

Did you guys know it’s pizza month? Basically the best food month ever if you ask me – and we’re celebrating by kicking it off with Breakfast Pizza. Over the next few weeks I’ll be teaming up with Delallo to bring you 4 pizza pies!! They have a delicious new Italian Pizza Dough Kit that’s my […]

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Corn and Zucchini Pizza

The tail end of summer has some of the best produce, so why not celebrate all that’s at the market right now with a little Corn and Zucchini Pizza!! I feel like I’ve put raw corn in just about every single recipe this summer. Is there such a thing as too much corn? I think […]

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Hawaiian Pizza

If it was up to Thomas we’d be eating Hawaiian Pizza morning, noon and night on a regular basis. He’s obsessed to say the least, well we both are, but he takes it to an extreme. Traditional Hawaiian pizza is made with ham BUT because I’m fancy, I like to use a little bit of […]

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Corn Cilantro Jalapeño Pizza

This is the pizza of the summer!! Corn Cilantro Jalapeño Pizza with a little chorizo to boot! You guys – last summer was all about the basil vinaigrette. This summer is 100% cilantro vinaigrette focused. Pizza is on the agenda today and it’s loaded with mozzarella, jalapeños, chorizo, corn, scallions, salt and pepper. Boom. If […]

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Homemade Pizza Dough

I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a pizza connoisseur! Between my best friends having their own pizza oven, constantly being on a mission to find the best pizza on my travels, and having a weekly pizza night at home, I think I know my way around a pizza! And thanks to Matt […]

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Grilled White Pizza

Can it just stay summer forever? Wouldn’t that be nice? And then we could eat Grilled White Pizza every single day for dinner. How do we make this happen? I’m always looking for an excuse to make grilled pizza. And some little thing like not having the ingredients for pizza sauce, or a store-bought pizza sauce, […]

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