Sunday Funday :) Vol 5

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Happy Sunday Funday folks!

This week feels like a total blur. Maybe it’s the fact that I was a crazy person and decided to do double workouts every day which then led to the most intense 60 minute naps by mid-afternoon – perhaps that was it? I don’t know what possessed me to do something like that, but other than the fact that this week feels like the most discombobulated thing ever, I’m feeling pretty good.

Mouse Melon Cucumbers

It’s been soooo nice to be home after so much travel. I’ve been able to catch up on a ton of stuff, which is totes lovely. And I’ve been able to find some real gems across the interwebs that I’m pretty certain will make your day!

I discovered a new kind of cucumber at the farmers market and I’m seriously loving how cute it is!

Hunger Games. Part 2. Who’s excited!? I’ll be there opening night FOR SURE.

Have you ever seen a Donkey and a Zebra mash up combo baby? Boom. Now you have.

This story is about one of the most amazing, inspirational, powerful, motivated woman out there and I’ve never even met her. But if I ever have to face something like she has been, I want to do it just like her!

I made a S’more Pudding Cake. It totally changed my life.

My super talented mama launched a whole new line of ceramics for sale over on Etsy!

Avocado and Gouda BLT Corn Fritter Stacks with Chipotle Bourbon Dressing I don’t even have any words. I need some of that in my life immediately.

Cats who immediately regret their decisions has me on the floor dying of laughter. If you love cats, this one’s for you.

Sangria Popsicles – whaaaaaat? Yes, please.

Need a good book –  this one is my current favorite. It’s seriously amazing.

This Buzzfeed article basically describes me and my sister to a T! We like Disney movies. A TON!

Happy Sunday everyone! Kick your feet up, take a nap and eat some brownies!


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