My Best Friend’s Kitchen

My Best Friend's Kitchen with Gaby Dalkin

Welcome to My Best Friend’s Kitchen!!

I’m your host Gaby! (obviously!) If you’re new here - here’s the deal... I’m a wife, mom, cookbook author and I have an incredible group of friends that are all crushing it in life! Nothing brings me more joy than gathering my nearest and dearest around a table to eat! When my friends call for my advice on how to host a dinner party, tackle meal prep, or even host a game night, I am ready to help!

Join me as we visit my friends’ homes and plan a meal, get a sneak peek into their kitchen and enjoy some amazing food. Be prepared to giggle, have a glass of wine or two and learn a few things along the way! Welcome to My Best Friend’s Kitchen

Traditional Thanksgiving with Hilary Duff

Season 1 Episode 1

Thanksgiving is almost here, and one my dear friends Hilary Duff called me last week to talk some recipe ideas. I said why don’t I just come over and cook with you. So here I am, with my pie, and we are going to put ourselves to work. I sent her the menu, she did the grocery shopping. Her kitchen is so beautiful and I can’t wait to show you guys.

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@whatsgabycookin Have you seen episode 2 of My Best Friends Kitchen yet?! I visited my girl @Kat McPhee ♬ original sound - whatsgabycookin

Thanksgiving Happy Hour with Katharine McPhee Foster

Season 1 Episode 2

Hi, guys. Listen I love the holidays and having all your friends and family around, but sometimes you need an adults-only moment. So book your babysitters. Today we are at one of my girlfriends houses Katharine McPhee Foster, and we are making the cheese board of your dreams. Dips, cocktails, cheeses, meats, you name it. I don’t know who’s more excited, me or her because we both love food and we both love entertaining.

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@whatsgabycookin Episode 3 of My Best Friends Kitchen is up and @Whitney Port-Rosenman ♬ original sound - whatsgabycookin

Thanksgiving Kids' Table with Whitney Port

Season 1 Episode 3

Hi guys, Whitney Port is a mom, a TV personality, a fashion designer, a friend, and also my neighbor. She called me to ask for some tips on what to make her son for Thanksgiving, so here I am to help with some recipes that are great for kids and adults! Lets go.

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@whatsgabycookin Today’s episode of My Best Friends Kitchen is UP!!! Come hang with me and @Amanda Kloots ♬ original sound - whatsgabycookin

L'oven Thanksgiving Leftovers with Amanda Kloots

Season 1 Episode 4

Today were at one of my favorite humans houses, Amanda Loots. She is not only a dear friend of mine, but an amazing fitness instructor, a great mom, and a total boss lady. She’s self admittedly is not a big cook in the kitchen, so I am here to help her tackle all the Thanksgiving leftovers.

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@whatsgabycookin AND WE'RE BACK! Mid-season premier today with my girl @meghantrainor ♬ original sound - whatsgabycookin

Couples' Game Night with Meghan Trainor

Season 1 Episode 5

Who doesn't love a little game night? A little food, a little laughter, some friendly competition. My girl Meghan Trainor invited me over tonight for game night. So here I am with all the delicious treats. I am going to help her make some food and then we are going to play some games.

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@whatsgabycookin We’re back!! Episode 6 with @jennadewan ♬ original sound - whatsgabycookin

Quick & Easy Cooking with Jenna Dewan

Season 1 Episode 6

Here's the deal, When you're a mom you need an arsenal of quick and easy weeknight meals. to feed you and your kids. My girlfriend Jenna Dewan is a mom, an actor, and an incredible dancer and called me to help her with some ideas, so here I am!

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Meal Prep with Catherine McCord

Season 1 Episode 7

As a chef you know I love cooking all the time. But as a mom and a business lady you know sometimes you need some meal prep. Today we are one of my very best friends house, Catherine McCord. Between the two of us we are going to show you everything you need to get a meal on the table and be ready for the week.

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@whatsgabycookin Season Finale coming in HOT!! Todays episode of My Best Friends Kitchen with @sabrinasotoofficial ♬ original sound - whatsgabycookin

Brunch with Sabrina Soto

Season 1 Episode 8

Today we are at Sabrina Soto's house. She is an incredible interior designer, a powerhouse tv host, and we are talking all things brunch. She asked me to put together a menu for some friends she is hosting later today.

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