Sweetpotato Noodles

Okay so we’ve been around the block a time or two with zucchini noodles. But we’re moving on up in the world as we head into fall and stepping things up a notch with Sweetpotato Noodles!! What? Yup, you heard me right… sweetpotato noodles. As a frequent farmers market visitor, I’ve been stocking up on […]

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Grilled Sweetpotato Wedges

I take my summertime dinner party planning very seriously. The menu needs to be crafted to perfection. All the flavors need to work together to ensure that the end result is not only gorgeous but delicious. And you can bet that these Grilled Sweetpotato Wedges with a Cilantro Vinaigrette Dipping Sauce are a natural fit for countless summer […]

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Parmesan Potato Stacks

I’m getting ready to rock an epic Easter brunch this year and these Parmesan Potato Stacks are going to be front and center. Simple to make, delicious to eat, and way cute… these really can’t be beat. Parmesan Potato Stacks are made up of super thinly sliced yukon gold potatoes that are coated in an […]

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Sweet Potato Burgers

I often crave burgers. Big fat juicy burgers, sweet potato burgers burgers, bean burgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers… if it’s sandwiched in a bun, it’s on my list. I’m flexible on what kind of meat is in between the bun but one thing that no burger is complete without it avocado. Obviously. Duh. Veggie burgers […]

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Warm Mustard and Herb Fingerling Potato Salad

There’s really nothing better than a Warm Mustard and Herb Fingerling Potato Salad. It’s basically an assortment of the most amazing roasted fingerling potatoes topped with my all time favorite mustard and herb vinaigrette and served warm. Epic doesn’t even come close to describing these! It’s more like life changing. Roasted potatoes are a way of […]

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Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Say that 10 times fast. This past weekend was pretty lazy. Partially because we couldn’t be bothered going out and getting dressed, and partially because the amount of TV that was on Sunday night was mind boggling. I mean we had to catch the globes, downton abbey, shameless, house of lies […]

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Roasted Potatoes with Pebre

Oh my goodness we have so much to talk about today. Before I introduce you to this most amazing potato dish I’ve ever created topped with this insane Chilean inspired salsa called Pebre… we have some serious stuff to talk about. Ready for this. I met Tim Riggins yesterday. At the airport. On my way […]

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Garlic Roasted Potatoes

 Who’s ready to get their Thanksgiving on! Get ready for a TON of fab Thanksgiving recipes, starting with these Garlic Roasted Potatoes, right here on What’s Gaby Cooking! Omg you guys! We have so much to talk about today. First, Happy Monday!! A: How on earth is it already November? B: Thanksgiving is just around the […]

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Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries

Make a double batch of these sweet potato fries! They’ll go fast!   Happy Monday people!! We’re having a party today! Ya, you might think weekends are the time for parties, but Monday is the new Friday and we’re going to fiesta! Why you ask?! Cause one of my food blogging friends, Liz from The Lemon […]

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Sweet Potato Day

Here’s the deal. I love food blogging. I love developing new recipes for you guys. I love sharing weird and quirky stories with you guys. I love making friends through the food blog. And I love all of you guys, my awesome, funny, fabulous readers. One of the best parts of food blogging is this […]

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Red Wine Glazed Mushrooms and Potatoes

So what do you do with a little bit of leftover red wine? You could drink it. Or you make Red Wine Glazed Mushrooms and Potatoes. Both seem like perfectly reasonable choices to me – but if you’re hungry than one is for sure a better option than the other. So, after you make yourself […]

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Pan-fried Smashed Potatoes with Tarragon

I’m certainly no stranger to potatoes. I love ’em! And eat them pretty much all the time. Roasted Potatoes. Sweet Potato Chips. You name it… and these potatoes are my latest creation from the kitchen and my newest obsession. Smashed Potatoes. Like literally smashed down a little bit so they still stay in one whole […]

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Potatoes Romanoff – A Fancy Twice Baked Potato

I’m totally ready for fall. I’m ready for super comforting meals that I get to eat while sitting at home, in my sweat pants, with my slippers on! And I’m ready for Thanksgiving. Too soon perhaps? Considering the fact that it’s still about 80 degrees here in LA, I guess this Potato Romanoff dish will […]

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Summer Potato Salad

Looking for a great potato salad for this weekends Fourth of July festivities? Well, look no further. This lightened up version of a potato salad is perfect for big BBQ’s and parties this weekend and it will stay good all day long! Especially because there is no mayo in it – which means it can […]

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Sweet Potato and Parmesan Chips

Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. I like mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, and most recently I am obsessed with these sweet potato chips. They are super simple to make and only require a few extra ingredients and before you know it, you will have a crisp and crunchy snack to munch […]

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Game Day Potato Skins

With the Superbowl right around the corner – it only makes sense to start practicing new recipes for the big game! I don’t know about you – but the food that is devoured on Superbowl Sunday is way more important to me than the actual game. I am all about the bite sized things, like […]

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Potato and Onion Latkes

Latkes are some of my favorite little snacks in the whole world. It’s weird that even though I like them so much, I only manage to make them around the holidays. Last year I had to make about 300 latkes for a swanky Hollywood producers party that I was catering and I pretty much hated […]

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