Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

These Parmesan Roasted Potatoes are about to become your GO TO potato side dish! Crispy and savory and absolutely perfect!  These are like candy. 100% addictive. Once you start, you just can’t stop. If you knew the amount of potatoes we consumed in a week, you’d be shocked. I’d venture to say we go through […]

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Roasted Potato Fries with Avocado Aioli

Roasted Potato Fries with Avocado Aioli from (@whatsgabycookin)

Given the opportunity to combine two of my favorite foods, it’s hard to say no. Potatoes and avocados are epic for many reasons… […]

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Herb Roasted Baby Potatoes

Your new favorite side dish for fall is here – Herb Roasted Baby Potatoes!! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – they are beyond perfect.

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Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

Being the salsa snob that I am, I take my Tomatillo Avocado Salsa very seriously. It’s half salsa / half guacamole and 100% perfection. […]

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Roasted Potatoes with Pebre

Oh my goodness we have so much to talk about today. Before I introduce you to this most amazing potato dish I’ve ever created topped with this insane Chilean inspired salsa called Pebre… we have some serious stuff to talk about. Ready for this. I met Tim Riggins yesterday. At the airport. On my way […]

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Pan-fried Smashed Potatoes with Tarragon

I’m certainly no stranger to potatoes. I love ’em! And eat them pretty much all the time. Roasted Potatoes. Sweet Potato Chips. You name it… and these potatoes are my latest creation from the kitchen and my newest obsession. Smashed Potatoes. Like literally smashed down a little bit so they still stay in one whole […]

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Roasted Potato and Onion Pizza

Roasted Potato Pizza is probably one of my all time favorite dinners. Its just a plateful of carbs and I couldn’t ask for anything more!! Add on some slowly roasted whole garlic cloves, caramelized onions and a few sprigs of fresh thyme and you have yourself one delicious fall meal. It’s probably one of the […]

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