Alto Atacama

Have you ever just walked into a setting and felt immediately at home?That’s basically what I felt like the moment I stepped foot into the Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa in the Atacama desert up in Northern Chile.

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

After experiencing 2 large cities to start our #onlyinsouthamerica excursion, Santiago and Valparaiso, I was pumped to head north to the desert and get my adventure on. Growing up in Tucson, AZ made the transition from city life to high desert pretty easy. We hopped off a plane, jumped in a van and scooted off to the hotel. Walking into the Alto Atacama was like walking into a dream. We had fresh juices upon arrival, followed by a round of Pisco’s! I mean, did you expect anything less after I professed my love for the Pisco yesterday? I think not.

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa in Chile

We were whisked off to our respective rooms and I basically never wanted to leave.

If I was given the opportunity to have a second honeymoon, this would most definitely be one of the stops! (Patagonia too – but we’ll save that for next week!) Maybe Thomas and I will just have to renew our vows in a few years and cruise down to Chile to live it up!

The rooms were stunning, there were 6 pools (whaaaaat? I’m obsessed), a relaxing spa (I’d recommend a massage although they do have a quinoa facial too! And for anyone who loves quinoa as mush as me, it’s kind of a no-brainer! ) and the food was clean, spa like and flavorful. Shortly after arriving I announced that I would have to be dragged off the premise when it was time to leave. It was so beautiful.

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa: Guestroom

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa: Bathroom

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa: Patio

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa: Patio
Alto Atacama was designed to blend seamlessly into the surroundings and without a doubt, it definitely does. After winding through a few streets in town, you feel like your driving out into the mountains and then out of no where the Alto Atacama pops into view! The architecture and landscape blend perfectly with the picturesque mountains and landscape!

Alto Atacama has a few different types of rooms. I was in the one of the Catarpe Room which opens up to a private terrace and views overlooking the Cordillera de la Sal Range and the Catarpe Valley. It came complete with a giant king sized bed, a waterfall type shower, and the most comfy bath rope among other fun amenities! Plus it was just a hop, skip and a jump to all the pools! Clearly the folks at Alto Atacama knew the way to my heart!

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Roasted Turkey and Avocado Salad

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

But we didn’t just stay at the hotel and lounge the whole time! No way, we were out and about every day on some of the most fantastic excursions that the hotel had to offer. Alto Atacama provides a handful of fun day activities, plus some star gazing, all of which I’ll share with you in a few days!

For anyone looking for a little R&R plus some adventure in the northern Chile area, I can’t recommend Alto Atacama enough!! It’s the best!

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  1. Liz @ The Lemon Bowl

    You grew up in Tucson?? I was born there! I only lived there for 6 months (my dad was doing his medical internship at Tucson Medical Center) but we spent every spring break there throughout my childhood. Love Tucson!!!

  2. Liz

    So very beautiful and peaceful. Thank you sharing. I feel like if I was on a mini trip.

  3. Monika

    You are single-handedly responsible for my ever growing bucket list! This looks like a really special place to visit.

  4. pamela

    Your pictures are SO good! Have you taken photography classes? National Geographic quality!!

  5. Briana

    I grew up in Tucson with the exception of five years my family and I spent living in the Atacama in Calama! Chile is my most favorite country in the world! I, too, now live in CA! Too fun!

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