What I Bought From Amazon

While we're on the topic of organizing my brain, I wanted to make a dedicated list of some of my favorite things I bought from Amazon each month for easy reference! Things I've been obsessing over...

Amazon Favorites in May:

What I Bought From Amazon May

Blue Dress Pants - Thomas' new pants... J.Crew on Amazon.

Aesop Body Scrub - we're obsessed with this body scrub and I just ordered a bit more for the guest room.

Yellow Tie Waist Dress - I'm obsessed with this flowy dress for summer and it worked perfectly for a shoot we had earlier this week!

Wrap Dress - Ditto!

Charlotte Tilbury Shimmer Highlight Stick - a ever so slight self tanner / bronzer + this gives you the perfect summer glow.

Black Leather Wallet - It was time for a new one and I've spent YEARS trying to find one. Finally splurged on this one.

Orange Leather Sandals - Dare I say these are the sandals of the summer. Will be wearing them on repeat.

Sphere Ice Cube Tray - My iced coffee game just went up a notch.

Aesop Soap - Restocking our favorite soap for the guest bathroom.

Daniel Tiger's Baby Bath Tub Toy - Poppy is obsessed.

Nike Dunks - Let's just say my shoe game is dialed in for summer.

White Jean Shorts - Love these shorts.

Jean Shorts - These are also a great wardrobe basic for summer.

White Demi-Boot Jeans - The fit is incredible. They're the best white jeans I've owned... period end of story. I have them in various colors.

Amazon Favorites in April:

What I Bought From Amazon in April

Green Swimsuit Square Top - if you saw that green number I wore in St Barths, you know I needed a very basic green suit to go under it! This was perfect!

Green Swimsuit High Waisted Bottoms - I loooooved the high waisted bottoms. Never bought that before and very into that.

Tell Me Your Dreams by Amanda Kloots - My girl Amanda Kloots wrote a children’s book so naturally I pre-ordered to support. Poppy is truly OBSESSED.

Coffee Brush - A clean portafilter gets a better seal which makes a better more consistent espresso. Its the small things.

Coffee Tamping Station - I needed some organization with all of my coffee supplies. This looked cool on amazon, was in walnut so it matches the kitchen, and now keeps my tamp, my wedge distribution tool, and a smaller tamp mat. - Thomas

Nike Air Max - Gaby's favorite shoe. Nothing more needs to be said.

Adjustable Weighted Vest - I am starting a new training program. 2 times a week it wants me to go on a 30 min walk or ruck. Those that do not know what a ruck is, its a hike while carrying additonal weight, typically mentioned in the hiking and backpacking circles. Basically I got a weight vest to walk around the neighborhood in. Bring on the awkward looks. - Thomas

Floor Spot Markers - Poppy's tennis career has started. Having these spot markers makes it super easy and gives her a place to put both her feet so she knows where to stand and is always in ready position. - Thomas

Amazon Favorites in March:

Wooden Kid's Art Easel - If you saw our walls last week, you’ll know why this was an emergency purchase.

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser - WD40 was a life saver for the walls poppy drew on and was something. I had on hand. I have heard if you are looking for a less toxic smelly option, Magic Eraser is the way to go.

Manicure Tools - Yes that is correct, I (Thomas) purchases this set because Gaby keeps “misplacing” the ones that we have. I bought it in black so that I know it’s mine. Now all I have to figure out is where to hide it so she does not “misplace” it again.

Brooklinen Bath Sheets - Consider me a convert - best bath towels of my life.

Promix Protein Powder - This is the protein mix I have been taking for years now. I finally convinced Gaby to up her protein intake and she is all about mixing the vanilla into her blueberry Smoothie. The thing I love about this company is its all great quality ingredients. No artificial anything.

Maldon Sea Salt Tub - Come to mama!!! My bi-annual Maldon purchase.

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box - Omg I’m on the lunchbox train. This bento box makes making lunches even more fun.

Wooden Shopping Cart - Poppy is obsessed with her farmers market stand at home so now she can shop the stand with her own cart!

Wooden Baker's Mixing Set - It’s a wild month of 2 year old birthdays coming up so I just ordered a ton of toys in bulk so I don’t have to think about it!!! 

Wooden Tea Set - See above!! I’m v proud of myself.

Baby Shampoo and Wash -  Time for a refresh for Pops

Women's Sunglasses - Needed a new pair before we go to the Caribbean in a few weeks.

MINU Stroller - We needed a smaller stroller that was easier to take on short trips! This fits the bill.

Chanel Bronzer - My HMU team has been using this and I’m hooked.

Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen - Stocked up before spring break!

What I Bought From Amazon February

Disney Princess Grab n Go Play Pack - Stickers, coloring book, crayons. Perfect for eating out at restaurants, long trips, and moments where Poppy gets a little bored.

Ab Sling Straps - Young Thomas would say summer is right around the corner and bathing suit season is coming up. Instead, old Thomas is tired of lower back pain and realizes that a stronger core is necessary to help get rid of the pain and age gracefully. PRO TIP too soon to be parents: Start doing core exercises. For the next 3 years you will be carrying around a child (probably only on one side) and your back is going to feel it. A strong core will help combat this lower back pain. You can thank me later.

Magna Tiles - I got these for Poppy but honestly I find myself playing with them more than her. She does get super excited seeing how big of a tower we can build.

Promix Chocolate Casein Protein Powder - I have been using Promix for 4 years now. Their slogan is no artificial anything which I love. The whey protein is great for pre and post lift. They have a vegan pea protein if you want to avoid whey which is awesome. The protein linked here is a Casein protein which I take before bed because it breaks down slower than whey and feeds my body nutrients throughout the night.

Wireless MagSafe Car Charger Vent Mount - I ripped my old charger out of the car the other day so it was time for an upgrade! I love this one that sits a bit higher so I can glance down at stop lights and check to see if anyone needs anything urgently. So far - so good!

Sunglasses - These sunglasses by Oliver Peoples are modeled after the frames actor Gregory Peck wore while playing Atticus Finch in the film To Kill a Mockingbird. Looking to level up your look with a bit of old time sophistication, then these are your new sunnies. Bonus points that they fold down into a small form factor.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum - Its been probably 10 years since I have purchased new cologne. When Matt Armendariz posts his scent collection and you see like 10 bottles that say Oud then you know it’s a good scent. This is a perfect date night scent that you will become obsessed with.

Sony Wireless Headphones with Auto Noise Canceling - It has been a long time since I have purchased over the ear headphones. Sony has done a great job with these and has scored high marks across the board in sound, noise canceling, and over all quality. Bonus points that you can plug a cable into them if you need to connect via headphone jack (like on an airplane).

Nike Men's Pegasus Trail Shoe - I love trail shoes even though I am not a trail runner. They have extra cushion, come in some unique color ways, last a long time, and more times than not have a level of waterproofing that your everyday running shoes do not have. My last pair of Pegasus trail shoes lasted about 3 years.

Amazon Favorites in January:

What I Bought from Amazon January 2023

Stainless Steel 9-inch One-Handed Locking Tongs - It was time for a refresh on a lot of my kitchen tools - these are my all time favs because they lock and take up less space in my drawers.

Poppy's Silicone Suction Plate - You guys always ask about Poppy's plates - they're from Amazon and they're so easy!

Stainless Steel Pie Server - Again - refresh! Bought for all my frittatas.

Swivel Peeler - My last peeler bit the bullet so it was time for another one!

Digital Meat Thermometer - If you're going to reverse sear a steak, this is what you need.

Stainless Steel Prep Bowls - With the amount of videos we make in my kitchen, prep bowls are UBER important.

Kids Wooden Dollhouse - I mean, it's time. And this one looks very good.

Kids Sensory Fidget Cube Puzzles - This falls under the category of new toy small footprint give her something she has never seen before on the airplane.

Kids White and Green Stan Smith Sneakers - Tennis classics but make them Velcro.

Kids Pink Stan Smith Sneakers - Tennis classics but make them pink.

Gallon Water Bottle - My last water bottle broke (thank you to my daughter who dropped it while it was full - luckily no toes were hurt in the process!) so I snagged another to keep my water consumption high.

Beach Tent - You know whats better than a beach umbrella? A Beach tent. Bonus points for easy set up, take down, and tiny footprint.

Ice Cream Beach Toys - This is what Poppy played with 90% of the time while in the sand during our last vacation.  She was obsessed.

LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box - Never too early to start them on Legos. Also fun fact, Gaby had no clue what a Duplo was which blew my mind.

Amazon Favorites in December:

What I Bought from Amazon December 2022

Kids' Tennis Racket - Never to early to put a racket in her had.

Kids' Tennis Balls - Soft, light weight, and low bounce are the ideal stage 1 tennis balls when It comes to teaching children the game.

Striped One Piece Swimsuit - Needed a new suit and this one was VERY flattering.

Caftan - Ya'll asked for the link - here you go!

Baby Science Books - I figured, why not start her young! And honestly, these are a great refresher for ME!

Toddler Black and White Dunks - It was high time Poppy got a matching pair of Dunks like her mama. Her shoe game is dialed in.

Kids' Thermos - We ditched all the plastic in our house for Poppy recently and these water bottles are equal parts cute and don't leak.

Weight Lifting Trap Bar - Mixing it up this year and using the trap bar for deadlifts vs going conventional.

Pink Headphones - Looking for durability on these.  So far they have survived one trip which I consider a win.

Animal Gel Window Stickers - Perhaps the best $10 we ever spent to keep Poppy entertained on a flight.

Bristle Blocks - Poppy was obsessed with this set over the holiday vacation.  She played with the blocks for hours and it came with a little travel case.

Amazon Favorites in November:

Guittard Chocolate Chips - It was time to stock up before holidays!!

Kids' Pink Crocs - New Crocs for Pops!

Skyn Under Eye Masks - My makeup artist is obsessed with these! They're heavenly!

An American in Provence - One of my dear friends, Jamie, just launched a new book and it's absolute perfection!

Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer - Just ordered this based on my girlfriend Geri's rec!! I'm obsessed.

Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer - Same as above. Using them as a duo.

Black Half Zip Fleece - Needed a new cozy!!

Poppy's Utensils - We've moved onto silverware in toddler world. It's very exciting.

Silicone Suction Plate - We got a few new plates for Poppy! She's obsessed with these and they suction to the counter!

Rice Cleansing Makeup Remover Wipes - The best makeup remover wipes IN THE GAME.

Sonos Speaker - The latest and greatest from Sonos. This one is a bit smaller than their full size sub but still sounds amazing and comes at a cheaper price point. The footprint is also slightly smaller but still looks sleek. Big fan over here.

Electric Toy Car - Poppy has been wanting to play in the drivers seats of our cars lately so I figured it was time to get her, her own whip. We opted for the murdered out G-Wagon. You can control it via remote or when she gets a little bit older she can truly take over the steering wheel. She is going to geek out for this one on Christmas day.

Amazon Favorites in October:

What I Bought from Amazon October

Poppy's Pink Purse - Poppy loves this pink purse – doesn't leave the house without it.

Busy Betty Kids' Book - We love this new children's book.

Yonka Lotion Toner - Repurchasing my favorite toner.

Color Preserving Conditioner - Great for preserving color-treated hair.

Baby Uggs - No description needed. WE ARE OBSESSED.

Paige Men's Jeans - Reordered Thomas' favorite jeans in a darker wash for fall/winter.

Pink Toddler Bike - We're moving up from the baby bicycle!

Portable Cupping Therapy Tool - This one is all Thomas.

Toddler Pjs - Love this soft bamboo pajama set.

Amazon Favorites in September:

Aesop Hand Soap - Our fav soap for our guest bathroom and kitchen.

Aesop Hand Lotion - Ditto to above.

Take It Easy - You best believe I ordered my own book.

Jellycat Butterfly Stuffed Animal - We needed a full re-stock of gifts to have on hand for our friends having babies and Jellycats are our go-to gifts.

Jellycat Bunny Stuffed Animal - See above.

Jellycat Hippo Stuffed Animal - Die for the Hippo.

Guittard Super Cookie Chocolate Chips - Needed a chocolate chip cookie stash refresh.

Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush - Mama needed a new one and I got the one that comes with an app because my teeth are worth it.

Replacement Toothbrush Heads - I also got the replacement toothbrush heads while at it.

Packing Cubes Set - For book tour packing because you better believe I am still traveling with a carry on only.

Amazon Favorites in August:

What I bought on Amazon August

Silicone Spill Proof Snack Cup - WE EAT A LOT OF SNACKS

Silicone Non-Slip Suction Bowl - Poppy's dinnerware!

Silicone Non-Slip Suction Plate - Poppy's dinnerware!!

Seabuckthorn Facial Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer - Just started to use this oil and I'm so far, obsessed!

Cozy Sherpa Chair - Poppy loves things that are her size and soft things. This chair is both and she is obsessed with it. Might be one of the best Amazon purchases I have gotten her to date. - T

Lanolips 101 Multipurpose Superbalm - My makeup artist uses this on my lips every time we do makeup and they always feel uber moisturized. I'm officially a convert.

Poppy's Pink Sunglasses - I couldn't resist!! Building a collection over here.

Baby Sunglasses with Strap - Poppy needs shades to keep up with her parents.

GilletteLabs Razor Refills - Razors can do everything these days, 4 blades, 5 blades, 6 blades etc. This one said it exfoliates while you shave. After 3 weeks of use, I cant really say if it exfoliates or not but it does have a cool matte black handle and for whatever reason the blades have stayed sharper longer. - T

Kids Mermaid Bandaids - We have a full bandaid obsession in this house (lead by my 20 month old.)

SAMSUNG The Frame TV - Hang a TV on the wall but make it look like art. The Frame TV has been around for several years now and Gaby and I are still obsessed with it. We bought this one for the bedroom so that we can take some of the photos from our recent travels and display it on the TV to look like framed art. -T

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses - I mean.... these are the best! I sat on my last pair and broke them so snagged another pair this month.

Unicorn Kids Pool Floats Swim Vest - A little vest Pops can wear so when she jumps into the pool, she can float!

Cedar Flora Natural Plant-Based Deodorant - My new fav clean deodorant!

Fruits Vegetables Food Play Toy Set - We needed some toys to add to the little house Thomas built out back and these are very cute!

Amazon Favorites in July:

What I Bought on Amazon

White Sun Shade Sail Canopy - When we converted part of the backyard to a play area for Poppy we needed a shade solution more permanent than an umbrella and with a larger foot print. Since we already had the posts installed this shade sail was a no brainer.

Splash Pad Sprinkler for Kids - Poppy loves anything and everything water, so this little splash pad play area is perfect for the yard.

R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo - Repurchasing Thomas' favorite shampoo.

R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Conditioner - And his favorite conditioner.

Theragun Wave Solo Massager - Tom Brady uses something like this every morning for his feet (no joke, look it up). That was the hook that got me interested in researching this. I like that I can turn it on and target a knot in my back and just let the vibration do all the work. Bonus points that I can adjust the levels via bluetooth app. -T

Theragun Wave Roller - Foam rolling is amazing, and the addition of vibration amplifies the breakdown of lactic acid even more. -T

PAIGE Men's Jeans - Light blue denim I my go to right now. I appreciate how it comes across as casual, and goes well with any of my fitted tees. Bonus points for the stretchy denim which still blows my mind. Not sure how I ever survived pre stretchy denim. This pair is a great fit, not baggy, and perfect for me trying to be a semi stylish dad during these warmer months. Save the dark denim for the holiday season and get a good go to pair of light denim for the rest of the year. -T

Square-Neck One Piece Swimsuit - Love this simple one piece swimsuit.

Baby Sun Hat UPF 50+ - Got this sun hat for Poppy to wear whenever we go to the beach.

Outdoor Wooden Playhouse - Gaby bought poppy a house and I built it. It came in a box weighing 135 pounds and took 4 hours to assemble. Nothing difficult if you can follow directions. All of this is to say Poppy has been obsessed with it ever since it went up. Every morning when she wakes up she asks to go out to her house. So far this is two thumbs up for me. -T

Baby Dinosaur Bath Toys - Dinos Dinos Dinos, poppy loves her dinos. Takes them to the park and in the bath. Poppy likes to chew on them pretty hard in the tub, so far they have held up to the onslaught of infant teeth over the past 3 weeks and extended Poppy's bath time by an average of 7 min and 30 seconds which is a win in my book. -T

Amazon Favorites in June:

What I Bought on Amazon June

Boxing Gloves - I just started boxing again this month and couldn't be more obsessed.

Black Handwraps - With boxing comes wraps, and these are the perfect way to keep my hands protected.

Frozen Yogurt Soft Service Ice Cream Maker - It's summer, and Adam has this ice cream maker so I had to get it too.

Yon-Ka Mens Cleansing Exfoliator - Repurchasing Thomas' go-to face wash. Exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time.

Naples Drizzle Chili Oil - One of the best chili oils in the game.

Braided Leather Sandals - These VERY inexpensive sandals were perfect for Italy.

Travel Sleep Eye Mask - Thomas is obsessed with this thing. He took it on our flight to Italy and paired with his face mask... it was a special sight.

YETI Soft Sided Backpack Cooler - For beach picnics!!

Little Tikes Unicorn Bubble Foam Water Table - This thing is Poppy's FAVORITE thing in the world. we spend at least 2 hours at the water table on a daily basis. you need it if you have littles.

Amazon Favorites in May:

Melon Baller - If you're planning on making my Watermelon Peach Salad or Melon Caprese Skewers this summer, then this kitchen tool will come in very handy.

Cookie Scoops - Our old cookie scoop was well-loved, to say the least, and it finally gave up on me last week. This set includes a 1 Tbsp, 2 Tbsp, and 3 tablespoon cookie scoop.

English Breakfast Tea Bags - We needed some caffeinated options for the mornings over here, and this is one of my fav tea brands. Plus, the packaging is very cute.

Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Strainer - For all my loose leaf tea I've been buying over the years!

Agility and Speed Training Hurdles - We needed some indoor goal posts for Poppy to practice her soccer. These seemed perfect.

Sparkly Pink Kids' Crocs - No description needed. WE ARE OBSESSED.

GoPro Hero 10 - It's been about 4 years since we upgraded our last GoPro. Higher resolution, more stability. It will get the final test when we go to Italy later this month.

Child Carrier Backpack - After speaking to several friends who have children and live in the mountains, there really is no better option when it comes to a child carrier for hikes. Lots of storage space, comfort for Poppy, and comfort for the parents when carrying her.

Little Blue Truck Children's Board Book Series - Little Blue Truck is our fav. So I added the rest of the series to our collection. This is another series we love.

Big Bubble Wand - Bubbles for summer. Duh.

Mi Cocina by Rick Martinez - One of my new fav cookbooks. This one is stunning!

Hair Dryer - My 10 year old hair dryer finally kicked the boot!

Curling Wand - My sister stole my other one, so I needed a new wand!

Amazon Favorites in April:

Nespresso Machine + Nespresso Capsules - For the guest house! Thomas loves our Breville Barista Pro, but since this is living in the guest house Thomas opted for The Creatista which is basically Breville meets Nespresso.  Everyone knows how to make "pod" coffee.  With this machine you can select from pre-programmed settings for shots (espresso, ristretto, and lungo) and milk drinks (flat white, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato).  You can also tweak milk texture and temperature.  It gives the most flexibility with the least amount of effort or knowledge.

6 lb Bag of Caramel Chocolate - My new favorite chocolate for making chocolate chip cookies. you don't NEED a 6 lb bag, they make smaller ones, but also.... 6 lbs feels right.

Gallon Water Bottle - Thomas and I are 2 weeks into our gallon of water a day challenge, and honestly, I FEEL AMAZING!

Sunglasses - Geri turned me on to a new pair of sunnies and I'm obsessed.

Aesop Soap and Lotion Set - Restock of our favorite soap and lotion combo.

Nars Concealer - LOVE this concealer!

LaCie Disk - The best portable hard drive out there.

Cold Plunge Barrel - This one is all Thomas. The man is on a mission to be PEAK HEALTH.

Maldon Salt Tub - Stocking up on my favorite flakey sea salt.

Hairspray - Had to re-up my supply and this is my fav!

Amazon Favorites in March:

Amazon favorites

Take It Easy - Almost 2 years in the making and my 4th cookbook is officially ready for pre-orders! Pre-orders are HUGELY important for authors. That said, I'd be eternally grateful if you snagged a copy or two today!! Can't wait for you guys to cook from it!

Baby Bicycle - Poppy loves this 4-wheel baby bike.

Men's Sandals - Nobody panic! Galapagos Thomas is in full swing over here. Thomas ordered these running sandals for the trip. 

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - Our favorite baby shampoo and body wash for Poppy.

Sunscreen - Stocking up for all of the sunny weather.

Aesop Hand Soap - Love having this soap in the kitchen.

Concealer - Best concealer ever, period!

Pure Vanilla Extract - I measure with my heart when it comes to vanilla extract. So I was overdue to restock on my favorite brand of vanilla.

Collapsible Folding Outdoor Wagon - Spring and summer farmers markets, I'm ready for you! You can find me carting this around with all of the fresh produce every Sunday for the near future.

Ugg Slipper - I practically live in slippers at this point lol. I mean they are just so cozy. 

Little Blue Truck's Springtime Board Picture Book - Poppy loves this board picture book.

Osea Cleanser - I ran out and immediately repurchased my holy grail cleanser.

Osea Cleansing Mudd - Same as above, except I use this 2x a week to exfoliate.

Amazon Favorites in February:

No Spill Sippy Cup - No more worrying about spills!

Bunny Blanket - Pops is obsessed with bun bun.

Parchment Sheets - Pre-cut parchment paper sheets are a huge timesaver and minimize waste.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Repurchasing my all-time favorite pair of sunglasses.

Short Sleeve Bib - Poppy gets pretty messy these days and this at least keeps her clothes clean.

Nutrafol for Men - Fight that retreating hair line and maintain your thickness with Thomas's secret weapon.

Pancro Lens Cleaner - Matt recommended this screen and lens cleaner and I will never live without it ever again! Goodbye dirty computer screens and sunglasses.

Yes4All Wood Plyometric Box - Perfect for stretching and quick HIIT workouts.

Video Call Ring Light - Get that perfectly balanced light so you can look your best for your next Zoom call!!

Stainless Steel Baby Cups with Straws - Perfect for baby smoothies.

Amazon Favorites in January:

R+Co Shampoo - Thomas' favorite shampoo, bye bye dry hair.

R+Co Conditioner - A great combo with the shampoo.

UGG Men's Slipper - Thomas finally joined the Ugg slipper club. And he is thriving!

Yon-Ka Men Foam Scrub - Thomas' go to face wash. Exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time.

Yon-Ka Toner - You've probably seen these on my master list, restocking on this for my morning and night routine.

Yon-Ka Serum & Cream - Another restock! A staple in my morning and night routine.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - If and when I do my hair this what I use to preserve it an extra couple days.

Apple Watch - I was hesitant to get it at first, but the fact that I can see who it trying to get ahold of me (without constantly being on my phone) when I'm with Poppy is a game changer.


  1. Hi Gaby,
    In your April Amazon picks you mentioned the Caramélia chocolate being your new favorite for chocolate chip cookies. Could you send the best chocolate chip recipe to use the chocolate?

  2. Gaby help! Where did you get the glasses that you have in your recipe post for the skinny margarita? It's dated July 18, 2019

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