Poppy's Nursery

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Was the nursery done before we delivered Poppy? Nope! That's what happens when someone shows up 2 weeks early! But it's done now and I am so excited to share it with you!


We're about to be rolling out a lot of home stuff in the coming weeks! During our maternity leave, we've been working hard on cuddling with Poppy and finishing up the nursery and the kitchen! The rest of the house basically doesn't have furniture but we'll get there!! For the nursery, I wanted the entire thing to be built around the artwork from my mom!! We worked with our girls at Thea Home (they designed the rest of the house and the kitchen of my dreams) to bring it all together! I wanted it to be mostly gender neutral with the pops of pink coming from my moms art and a few accessories! I was also VERY into having a vintage rug that tied everything together and something that she could grow with - aka if I was going to drop $$ on a rug, I wanted it to last until she basically graduated high school. We created the MOST darling space I could have ever dreamed of! Pics below (shot by none other than Matt Armendariz) and sources for everything at the bottom of this post if you need anything!

Also - BIG NEWS!! My mom's heart artwork is now being carried AT CRATE&KIDS!!! How major is that! And it comes in all sorts of different colors 🙂 Proud daughter moment over here!! And all of the large furniture is from them too - one stop shop if you are re-creating this vibe for your little one!


  1. Love everything about this nursery !! Gaby what mattress did you get again ? I know you’ve said it before I just can’t remember ?

  2. Hey Gabby! I’m looking at getting this lamp for my nursery but the description is so vague! Touch to turn on? And has multiple lighting levels? Thanks for any insight!

  3. All our kids are in or past college and I'm sitting here in tears because I miss those quiet nights feeding or reading. Such a beautiful nursery and I know it has an overwhelming emotional feeling for you because of what you've been through to get where you are. Cherish and embrace every moment, even the suck.

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