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You guys. What if you could magically transport me into your kitchen to cook dinner for you on a nightly basis as your private chef? How fun would that be?

It would kinda be glorious!! But, seeing as how that’s not humanely possible yet and my husband might fight you for dinner, what about the next best thing. I’m THRILLED to be teaming up with Chef’d to bring What’s Gaby Cooking meals right into your kitchen. Whaaaaaat? I know, it’s so exciting.

Chef’d is a new meal delivery service that’s teaming up with chefs all over the country to bring their recipes into your kitchen and yours truly is 100% on board! So basically it’s like having me as your private chef, but you still get to cook!

Crispy Salmon Succotash

To start I have 2 different meals you can order – Chicken Moscato + Crispy Salmon Succotash. (2 of my all time favs!!) Basically here’s what happens – once you order the meal, it shows up at your front door with EVERYTHING you might need to make the dinner. Wine – check. Salmon – check. Herbs – check. You name it, it’s portioned out and ready for you to chop and then cook. So if you’re in a crunch for time and don’t want to run to the store – I’m here for you!! And then you can have a little bit of Gaby in your kitchen while you’re whipping up dinner. I only wish that I could actually be there and eat with you. I’ll bring dessert 🙂

Chicken Moscato

Eeeeeek! How exciting is that?! I’ll be adding more meals to my Chef’d menu over the coming months – so holler if you want to see something specific! And here are the links for my 2 current meals if you want to give it a whirl!! Cannot WAIT to hear what you guys think!! Love you all! kthanksbye

Chicken Moscato

Crispy Salmon Succotash


  1. Woah, this is so incredible!! What a totally brilliant partnership. I can only imagine how huge this is going to be. Congrats.

  2. Now that is a great idea! It would be so wonderful to have ALL the ingredients ready to go – and still have the fun of making the dinner. I will have to go through the recipe index to tell you what I would like for next time!!! What a perfect thing for people on the go!

  3. Hi Gaby,
    I was wondering how this works….say I order the Chicken Moscato……so…the chicken and everything needed for the recipe comes in the box? I just follow the recipe and put it all together…I am guessing the chicken would be frozen? And if I wanted to get free shipping, I have to spend $40…….which means I have to order two meals. I am guessing the second meal ingredients will keep until I am ready to cook it. Sorry for all the questions but I want to be sure I understand how this works.
    Thanks. ❤️ Barbara

    1. Hey Barbara!

      Correct – everything you need is delivered to your door fresh – nothing frozen! You can order 2 things, they should both be good for a handful of days so you can make 1 one night and the 2nd the next night!! Hope this helps! xx

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