Sunday Funday! Vol 1

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Do you follow Shutterbean? She’s basically one of my favorite people out there – and she has this fab post on Fridays called I love list’s Fridays and it’s seriously one of the things I look forward to most about reading blogs on Friday’s. I love it. So I’ve decided to start a little something something of my own.

I’m a fan of weekends. Aren’t you? I’m especially a fan of a good old Sunday Funday. Something that involves brunch, boozy brunch cocktails, relaxing and catching up with friends. And since I see all you guys as friends, I figured we should have our own Sunday Funday right here on WGC! Just a little time to chat about things, have a good time, make a cocktail or two etc. It’s going to be awesome. Promise. And I get to share some of my fav things that I’ve found around the web that made me laugh, smile, ponder life etc.

Ready? Let’s start things off with a cocktail! El Diablo. If you’re like me, and tequila is your booze of choice, this is perfect for you. If tequila isn’t your booze of choice, then I apologize. I once couldn’t drink tequila, but that was after a really terrible experience my senior year of high school where I ended up with stitches. It was ugly. Luckily I’ve gotten over that phase of my life and I can once again enjoy tequila cocktails. Thank goodness.

Have you read 8 Crazy Things Every 20-Something is guilty of? I’m guilty of all of them. Is that pathetic? Especially #5. Ouch. Whatever, it’s not like I don’t go to the gym. Tell me I’m not alone in all of this?

Do you guys read The Londoner? She’s one of my fav bloggers and this post, written by her dog, is basically amazing.  Makes me want to have my cat write a post but it would go like this… Hi everyone, my name is Stella, I like to wake up, eat some food, lay in the sunshine and then……. (sleeping) (still sleeping) excuse me while I curl up into a different position (stilllllll sleeping) The End.

New to me blog that I’m obsessing over: The First Mess The photography is straight up gorg. Love it.

My fav wedding planner posted this pic the other day and I basically died laughing.


If you have kids, which I don’t but will someday, you should totally read this post over on Simple Bites about how she get’s her kids cooking in the kitchen. It’s brilliant.

All I want in life are these chocolate coconut bars but I’m trying to squeeze into a bikini in just 10 days for a girls weekend in Palm Springs, so clearly those bars aren’t happening.

Speaking of things I can’t eat right now… this cake. Dying. I need this for my birthday this year for SURE.

And there ya have it. Did you enjoy our little Sunday Funday extravaganza? Let’s do it again next week ya?



  1. Love your new Sunday Funday! I don’t usually get online so early on Sunday, but would enjoy it just as much Sunday evenings. Can’t wait for next week.

  2. Have you ever stumbled across the Global Table site? If you need a cake to jolly up your life (and at the same time make it hard to resist eating a piece or two of it), have a look at the Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey’s Buttercream. As long as it’s a Sunday Funday…:-)!

  3. Three of my fav ingredients! I couldn’t find any recipe listed under the Global Table. Could you please send a link? Thanks!

  4. Theresa : Wrote it down for you. This is it :
    http: //

    Hope that gets it for you!

  5. Shutterbean’s “I love lists” is my favorite thing on the internet that I read on a weekly basis! Also, I am very guilty of #s 2 and 4…!

  6. I now feel VERY old…There was no texting when I was in my 20’s, there were car phones, if you were very, very important, but no cell phones. I did have a computer, which had dial-up internet, by the time I was 29. I imagine I could be your mother….on a side note, I made your parmesan roasted potatoes this weekend and my family loved them!

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