Sunday Funday Vol 4

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I am totally turned around. Up until this morning when Aida reminded me that we had a conference to attend, I seriously couldn’t remember what day it was. Since Wednesday, I’ve been in 5 cities up the coast of California, stayed in 4 different hotels, almost ran out of gas in Big Sur (more on this later), and then capped things off in San Francisco where I discovered that I brought the totally wrong shoes for this trip. Apparently 4 inch wedges and 5 inch heels don’t cut it in San Francisco. This girl’s been in LA too long where you only have to walk from  your house to your car and then valet wherever you’re going. Clearly I need to get out more.

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Anyways, I’m pretty jazzed about this Sunday Funday edition. I’ve got a new surprise vacation clue and some other cute knick-knacks that I think you guys are going to love.




First up. Let’s talk surprise vacation. Here’s where we are at for surprise vacation clues:

Clue #1

From here I sit,
To leave on this wonderful trip,
We will be there soon,
Heading home in June

Clue #2

Early to rise,
The sky so blue
I don some clothes
And observe the view.
Sites abound
Wonders all around

Clue #3

So warm on top, So cold below,
Two different worlds
For us to go.
On the rocks
My calves so cold
Or is it I, just getting old

I’m lost. I’m still wishfully thinking that we are going to Africa. But feel free to chime in with any ideas. Here’s a little refresher post on the trip if you need some background info. I have a feeling we’re heading south down to central or south America.

Apparently I missed the boat when this viral youtube Sweet Brown video came out last year. I just found it. I’m OBSESSED

Banh-Mi sandwiches are the best. And this one from Shutterbean is rocking my face off.

Have you guys heard of Noonday? I’m in love with this handbag. Plus I feel really good about buying Noonday products since it’s helping out an awesome program.

These french fries are seriously the most gorgeous fried I’ve ever seen.

All I want for my birthday this year is this ice cream cake that one of my friends made on her blog to celebrate her book deal. Which, by the way, is going to be ah-mazing.

Post road trip/conference extravaganza, I am eating this like it’s my job.

And there you have it. A short little Sunday Funday. I’ll be singing that Sweet Brown remix song for the rest of the day. So I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for showing you. It’s the best.


  1. I am obsessed with Sweetbrown too! My kids showed it to me about a week ago and I think they regret it. I can’t stop saying – “Lord Jesus, it’s a fahr (fire).” I watch it once a day for a quick giggle 🙂

  2. I bet it is South America! Lots of UNESCO Heritage Sites down there. A few natural wonders as well. It could be Argentina? It’s warm on top closer to the equator and cold below by Antarctica. And the “rocks” could be the Rock of Gibraltar. And the calves could refer to Argentina’s beef/cattle industry? Now I feel like I’m stretching it, but I love the surprise trip hints!

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