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Gift Guides are here! We've got 10+ different gift guides for everyone in your life! Truly a little something for everyone including 2 lists curated by Thomas for the men in your life!

Spa + Self Care

Because we all deserve a little relaxing self care night at home

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Under Eye Masks: These are cooling and clean I'm obsessed with storing them in the fridge so they're extra cooling

Pajama Set: Seriously the coziest PJs

Lip Sleeping Mask: Keeps your lips super soft - especially great to put on nightly during the winter

Candle: Such a nice option for the candle lover

Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum: Part of my nightly routine

Tom Ford Fragrance: Hands down one of my favorite fragrances

Silk Sleep Mask: Would be a cute gift set with the PJs

Ugg Slippers: These are part of my uniform I absolutely LOVE them

Necessaire Hand Cream: A staple during the winter

Osea Cleansing Mud: Use this twice a week as an exfoliant for the softest skin

Waffle Robe: Can't go wrong with a good robe, I practically live in mine

Brightening and Tightening Face Mask: Love using this soothing clay face mask

Osea Essential Hydrating Oil: Slather this everywhere

Ouai Bath Soak: Pop one in for a relaxing bubble bath

Osea Advanced Protection Cream: The best facial moisturizer

Red Nail Polish: My signature nail color

THE BEST Mascara: The only mascara I'll wear - it's the best in the game

Saie Glowy Gel: Makes your skin look so glowy

Makeup Brush: Throw out all of your old brushes this one is a GAME CHANGER

Easy Kitchen Gear (under $50)

My most used kitchen gear - all the basics

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Salad Spinner: Makes washing greens so much easier | Available at AmazonBed Bath & BeyondTargetWilliams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

Measuring Spoons: A must have!

Microplane: Perfect for zesting citrus and grating garlic | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

Spider Strainer: For straining pasta

Cookie Scoop: Makes the perfect cookies every time

The BEST Non-Stick Sheet Pan: Great for making the crispiest veggies and nothing sticks

Lemon/Lime Juicer: Easiest way to make margaritas

Tupperware: Say goodbye to all of your other Tupperware these are magical. No matter the size of the container it's the same size lid so you can always find one without a problem.

Wooden Spoons: People always get upset when I use a metal spoon in a stainless steel pot, so use these instead

Knife Sharpener: This is a MUST HAVE | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma

Salt Cellar: To store ALL the Maldon Sea Salt

Bench Scraper: Favorite kitchen tool for cleaning and transferring food

Tongs: An integral tool in the kitchen

Measuring Cups: Gotta have a good set


My absolute favs and what I wear 95% of the time on IG live every Monday night

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Bomber Jacket: If you want a jacket that looks cool and put together but it's actually athleisure this is it

Hoodie: A comfortable hoodie is a necessity for everyone in their closet

White T-Shirt: This is my all-time favorite white T-shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt: Quintessential long sleeve perfect for pilates or a hike

White Long Sleeve T-Shirt: A staple for the colder months

Anorak Jacket: Living for anything quarter zip right now

Belt Bag: I'd never thought I'd be a fanny pack person but here I am

Nike Kicks: My absolute fav for every day life

Define Jacket: The OG Lululemon zip up

Tank Top: Best tank top

Favorite Leggings: The best pants in the entire world

Sweats + Cozies

For the person who practically lives in their sweats

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Fleece Zip-Up: I mean how soft and comfortable does this look

Sherpa Jacket: I own and am obsessed with this jacket - it feels like you’re wearing a blanket

Fleece Quarter Zip: It’s fleece, it’s a quarter zip, and it has a hoodie! Could this sweatshirt get any better?

Color Block Sherpa Half Zip: Living for a color block sweater at the moment

Ribbed Half Zip Sweater: Love this sweater so much that I got it in almost every color

White Nike Fleece Hoodie: You can’t beat a Nike hoodie and this fleece one is SO soft

Grey Half Zip: Again, really into anything quarter zip or half zip right now

Cream Half Zip Sweater: For when you want to be cozy but still look put together this is the sweater for you

Black Fleece Half-Zip Pullover: Thinking this would be perfect to wear on my morning walks with Pops

High Rise Joggers: You’ve gotta have a good pair of sweatpants in your closet. I mean they’re a staple and these ones are super flattering

Coffee Snob

For the person who takes their daily cup of coffee pretty seriously

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Coffee Bean Grinder: A good coffee bean grinder is one of the most important parts of making a great cup of coffee. This grinder is our all time fav and has withstood the test of time. It also doesn’t break the bank and has a ton of useful options so you can make anything from an espresso to a french press coffee. | Available at AmazonWilliams SonomaCrate & Barrel, & Bed Bath & Beyond

Espresso Machine: Thomas is a coffee / espresso snob and uses our espresso machine multiple times a day. It has all the options you need to customize your shot which is great. It also comes with great features like the visual pressure gauge and the tamp holder | Available at Amazon, Williams SonomaCrate & Barrel, & Bed Bath & Beyond

Coffee Bean Canister: For storing coffee beans | Available at Amazon & Nordstrom

Mug: These mugs are everything - just ordered some for myself too

Misto Box: The ultimate curated coffee subscription with the best roasters delivered right to your door every 3 weeks. When you sign up they ask you a variety of questions surrounding what flavors you like, how much you want to spend on a bag, and how often you want to receive new coffee from different roasters around the country. Simply put it's amazing for someone who loves discovering new coffee roasters! 

French Press: This sleek black 26 ounce french press is double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel and is designed to keep your coffee hot for hours | Available at Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, & Madewell

Pour Over Set: The ultimate pour over set. It comes with a ceramic dripper which heats up quickly (this is important for the flavor of the coffee) and a glass coffee pot.

Pour Over Filters: This filter goes with the dripper listed above. Make sure to always wet your filter before you add your dry coffee beans to the dripper. It removes the paper flavor.

Handheld Milk Frother: Makes the frothiest matcha lattes in no time | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma

Tamp Mat: If you already own an espresso machine this is something you probably didn’t know you needed. It protects your counters and gives you a good surface to tamp your coffee.

Variable Temperature Electric Kettle: This electric kettle lets you select the temperature you want to heat your water to so you get the perfect temp for your cup of green tea, black tea, or even french press | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma, & Bed Bath & Beyond

Coffee Tamper: This will change your espresso game and you will never go back to the tamp your machine came with

Pour Over Kettle: A good gooseneck kettle is key to an amazing pour over | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma

Drip Coffee Scale: This is a great coffee scale that doesn’t break the bank. It gives you weight and time which are the two basics for a great cup of coffee.

Splurge Worthy Kitchen Gear

If you're on the hunt for a real showstopper these are them!

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Vitamix: It is fantastic and the work horse of my kitchen | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

Pizza Oven: Makes the best pizzas at home and it sits right on your counter | Available at Bloomingdales, Crate & Barrel, & Williams Sonoma

Cast Iron Braiser: Just the best! | Available at Amazon, Crate & Barrel, & Williams Sonoma

Knife: Favorite knife ever | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Target

Food Processor: Another work horse of the kitchen | Available at AmazonWilliams SonomaCrate & Barrel, & Target

Olive Oil: One of my favorite bottles plus it’s cute

Garlic Press: We all know I love it | Available at Amazon & Walmart

Stainless Steel Essential Pan: A quintessential all-purpose pan | Available at Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

Panini Press: If you’re obsessed with paninis like me you need one 

KitchenAid Mixer: If you’re a cookie snob you need it | Available at Crate & Barrel & Williams Sonoma

Giant Wood Cutting Block: Kitchen must have! | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma


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There's truly nothing better than living the robe life.

Washable Silk Robe: Like ultimate luxury

Cozy Robe: It’s fleece-lined which makes it so soft - perfect for lounging around in

Quilted Robe: The coziest plushiest blanket but in robe form

Tencel Robe: The dreamiest robe

Super Cozy Robe: Buttery soft literally feels like you’re wearing a blanket

Striped Robe: They’re super lightweight - it feels like you’re not wearing anything

Cloud Cotton Robe: One of my OG favorites

Waffle Robe: This is one of my favorite robes. It’s the perfect length and so cozy

Tech & Wearables

The best of the best tech for your home

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AirPods: Surround sound in earbuds never sounded so good | Available at Amazon & Best Buy

Apple AirTags: If you are prone to misplacing your keys or wallet, these are amazing, or if you are crazy like me and want to make sure your luggage makes it on the airplane, throw one of them in your luggage

Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker: If you are looking for a more temporary/mobile solution for your outdoor music you can not go wrong with this speaker, I use it every day when working out outside

Wifi Router: Get perfect wifi coverage across your entire house with this Wifi Router, and it also doubles as a "hey google" device | Available on Amazon & Best Buy

WiFi Smart Plug: Turn lamps, lights, and anything else that needs to be plugged into a smart device.  Works with Google Home and Alexa | Available at Amazon & Home Depot

Theragun: Great for post workout recovery | Available at Amazon & Target

Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch: Looking to convert your home lights into a smart home? This is a good place to start with the lutron caseta hub and switch.  After you install the hub you can then choose which lights you want to be smart and swap out your existing light switches with Caseta switches.  Works with Google, Alexa, and Apple Home.  The best part is that you do not need to swap out all switches at once, you can build it out at your own pace. | Available at Amazon & Best Buy

Security Cameras: Looking to ramp up your home security or just looking to have a peace of mind camera for your dog when you are away? These cameras are awesome and can be used inside or outside and so easy to set up | Available at Amazon & Best Buy

Patio Speakers | Available on Amazon & Best Buy

Here are 3 reasons why these are so great:

1. These speakers blend in with the yard and are not hung from your house

2. They are placed on the perimeter of the yard so you are not blasting music out towards your neighbors

3. They sound amazing and are a must have if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining

Soundbar | Available at Amazon & Best Buy

Movie theater like sound at home. If you’re ready to upgrade or want to splurge on an amazing soundbar this one is unbeatable

Thomas' Guide

Thomas's favorites from hoodies to skincare

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Joggers: Perfect to chill around the house or wear pre-workout

Nike Hoodie: What I wear before and after every workout. Best hoodie in the game

Golf Shirt: Go-to golf shirt, simple and slim fitting

Hoodie: This is the hoodie to wear on a lazy Sunday

Face Lotion: A little bit before bed keeps that skin fresh and young

Face Scrub: Exfoliate and moisturize at the same time

Shampoo: Bottle looks cool, shampoo smells great, bye bye dry hair

Conditioner: This stuff paired with the shampoo has been a great combo the last year

Body Wash: This was in my guide last year and is back this year because its that good | Available at Amazon & Nordstrom

Vans: You can't go wrong with a classic, I have these in Off White and Blue. They go with pretty much anything except rain

Go-To Jeans: Great fit and very relaxed, I wear these on average 4 days a week

Go-to T-shirt: The curved hem adds some shape to the look and fit is all time. I love that they always launch new colors. This is the only shirt I wear, dress it up or down.

Long Sleeve T-shirt Hoodie: My favorite T-shirt in long sleeve form with a hood


Some fun and unique gifts to treat any hostess with over the holidays

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Assorted Tea Gift Set: LOVE this brand of tea!

WGC Infused Oils Gift Set: A set of 3 of my favorite infused oils. Drizzle them on pasta, pizza, salads, and even use them as a dip with some warm bread.

Vanilla Extract Gift Set: Such a great gift for any baker

Infused Salt Gift Set: This salt gift set is no joke

WGC Slutty Brownies: The OG brownie recipe that’s always a crowd favorite

Maraschino Cherries: Perfect for cocktails or on top of ice cream

WGC Mini Spice Rub Set: 4 of our favorite seasonings in one set

Peppermint Bark Pretzels: Peppermint bark but better

Striped Olive Oil Bottle: One of my favorite Italian olive oils and the bottle looks beautiful sitting out on your counter

Lobster Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle: Another go-to olive oil

Balsamic Vinegar: My favorite thick balsamic vinegar. It’s amazing glazed over meat or poultry or tossed with a salad.

Molino Extra Virgin Olive Oil: I’ve been obsessed with using this Spanish extra-virgin olive oil as a finishing oil or as a dip with some warm pita bread! One of my favorite snacks.

Maldon Sea Salt: The BEST salt out there it’s my go-to | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma

WGC Snickerdoodle Blondies: If you’ve ever made my snickerdoodle blondies you’ll know they are insane they have a crispy exterior and a gooey-chewy center. Now you can order freshly baked ones as a hostess gift or gift them to yourself I won’t judge you

Croissant Assortment: How great of a gift would it be if you sent a take and bake croissant assortment to the hostess so all they have to do is defrost and pop them in the oven and their family’s breakfast is covered.

Peppermint Bark: A quintessential holiday treat

Baby + Kids

Some of our favorite toys that would make perfect gifts for any baby or kid

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Nike Sneakers: How cute are these

Baby Blanket: We received this as a gift when we came home from the hospital and it is truly the coziest

Red Wagon: A childhood classic

Hippo Plush Toy: The softest plush stuffed animal

Pig Plush Toy: So cozy and soft 

Dollhouse: This three story dollhouse is everything

Wooden Tea Set: A must for tea parties with their teddy bears

Activity Table: Hours of play right here

KiwiCo: I am obsessed with this monthly subscription box of toys and learning activities that grows with Poppy as she gets older 

Kitchen: So Pops can play in her kitchen while I recipe test in mine 

Rainbow Activity Gym: The cloud shaped cotton mat is just too cute

Ball Pit: Poppy is obsessed with this


Some of our favorite cookbooks of the year - rounded up by yours truly and our cookbook editor extraordinaire Kristina Gill!


Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ: Basically the guide to making the most amazing barbecue of your life! | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Life Is What You Bake It: If you're into baking this is for you. | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Zoë Bakes Cakes: All about breaking down how to bake cakes and learning the fundamentals of baking. | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Treasures of the Mexican Table: Patti is the OG of incredible Mexican food. This book is yet another incredible additional to your collection. | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Take One Fish: This book will change your mind about cooking fish with 60 incredible recipes. Some of the recipes are challenging but the knowledge you'll gain from the book is fun and worth it. | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

To Asia, With Love: Traditional Asian dishes prepared in non-traditional ways. Think vegetarian recipes like a Smashed Cucumber Salad with Tahini and Spicy Oil or knife-cut noodles and dumplings - YUM! | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Sambal Shiok: Malaysian recipes passed down from generations. | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

The Korean Vegan: Vegan Korean recipes that are just incredible! | Available at Amazon

Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern Baking: The book to southern baking with everything from buttery flaky biscuits to pies and everything in between. | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

The Comfortable Kitchen: One of my friends is releasing her second cookbook at the end of the month and trust me you should pre-order it, it’s gonna be amazing! | Available at Amazon


  1. Thrilled to see Thomas’s guide because I’ve DMd twice asking about the workout shorts he swears by (you posted a while back). But they weren’t on the guide. Can you add them? Because I wanted to purchase some for my son.

  2. Thank you for your gift guides! I get so many emails this time of year with gift guides and yours are the best by far. I always get much-needed great ideas for gifts.

  3. There are a lot of negative reviews on WS about the non stick sheet pans. How do you keep yours from staining, rusting and peeling? Very hesitant to buy based on the reviews.

    1. never had an issue with rusting or peeling. my sheets always stain so I just kinda take it for what it is. I just clean them well between uses

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