What’s Gaby Cooking Master List

It’s here! The What’s Gaby Cooking Master List! Over the last few months I have been collecting all the questions I get  on a regular basis – from insta, from the blog, from meeting you guys in person, from our secret FB group, from emails… you name it! I’ve been writing them down and now everything lives in one place!

The WGC Master List ONLY includes products that I use on pretty much a daily basis. Things that live on my kitchen counters because I can’t bare to put them away – god forbid I should have to walk to the pantry. Things that I travel with every single time I get on a plane because they make my life better. Things that really stand out. NOTHING is sponsored, just 1000% products that I know are epic and you need in your life! I’ll be adding to this every time something new comes up so if something is missing, just shout it out in the comments below!

Garlic Crack Sauce from www.whatsgabycooking.com (@whatsgabycookin)


  • Vitamix – I have the 750 and the A3500. Both are fantastic – just depends on your color preference.
  • Finex – that sexy cast iron pan with the cool handle you see on all my videos / live broadcasts!
  • 5 piece pots and pans – you can add extra pots and pans if needed but these are the ones I use the most!
  • All Clad Dutch Oven – my fav piece of stainless steel cookware ever. You can make ANYTHING in this!
  • Non Stick Pans – we only have 1 non-stick skillet and I only use it for eggs and this one is my favorite
  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven – for soups and stews and bolognese etc!
  • Global 3 piece knife set – my go to kitchen set!
  • Global Veggie Knife – the BEST!
  • Maldon Sea Salt
  • that HEAVY duty Garlic Press Adam got me for Christmas – for when you can’t be bothered to chop garlic
  • Salt Container – it’s never not on my counter!
  • Gold Baking Pans – the best non-stick around
  • Gaby’s Go To – my favorite seasoning for EVERYTHING
  • This is Everything – a better version of the everything bagel spice which wins awards always!
  • All Things Meat – the only rub you need for ribs, burgers, pork, chicken, etc!
  • My favorite big ass cutting board – I’ve had it in multiple colors but prefer the dark one so you can’t see any stains.
  • I know everyone is obsessed with the Instant Pot – I have one but I don’t use it all that often! Clearly I need to change that asap!
  • Rice Cooker – it’s the very best
  • Stand Mixer – I’ve had multiple over the years and currently have a matte black one that was a special edition and I’m not so sure they make it anymore! But here’s the link to the same model – pick your favorite color!
  • Dinner Bowls and Plates – love these from Crate and Barrel
  • My favorite Matcha for smoothies and green tea

Travel Essentials 

  • Under Eye Masks these are the ones I use most frequently because they are less aggressive
  • Gold Eye masks if you want to be extra extra, obvi you go for the gold
  • Invisible Face Mask this is quickly changing my life – and I use it when I’m on my way to a meeting or in an uber where a face mask is a little more challenging. You just rub it in like lotion and you’re set for HOURS.
  • Sheet Masks – for when you need a full sheet mask for your flights or for a night in!
  • Hand Masks – for those long haul flights!
  • External Charger – never leave home without it!! It can charge your phone at least 5 times before you need to recharge it
  • Noise Canceling Headphones – my go-to choice for headphones for all plane rides.

Beauty Stuff


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  1. Great list! I’d also love a list of your favorite home items – mattress, couch, kitchen chairs, etc. Thank you!

  2. Great list! One thing you might want to add is your cutting board! I remember what it is from what you said one time on Instastories but I bet a lot of others will want to know as well. 🙂

  3. I love this list, I love all your recipes! Would also love a list of your fave beauty products, home products, etc. Your style is just the best!

  4. This is great! Other things to include could be your cutting board, stand mixer, and nail polish color!

  5. Ummmmmmmm – can’t help but notice that neglected to list LuLu on your clothes. Love the lists!!! Totally gonna get those knives one day (perhaps Christmas).

  6. Love love love you! You are fab on FB, Insta and of course Pinterest!! Is there any alternative pricing for people that are unable to afford kitchen items that aren’t so expensive? Thanks! <3

    1. I’m on the hunt too – I usually use the plastic one from Trader Joes but I’m trying to cut down on the amount of plastic I buy so I’ll report back when I find a good one!!

  7. I left my stove on and burned the crap out of my all-clad weeknight pan (that we use allll the time). I blame pregnancy brain. Any tips to get it back to life? Thank you!

  8. Don’t forget, under travel, the AWAY big carry on. I just purchased and received it and gave your name as how I heard about it

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