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If you've been following along on facebook or instagram, you've probably realized that we're well into Surprise Vacation! We've been adventuring around Orcas Island and Canada! Today my Dad is taking over the blog and sharing the answers to all of his insanely weird clues... take it away Dad!!

Orcas Island

Hello to my beloved puzzlers and clue solvers!!! This year, some of you deserve a Slutty Brownie for your investigative work!!!! (THUMBS UP TO PATRICK - solved 2 clues!!)

We're knee deep on another Dalkin surprise vacation so it is time for me, The Cluemaster, to open up and let you all see the light!! In the modern era of google search, so many of you trying to solve my clues, and I am sure many other sneaky ways to beat me – my job becomes more difficult every year. BUT, that is what makes it so fun for me. !!!!!

So, here we go – I apologize if you feel ridiculously intellectually compromised when you see the actual solutions ☺ ☺

We are going to leave from Anacortes, Washington and take a ferry to Orcas Island for a couple days. Then head to Vancouver, B.C. and spend some time there and in Whistler. Lots of hikes, kayaking, whale watching, beautiful scenery and of course GREAT FOOD!! (The company won’t be too bad either ☺)

The Clues:

#1: Come on, we need to get out of…., like nomads. Ugh, stinks, can’t get it to budge…

Tough one, but we are renting a Dodge Grand Caravan to take us around on this trip. Used to be just the four of us (me and 3 Dalkin women)……..added Gaby's hubby, makes for better conversation for me!

#2: Are you sure? I am not sure….I am sure. Should we play on the sand?

The TOUGHEST one. While in Vancouver we are going to a Shakespeare play at Bard on the Beach called Equivocation. I love these modern renditions on Shakespeare!! You get the clue??? ☺

#3: Onward to the supreme law, just a few more steps, how enlightened we will be

One of the most beautiful hikes on Orcas Island is walking to the top of Mount Constitution. (Constitution – the Supreme law, steps = hiking) (Can drive also, but what fun is that, plus can’t listen to the girls complain about how far we have hiked!)

#4 Jiminy Cricket did it.

Give a little WHISTLE …You goofballs, so easy. Going to Whistler (oops forgot the “r”…on purpose)

#5: Walking the eighth C, how great it would be!

On a piano, the HIGHEST NOTE is the eighth C, walking = hiking: In Whistler one of the most majestic hikes is the High Note Trail!!!!!!! We are there!

#6: Check your watch between 46th and 47th for a tasty treat.

We rented an apartment in Vancouver at the Times Square Suites – Times Square in NYC is between 46th and 47th, Tasty Treat is a Sweet = Suite. (Loved this one!!)

#7: The perfect places to rest with those you love: Horse Drawn Linen for love birds

IMPOSSIBLE to solve (one of my faves!!). On Orcas Island we are staying at the Inn on Orcas island – the theme rooms for us are: Love Nest, Toile Room and the Carriage House ( I too learned about Toile and Linen from this one ☺)

#8: Drew Brees and Coach Madden stranded together:

This was one for the boys!! Drew Brees – New Orleans SAINTS, Coach Madden – JOHN – thus Saint John, which in spanish is San Juan, stranded together – as island = SAN JUAN ISLANDS (Orcas Island is one of the San Juan Islands)

#9 What is that I hear, both east and west; is there h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o around?

On Orcas Island the two main towns are Eastsound and Westsound : Hear = sound, East and West obviously, and h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o (H2O) around means water all around – an island!! Sweet clue!

#10 Returning to the Disney theme: A safe place for Bambi

On Orcas island is a place called DEER HARBOR (Bambi….safe harbor). This is where I get to watch my children suffer through kayaking (which I love – they don’t!!) Best of all they both will be in a kayak with each out, and NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

So another year passes, and I hope you again had some fun with the clues. We are so very lucky to be able to do this type of adventure every year and I hope you can find similar fun in your lives!!! Thanks for trying, ta-ta for now!! Watch for Gaby’s posts on how things are going!!

Peace out

- The Cluemaster


  1. I'm glad we finally got the answers. This destination looks so beautiful! And those clues were HARD!

  2. Fabulous! Love Whistler, we met a bear in the woods but it was too busy eating to notice us! We enjoyed the Peak 2 Peak and Seventh Heaven, there was still lots of snow up on the peaks when we went in July 3 years ago.

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