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Snack packs for trips are a BIG deal. Especially for me. I mean, let’s just cross our fingers and toes that we don’t wind up at an airport or on an airplane and we’re hungry and tired and delayed. (Perhaps the worst combination of all times). It takes being hangry to a whole new level!!

Airplane snacks from

Yesterday I hopped on not one, not two, but THREE flights and jetted off to Sweden! That’s a long day of traveling and I went prepared! I was dropped off at LAX with my TSA approved lunch box (no liquids here!) and was on my way thanks to NatureBox

There was a little bit of everything! Dried fruits like Fuji Apples, Fancy Dried Figs and California Peaches. A handful of two of Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn for when I need something salty and savory! Some Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps and some Chocolate Quinoa Granola!! Not pictured were 2 little tea bags so I could have a little taste of my home brew even though I was jetting across the globe. It was the perfect mix and I landed this morning feeling fab and ready to hit the ground running. Since I was in the air for over 12 hours, I opted not to bring little cheese wheels with me – but had it been a shorter flight there would have been a few extra cheesy bites!

Traveling Snacks with Nature Box

So next time you’re on the go, make sure to gather up your own lunch box stuffed with goodies and hit the road or sky in style! And guess what – NatureBox is currently hosting a #TravelingSnacks contest! Just Upload photos showing how you take your NatureBox snacks with you on your summer travels and be sure to tag photos @NatureBox and #TravelingSnacks to enter. The lucky winners will get 2 months of FREE snacks delivered right to your door. Race ya to it!

** This post is brought to you by NatureBox. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for What’s Gaby Cooking**


  1. Snacks are a must on any long flight! I love Bature Box snack so this would be my go-to flight snack too.

  2. ha! I am packing my travel snacks RIGHT NOW for the airplane! how funny! these look delicious!

  3. Love the snack pack! And I love the lunch tin idea!! So cute. I love to nibble on the plane as I am usually sleeping if the overnight meal comes by!

  4. The fancy dried figs look amazing – I’d love to bake with them (and okay… probably just eat them too.).

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