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You guys! Big things are happening around here. There’s a new What’s Gaby Cooking website design that’s going to be up within a month and I’m ecstatic!

Thrive Market

With the new website will come a variety of new features – one of which being my latest obsessions where I chronicle some of the things that I’m seriously obsessed with! BUT… my site isn’t ready for another week or so and the suspense was killing me so I’m kicking it off early and there’s a big fat giant giveaway too!

A month or so ago I started using Thrive Market. It’s essentially an online Whole Foods but at Costco prices. Whaaaaat? I mean, that alone was enough to get me to sign up. With an annual membership fee of $59.95 and access to 25-50% below retail prices, it’s basically all your healthy and organic favs for at low prices. PLUS for every paid membership sold, they give a free membership to a low-income family or public school teacher. Done deal. It’s especially awesome for us because I’ve now been car-less in LA for just over 9 months and doing a big shopping trip on my bike is NOT easy. What is easy is clicking a few buttons and getting vats of my favorite products (hello Acai!) sent to my apartment within a few days.


Thrive Market has thousands of natural and organic products ranging from pantry ingredients, beauty items, breakfast staples, snacks, sweets, cleaning supplies, I mean the list goes on and on.

It’s an epic way to save money, time and get everything you need delivered right to your doorstep. It’s going to rock your world as it did mine, so I’m giving away a handful of free memberships and a major shopping spree to one lucky winner.

Okay so let’s get to the details! Want to enter the contest – just sign up right here

1 Grand Prize Winner gets a $250 shopping spree at Thrive Market
10 lucky 2nd Prize winners get a FREE 1 year membership to Thrive Market

Hop to it, and let me know when your first delivery arrives so I can come over for dinner. kthanksbye


  1. This is awesome Gaby!!! I’m the weirdo who loves grocery shopping but i also love ordering foods online, there are no lines, no crowds, and i don’t have to put pants on 🙂 Thank you for sharing, I’m excited to place my first order!!

    1. Haha, I don’t know about the not wearing pants bit, Haha, laughed so hard, but I agree, love online shopping. And sometimes, it’s not even that much more expensive, especially when you consider gas, time, all that jazz.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this! It sounds like a win win opportunity. I know just the teacher I can share this with!

  3. Yay! Sounds exciting, Gaby!….your new website And Thrive…I love to shop on line! Love to grocery shop in. the store too, but unfortunately whole Foods and Trader Joes where I like to shop are kinda faraway…45 minutes or so …..shopping on line means I don’t have to put a bra on …yippee! So,i the have a few questions…..will they ship to anywhere? I live in Florida…….and I suppose there are shipping fees….but the prices are pretty low, which is wonderful! I signed up to enter for prize…I will also go back and fully check it out! Amazing what the world has to offer these days! I will be following all the new and exciting things….maybe I’ll have to enlarge my kitchen!
    ❤️ Barbara

    1. Bra free shopping rules! Especially on a Sunday afternoon! I can’t wait to check out this cool looking site!

  4. This is so rad! I love the concept of this site and I think that it’s impressive that they give away free memberships to low income families. It’s nice to see a company making a positive change in the world. This will help my family and I get healthy at a cost that works for us. I hope I win! Pick me Pick me!

  5. Hi Barbara Gabbe-Harris,

    This is Sarah from Thrive Customer Service, and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions!

    We currently ship to the entire contiguous United States, including Florida, and we’re planning to expand our shipping capabilities to Hawaii and Alaska in mid April.

    Additionally, shipping is always free over $49!

    We are here to answer any questions you may have! You can contact us by calling 1-866-419-2174 during our business hours of 8am-6pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday, or at [email protected].

    Thrive on 🙂

    1. Yes, I was pissed! I now have to postpone my diet because they don’t ship to Hawaii!!!!!!

    2. Sarah,

      April of what year? It’s now May 2016. Those of us in Hawaii need this more than those on the mainland. I’m on Big Island. We don’t even have a Whole Paycheck and the nearest Trader Joes is 3k miles away.

  6. I’ve been hearing so many things about Thrive but just haven’t pulled the trigger — so fun to see that you’ve partnered up with them! I’m now officially intrigued! AND – can’t wait to see the new site. Congrats congrats! 🙂 xoxo – Em

  7. OMG need this in my life. I have a car in Chicago but rarely use it. It’s almost pointless because I’ll lose my parking spot. Thanks for recommending Thrive! Also — can’t wait to see your new site design! EEEEEEkkkkkk!

  8. As a working mom I need this site. No more trying to run at lunch and trying to find room in the communal fridge until can take it home.

  9. This is so cool!!! I went to the site and you are right about the prices! I’m very excited and am going to share this with my buddies on face book! I won’t be able to afford the membership until next month, but I’m totally going to do this. I will have to say goodbye to Vitacost and Amazon – sigh – oh well!

    1. Hi Teri – I too was very excited about the Thrive site….and I also use Amazon to order a lot of my grocery items. I shopped the Thrive site only to learn that they do not have many of the things I use in baking and cooking….mostly baking. I don’t have the membership fee right now either for Thrive.I use Amazon Prime and can always find exactly what I need in good sizes and excellent prices…plus I receive it within 2 days! Maybe after my prime membership is up I will consider Thrive. Oh, and also you have to spend $49. or $50
      To get free shipping on Thrive. Sometimes I don’t want to spend that much. I like the idea of Thrive but not there yet. Barbara

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