About What's Gaby Cooking

Welcome to What's Gaby Cooking, my corner of the web where you'll find mostly healthy and sometimes decadent recipes from my everyday life. I believe in eating what you want, when you want it! Plus, tune in for my video series and tag along on my travel adventures.

50 things about me:

  1. I am absolutely obsessed with cheese
  2. I am 27 years old
  3. My closet is color coordinated and organized by season
  4. I live by my planner
  5. I love crossing things off in my planner
  6. I wear bright red running + spinning shoes
  7. My cookbooks are also color coordinated!
  8. I am a sucker for a good margarita – fresh squeezed juices please!
  9. Harry Potter is my favorite movie of all times
  10. It’s also my favorite book
  11. Followed closely by The Hunger Games trilogy
  12. I can’t go anywhere without my sunglasses
  13. I live in Los Angeles
  14. I drink wine, and I really love a good Pimms Cup.
  15. I have a cat named Stella
  16. Carnitas are my favorite kind of taco
  17. Sometimes (read: all the time) I make spelling mistakes. It’s only natural right?
  18. If I'm ever MIA… chances are I'm at a farmers market
  19. Peonies are my all time favorite flowers
  20. I grew up in Arizona
  21. Which means I can eat Mexican food 3 times a day and never get sick of it
  22. Guacamole is my life
  23. I absolutely HAVE to go on an African Safari before I turn 30. It's a must.
  24. I collect fancy salts
  25. I just wrote my first cookbook, Absolutely Avocados
  26. I played tennis in college
  27. I'm a die hard traveler and always on the go!
  28. A Lindblad Expedition to Antarctica is on my bucket list
  29. I used to be a private chef to lots of fun celebs in LA
  30. Burrata cheese, in my opinion, is the best stuff on earth.
  31. I have lots and lots freckles
  32. Chocolate Chip Cookies are stocked in my house at all times.
  33. I talk to my mom at least 5 times a day
  34. So maybe I have a little bit of a lisp
  35. Sometimes I have uncontrollable fits of laughter and I can’t breath
  36. I love meeting new people, say hi, we'll be friends.
  37. I'd do just about anything for my friends. Except bungee jumping. That's not going to happen anytime soon.
  38. Bright Yellow mustard freaks me out
  39. My favorite game is Catchphrase
  40. I was and still am a grilled cheese kind of kid
  41. I make an obsessive amount of lists
  42. I believe in eating what you what, when you want it.
  43. I went to Culinary School in 2009 and Pastry school in 2010
  44. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. Until I started Organic Chemistry in college. Then that dream quickly faded.
  45. I want a swim up guacamole bar when I have my own house with a pool
  46. Got married in 2012 to my best friend and college boyfriend, Thomas. He's my in-house taste tester, website developer and partner in crime.
  47. I can eat an entire box of Samoas in one sitting, no questions asked.
  48. I have small feet, size 6
  49. Party nails are the name of the game.
  50. I believe in daily cat naps.

p.s. some links on What’s Gaby Cooking are affiliate links. Which means I get a few pennies if you buy something that I recommend and then I turn around and spend it all on avocados to give you more fun recipes