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Hi Guys!!! Sorry for the semi-radio silence the last 2ish weeks! We brought a new member to the fam/team and it’s been a whirlwind. Meet Poppy James Dawson – born at 6lbs, 3 ounces and she’s 100% perfection and we are OBSESSED.

Before we get into her birth story – I just want to say thank you to everyone who emailed, texted, DM’ed tweeted etc with words of congratulations. We’re so over the moon and also deliriously tired and feel so lucky that Poppy is coming into such an incredible family here with the What’s Gaby Cooking community! It’s been a looooong journey but here’s what happened!

At my 30 week appointment (we didn’t do an ultrasound because no need that week) things were looking GREAT. My OB felt her in my tummy and was confident that she was head down, butt up and just chilling. I left my appt, went home, ate some Butterscotch Chocolate Caramel Balls and went on my merry way

At my 37 week appointment we did an ultrasound and MUCH to our surprise… we discovered she was Frank Breech. That means she was head up, feet up with her cute little toes touching her forehead. My OB and the ultrasound tech measured my amniotic fluid and said, we could try and flip her the next week. I never had much of a birth plan, I think babies will come into this world however the heck they want, so I said ok… let’s try and flip her next week. Back home I went to some more Butterscotch Chocolate Caramel Balls.

The following week I went in early in the week and my amniotic fluid levels were FINE. Not great but that’s to be expected as you near the end of a pregnancy. My OB scheduled me to do the flip later that week with 1 more ultrasound to double check that my amniotic fluid levels were up to snuff for the actual flip. Low and behold… when I went in for that ultrasound my amniotic fluid levels had dropped even more and my OB (who I love very much) looked at me and said…. meet me at the hospital this afternoon… C-Section coming your way.

We had discussed the possibility of having a C-Section before if she didn’t flip. It was never my first choice because the recovery time from the incision is longer and we all know I’m not very good at sitting still for any extended period of time… but there we were! Everything I had envisioned went right out the window. No laboring at home, no painful drive over the canyon to the hospital, etc. I mean… my hospital bag became mostly WORTHLESS because it was mostly things you need to recover from a vaginal birth. BUT to be honest, nothing mattered. I just wanted this baby to come out as safely as possible.

So, 2 weeks before Poppy was actually due, we rolled right into the hospital, delivered via C-section and Poppy James Dawson was born. Typically the doctors make you stay in the hospital for 3 nights with a C-Section but I’m happy to report we waltzed out of there after 2 nights so we could get home and settle into life with a newborn.

So now, here we are! A little party of 3! Healthy and happy and working on fattening up little baby Poppy. I was up and moving within 3 days and already back on the neighborhood walks daily. (moving is the BEST way to get that incision to heal so that’s what we’re doing!) Poppy is very excited to be part of the WGC world and I cannot wait to introduce her to avocados and all the other delicious things in the future!!

Also how do new moms manage to return phone calls, answer text messages and/or do laundry? THERE IS NO TIME!!


  1. I had a six weeks premature child who was born by caesarean section, many years ago but I remember distinctly wanting to hit the nurse who strode along the hospital corridor with me as I went to look through the window at my baby who said oh don’t worry one day he’ll be 6 feet tall. He weighed almost 4 pounds, and today, bloody hell, he is 6 foot two.
    So, good luck….. i’m sure in two or three years you will look back and say did we really fuss about this. But first baby everything is on the line so just take a deep breath and go for it.

  2. Somebody was quite comfy and was going to make a statement of who was the new Boss in town. Poppy James is beautiful and no wonder you have been radio silent. Enjoy enjoy every second we will be here using all the oldies but goodies to keep our bellies full until you come back. Congratulations

  3. Congratulations!! What a wild ride to get here and so happy to read that everything worked out just fine. Welcome baby Poppy to the world!

  4. Congratulations! Your party if 3 are absolutely beautiful!
    Your doing exactly what is needed after a C-section and are probably on your way

    Sending you sunshine and butterflies to your sweet baby girl!

    Aloha from Hawaii

  5. Congrats to you 3!!! Put on your seat belts your in for the ride of your life!! Just remember to enjoy every moment, it goes by so painfully fast♥️( momma of 18,17&11)

  6. Welcome to your beautiful baby girl!!! Poppy is such a sweet name! You make a wonderful family of 3!! Congratulations!


  7. First off: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!
    Your story is very similar to mine. My son was breech because it turns out I have a bicornuate uterus (heart shaped) and we was stuck on the one side, unable to rotate. We also didn’t have a birth plan – never even considered a c-section. We tried everything to get him to turn: external cehphalic version, handstands in the pool, moxibustion (yeah, we went there). But unbeknownst to us, he just couldn’t move because my uterus was the way it was – poor guy! At the 37 week appointment they couldn’t find any amniotic fluid and they scheduled me for a c-section that night. We were unprepared but everything turned out fine. He was a long, skinny 6.1 pounds and I think he was pretty happy to be OUT to stretch his arms and legs. He’s now 14 and stands at 6’3″ and is 185lbs. Enjoy the ride – the days are long but the years are short. All the best to you and Poppy -xx

  8. Congratulations! Poppy is beautiful! I wish you all the happiness in the world, as you move into this wonderful new chapter of your life. Congratulations again!

  9. Welcome Poppy and congratulations to you all!!! Enjoy every moment (even the hard ones) as it goes by so quickly. My time management tip is to do a load of laundry on the delay cycle (if you have it). Set the machine to start early in the morning, so it finishes just as you wake up. That way the clothes won’t sit wet and can go into the dryer immediately. I hope that helps! You will find your rhythm through trial and error. If something isn’t working (that works for others), then don’t be afraid to drop it or change. I’m sure you will find what works for your family.

  10. Congratulations on the birth of you beautiful baby girl! What a joy!
    Do you have the ecco mum? That one little device for heating milk AND sterilization is an absolute work horse!

  11. I’m going to comment on utero flips because moms need to know they are dangerous at best. Caused me a great deal of pain, a night in the hospital, and we almost lost our youngest. A loved one did lose her near full term baby. You are a gift to so many, Gaby. I’m so grateful your fluids dropped!

  12. Congratulations!!!! She’s beautiful!!! As far as answering calls/emails, etc, just in your timing. Poppy is most important!!!!

    My daughter was breech, as well. Like you, not what I intended, but she came out healthy and that’s all that mattered. She’s 19 now and I still tease her that she came in this world the stubborn way!

    Love these precious moments and they do go quickly. Many sleepless nights or interrupted sleep may seem like it doesn’t go fast, but it really does!
    Mi Lisa

  13. Congratulations to you and a huge Welcome to Poppy! Can’t wait to see her growing up! Enjoy every minute. XO

  14. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your c-section birth story and the emotions that go along with it. I just had my second c-section delivery and while I’m thankful that both kids are healthy, I’m still disappointed that I didn’t have the birth experience I hoped and prepared for. It has helped me to feel and acknowledge these feelings, and reading your experience reminded me that I’m not alone. I hope your transition to parenthood goes smoothly, and you have the time and support you need to recover.

  15. Gaby,

    Poppy is gorgeous! Congratulations Happy Family of Three. Thank you for sharing your journey. Babies have a very special way of saying Look out World here I come!

    My heart is filled with love and joy for you!

  16. Welcome to the world Baby Poppy James! Congratulations Mama and Dad and blessings over your beautiful growing family of 3! She is a perfect little Angel.

  17. Congratulations Gaby and Thomas! Welcome, beautiful Poppy! Don’t worry if all you get done in a day is empty the dishwasher, nap and cuddle with your sweet girl as much as you can while she’s this tiny. Those moments ago far, PS- far too fast and before you know it your baby is 30!! PS-love the beautiful magazine!

  18. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. Another similar story here. Breech baby, low amniotic fluid, 5 weeks early weighing in at 5lbs 9 oz. 1 week hospital stay for him. Fast forward 28 yrs and 6 feet tall, I have a healthy boy who loves his IPA beers. My 2nd was born normal (Vback) in less than 1 hr. Enjoy every waking minute with your sweet baby girl. They really do grow faster than weeds and next thing you know, off to college they go.

  19. Congratulations! She is beautiful, born into a wonderful family. You will figure out a schedule that works for everyone.

  20. Congratulations! Will make some kitchen sink cookies and toast w a glass of milk! Enjoy it all…moment by moment..showing up each day:)

  21. How is the love affair going….beautiful I suspect. Wanted to share 3 of my favorite tips with you that have proven to be well worth the time.
    Three TIPS: Our daughter has 2 little girls. She takes pics on her phone and also posts on Instagram. On the first b’day, 2nd bday, etc. she gives each girl a wrapped photo book of the year they just completed. It is not edited, just their picture and age book represents. It is part of the annual b’day party to set all the books out and we spend so much time always looking at them.
    TIP 2: Wine – buy several bottles of a good wine you love, set them wrapped somewhere safe. Present to your daughter at a special occasion like college, wedding, baby purchased in honor of her birth. My dear friend did this. When his daughter was married it was presented with a letter from him. It was unbelievable because he actually died before he could have walked her down the aisle or saw graduation. It was overwhelmingly beautiful when the letter was read at her wedding.
    TIP 3: Collage pictures of your family and extended family, laid out on a dinner placemat size piece of poster board. Make notes, decorate with stickers, etc., document pictures, add cousins and anyone you want that would be important. Glue them down (have someone do it for you if it’s not your thing). Take to Kinko and laminate as a placemat. I have done this for years and have been able to bring family to the table and even introduce family to family who was born after an aunt or great grandparent passed.
    Ok, that is my tip – no other advice needed from me. Just enjoy the love affair. You deserve it and more.

  22. Congrats on your perfect little girl. My daughter, and first baby, was partial frank breech and couldn’t be flipped. So scheduled a c-section. A week before that scheduled date I went into labor! Still needed a c-section just more of an emergency one than planned. She came out with one leg up by her ear. Haha
    Keep walking and loving that sweet girl. In the end it doesn’t matter how they make their entrance just as long as they are healthy doing it.
    So happy for you and Thomas.

  23. Congratulations on bringing Poppy James Dawson into the world!!!
    Welcome Poppy.
    Her nickname should be Pajamas (get it, get it?).
    Just a thought.
    Congrats to all 3: mama, papa and little Poppy.

  24. So very happy for you. Took me a while to read this post but I am happy I know the story. I am glad Poppy is healthy! Keep moving!! So good for you. And sleep when she sleeps if you can.

  25. Congratulations! My sister and I met you on your book tour in Portland a couple summers ago. We had her daughters, my nieces with her. We continue to follow your website and meal plans and we’re both so excited for you when we saw your journey and then expecting. Congrats now on baby Poppy! She’s precious!

  26. I think this calls for a Flourless Chocolate Cake! Congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeous Poppy!
    Enjoy every minute! Before you know it she’ll be 32 😉
    Much good health and happiness to you all!

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