The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

After packing up and leaving the Atacama Desert, we took a looooong flight south to our final destination on our Only in South America trip. Chile, while it’s a skinny country, it’s also very long! We flew for roughly 6 hours before landing in Patagonia. I was excited to think that the only thing south of me, literally, was Antarctica and a whole lot of ocean!

We touched down and after a few hours in the car, we rolled up to The Singular, located in Puerto Bories just a bit outside of the Torres del Paine National Park.

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

Up until 1971 The Singular was a cold storage plant and since then it’s been transformed into a luxury hotel. The owners and team behind the renovation kept a ton of huge industrial pieces in place to fuse the past and the present. The engine room, tannery and blacksmith shop are all still in tact and sporting most of the original equipment. It’s fun to walk through the property and observe these massive old machines sitting next to one of the most gorgeous (and delicious) restaurants I’ve ever experienced.

And the rooms! Oh my goodness, they were situated right on the water and faced out over the Patagonian fjords. Each room comes with a giant 19 foot window so you can gaze out onto the water, and wake up with a killer view! Also, let’s not forget about one of my favorite features… the standalone bathtub! Heaven.

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

Check it out!

The Singular Hotel Spa, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel Spa, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel Restaurant, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel Restaurant, Patagonia The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

The Singular Hotel, Patagonia   The Singular Hotel, Patagonia

Hands down this is a property that is not to be missed! Especially the restaurant. I could have eaten at the hotel restaurant for every meal for at least 2 weeks – it was that good! It was also fun to scamper off the property one night for a meal at Afrigonia! It’s a charming restaurant that fuses the cuisine of Chile and Zambia to create some seriously outstanding dishes. I begged just about everyone in the restaurant for their secret sauce recipe – and while they didn’t give it up, I’m working on my own re-creation at home! More to come!

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  1. Helen Kennedy

    Another place that looks amazing! I didn’t realise Patagonia extends into Chile, I thought it was all in Argentina before seeing this.

  2. Liz @ Virtually Homemade

    That hotel is amazing – so beautiful. The breakfast bar looked so healthy and delicious!

  3. Monika

    This looks like the most breathtaking place on earth! I am filing everything away for when I make it down to that part of the world. What a fabulous experience for you. Can’t wait to hear and see more!

  4. Amanda

    Incredible pictures, I am having some serious wanderlust looking at them!

  5. Christine @ BookishlyB

    Ever since I saw and read 180 Degrees South (a must if you love Patagonia) I’ve been obsessed with visiting. Looks amazing!

  6. Brenda @ a farmgirl’s dabbles

    What an absolutely breathtaking experience you had. So beautiful!

  7. Aida Mollenkamp

    It’s hard for me to pick my favorite place you visited on your trip but I am certain that this hotel seems like the most amazing!

  8. jade

    Oh. my. goodness! This hotel looks like I’d check in and never want to leave! Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!

  9. Lisa Kellenberger

    No way! After hearing about your blog through After The Jump with Grace Bonney I started browsing your site (which I love by the way) and came across this page. Anyway, I work for a travel company and we specialize in South America and work with this hotel! So random and cool that you got the chance to travel here, what an amazing spot! It looks like your trip was beautiful. Again, I love your blog, thanks for sharing!

    • Gaby

      omg small world!!! And I absolutely LOVED The Singular! It was mind blowingly awesome 🙂 And I can’t wait until next time I go back!!

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