Cheesy Pancetta Biscuits

Who misses the old days of going out for brunch? Seeing as how that’s not really possible at this moment in time, I’m bringing brunch into my kitchen with the most incredible Cheesy Pancetta Biscuits. Okay let’s break this down shall we. It starts with the Cheesy Pancetta Biscuits. It’s a super easy biscuit dough […]

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Spring Fling: Baby Artichokes

I couldn’t be more excited about this weeks celebration of spring fling! We are cooking up lots of different recipes using artichokes. Recently I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with baby artichokes. I don’t know if I was living in a cave or what – but when I first discovered them at the farmers […]

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Shredded Brussels Sprouts

Today I wanted to share my favorite Brussels Sprouts recipe of all times! It only requires a few ingredients and less than 15 minutes of prepping/cooking time and voila, you have a great side dish that you will not want to share with anyone else! It’s funny that Brussels were always one of those veggies […]

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