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Summer has officially started! I mean, the official date was a few days ago… but I’ve been getting ready for weeks! 

We still have a little June gloom here in LA, but I’m not letting that stop me from getting the summer party started! Seeing as how I’ve spent the better part of the last year going back and forth all over the country for my work / and Thomas’ work, I’m pumped that we’re pretty much staying put in LA all summer long with a few road trips mixed in. Our big summer adventure is going to wait a few months as I have to finish writing my book – so hopefully we can get our act together and plan something epic in September! And maybe, just maybe, we’ll squeeze in a Mexico City trip for Thomas’ birthday too!

ALL that said… we made a summer bucket list to make the most of our time! Have you guys ever done something like this before? It’s one of my favorite things to reference back to when I need a little inspiration on what to do over a weekend!

And lucky for me, I already got to cross off one of my items after last weekend’s concert! In case you’ve been living under a rock, last year I got the Capital One Savor card and basically upped the ante on all things living!! This year Capital One and Vivid Seats teamed up give cardholders 8% cash back on tickets at Vivid Seats, and to celebrate we grabbed the most incredible box seats at one of my fav venues to kick off the summer al fresco concert scene! And we can keep enjoying concerts all summer and year long with Savor + Vivid Seats because this offer lasts through May 2020!! Hello, that means they make it easy to go out and cash IN. Concerts, games and other fab events come with major perks and I can’t even wait to take advantage of everything all summer long!! Capital One is just making life a little more fun on a daily basis – and I for one – am not mad about it!!

So… without further ado… here’s our summer bucket list which will hopefully rack up enough cash back to pay for all the food I plan on stuffing in my face on our trips to Mexico City and whenever we go in Europe!!

Outdoor movie nights – complete with a homemade picnic!!

More concerts, preferably outdoors with cheese boards!

Explore some local food trucks in and around LA! I feel like new pop ups are coming on a daily basis and I need to go taste test my way through all of them!

Meet my parents in Santa Fe for an art + food fueled weekend to celebrate their 60th birthdays!!

Do a downtown LA food crawl with a group of friends – and hit up a few local breweries along the way

Check out all the new art museum exhibits across town

Hit up a different farmers market at least once a month and stock up on all the local produce to create new recipes with

Start the What’s Gaby Cooking Burrito crawl – one burrito every week from a new restaurant. Bring it on.

Start the What’s Gaby Cooking chocolate chip cookie crawl – you know the drill.

Plan a beach picnic and actually brave the crowds and go!

Host a clam bake – could you even imagine! It would be epic

Hit up a few baseball games and eat all the hot dogs – basically this was the only mandatory from Thomas!!

Bike ride along the beach from Santa Monica down to Manhattan Beach and stop for a day of progressive meals every few miles.

Visit the Central Coast wine country and do some exploring and wine tasting

Road trip to Ojai for a relaxing long weekend

Finish my cookbook and host four dinner parties and make my friends taste test as many recipes as possible 

What did I miss?! Are you making a bucket list? Throw your favorite ideas out below so we can add new things as we start to cross things off! And come hang over on IG stories because you can bet I’ll be documenting my way through the entire summer with my Savor Card! Duh 🙂


  1. Gaby!
    So excited to see you want to come to the Central Coast to Wine Taste! I work at a Tasting Room in beautiful Paso Robles and would love to give you and Thomas some suggestions on where to go and even get to meet you! I love your blog and You , well I am living through your fun adventures of Food and beyond.
    ~Becki B

  2. Are you sure Mexico City is a safe place to visit now?

    We have visit Dominican Republic once a year for many years: everyone is expressing their opinion that we stay clear of that country…. very scary.

  3. When you visit the Central Coast wineries Daou is an absolute must! Try to go on a week day though as it gets really busy. Their wines are fabulous, the views are outstanding and charcuterie boards are almost as good as yours there are wonderful restaurants in San Luis Obispo too! Let me know if you’d like suggestions!

  4. Summer Bucket list ideas !!
    -Make homemade ice cream !!)
    -Make a list of all the USA license plates you see in your summer travels !!
    -Eat ice Cream in the order it’s listed at your local ice cream shop !

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